The Bloodline System - Chapter 610: I Can Do This With Just My Mind

Chapter 610: I Can Do This With Just My Mind

Chapter 610: I Can Do This With Just My Mind

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"A Drakil... I have to deal with this as quickly as possible before it unveils it's full body," Endric said internally as his eyes glowed a bright blueish color.

He stretched out both his hands towards the side and joined his index and middle fingers together before swiping downwards.

Pshhh~ Psshh~

A sharp wave of telekinetic energy slashed downwards hacking into the blackish tentacle.

A fountain of black blood jetted out as the tencacle below was smoothly cleaved off, freeing Endric from the grasp of the creature.

As Endric fell through the air after getting freed, he quickly clasped both hands together, forming a telekinetic board below.


He landed on it In a kneeling format and controlled it to move forward.


It darted across the air at a very fast speed, moving away from the location of the sinking spiralling sands as quickly as possible.

The black blood jetting out of the severed tentacle had already covered a large area across the spiralling sands but it suddenly stopped bleeding.

Grruuhhh~ Grruuuhh~ Grrruuhh~

A weird sound was heard next as it slowly started to regenerate while the spiral on the ground increased in fierceness.


Suddenly another tentacle shot out of the spiralling sands towards Endric who was speed away up ahead.

Unlike before, Endric had his guard up and had escaped a farther distance so he was able to quickly react to this attack.

He suddenly turned around while standing on the telekinetic board and streched out his hand.


The tentacle slammed into a telekinetic barrier he conjured, the moment it arrived in front of him.

Even with this, the force ended up sending Endric flying across the place as his legs seperated from the board.

The tentacle shot forward again after the telekinetic barrier dissapeared.

Endric swung both arms out in a 'X' format while in mid air causing two more sharp telekinetic waves to be sent forward, dividing the tentacles into three different parts.

A shriek was heard from the position of the spiralling sands as the first tentacle which already healed up was already shooting forward with ferocious speed.

Endric was unable to react properly to this as he had just landed on the ground when it slammed into his chest area sending him flying with blood spilling out his mouth.

The tentacle reached out to his flying body and wrapped around his left leg again in a bid to drag him back to the location of the spiralling sands.

Endric's face turned dark as he streched out his hand to use a telekinesis attack again but suddenly another tentacle shot out wrapping around his right arm.


Before he could even react to that another one had shot out again towards his left and held him in place preventing him from making use of any of his limbs.

He started getting dragged back across the air at a faster speed.

Endric gritted his teeth and turned his face to the back to stare at the weird structure behind.

Spotting the massive ball of rock sitting atop it, Endric's eyes glowed brighter and in the next moment it began floating upwards.

"I can do this with just my mind," Endric voiced out with a decisive look as the rock began breaking into bits, taking a different form.


The rock broke apart, forming three massive stalagmite looking pieces.


Endric screamed out as he turned his head forward causing all three sharp pieces of rocks to start hurling towards his direction.

Puchi~ Puchi~ Puchi~

With the speed at which they travelled forward, all three tencales were impaled in a manner of seconds.

The shriek was heard again as Endric was freed once more.

He quickly darted forward as quickly as possible upon landing, using his telekinesis to increase his speed.

Meanwhile the tentacles behind couldn't recover like before, due to being impaled by the stalactite like rocks. The wounds wouldn't close up since the rocks were still lodged into their body.

Endric arrived in front of the weird looking structure while seemed like a square shaped half armless body and quickly leaped in through the eyes.

As he dissapeared into the structure another tentacle shot out of the spiralling sands again before reaching out to pull all the rocks out of the other tentacles.


Loud screeches reverberated across the place as the tentacles waved around the air repeatedly.

As it couldn't sense the presence of anyone in the vicinity anymore, the tentacles slowly descended back into the sands.

In a few moments the area went back to being normal like before.


-Leoluch City

It was currently two hours past noon and Gustav had just gotten feedback on the objective he gave Fiona and the rest.

According to her, due to tight security and other precautionary measures that had been taken to prevent the technological drones from working effectively, they were not able to gather a lot of information.

However, it was confirmed that the location given by Arman was truly a certified one. The amount of Red Jackets present over there was one of the proofs.

There was also confirmation of spotting a person that looked like Sahil since Gustav had given them an image earlier.

Fiona also mentioned that they spotted a small group of them leaving in hover cars and they seemed to move like there was an emergency.

Gustav saw this as a cue to finally leave this location as it seemed that they would be arriving here or at Region seventeen soon.

Either ways he was sure Jabal would want to understand why he hadn't gotten feedback from two of the strongest six henchmen.

Gustav instructed them to lay low after inspecting that location and wait for his arrival. 

Now that it had been confirmed that this location was where the a lot of supplies were and also where Jabal was situated Gustav wouldn't let the three of them handle it by themselves.

"Arman, thank you for your service," Gustav voiced out with a smile as he approached Arman who was still strapped to the pillar.