The Bloodline System - Chapter 609: Undergoing The Recovery Mission

Chapter 609: Undergoing The Recovery Mission

Chapter 609: Undergoing The Recovery Mission

Gustav proceeded to bring out a device and tapped the button.


An holographic projection of two kids, a boy and a girl, appeared above the device.

Arman's eyes widened in terror as he stared at the holographic image of these two kids.

"By your expression I'm sure you recognize them..." Gustav stated while standing to his feet.

"Currently they are in Falcon city with their mother... Street 22 Amazon," Gustav added while moving around.

"How..?" Arman's eyes had looks of disbelief as he voiced out.

"As you know by now... I don't really care. If I willed it, they would both be dead in a manner of minutes. You don't care if you live or die but I'm sure you don't want these two following you to the afterlife," Gustav stated with a devilish smirk on his face.

"Please don't lay a hand on my kids," He suddenly started begging.

Darkyl and Mill now understood what was going on but they wondered how Gustav got this information.

"You really thought I wouldn't investigate more after finding out your name..." Gustav shook his head in pity as he stated.

"Please don't harm them, they're just kids," Arman voiced out again.

Darkyl and Mill felt Gustav was taking it too far at this point seeing as those kids were no older than seven years of age but they knew better than to confront him in the middle of the interrogation so they kept quiet.

"Do I look like I care about that?" Gustav asked as he turned around to face Arman who had a look of despair.

"I only want one thing now and you know what it is," Gustav picked up a chair by the side and sat right in front of Arman after voicing out.

Arman looked down after hearing that, "Okay... I'll speak," He proceeded to say.


In the next thirty minutes it was around eight am in the morning.

Arman had finished giving Gustav the information he needed at this point.

Gustav still sat in front of him with a look of contemplation as he digested the information he had gathered.

"Looks like it was truly Jabal..." Gustav muttered underneath his breath.

Arman had given them information on where the supplies formerly in region six were moved to and according to him, Jabal himself resided in that current location and gave commands from there.

This location had the highest amount of supplies among the remaining five and Gustav didn't doubt that it would be well guarded just like the last time where he was chased down by so many of them.

"Region 22 ei?" Gustav muttered while standing to his feet.

"Are you gonna let me go now?" Arman asked.

"Not until I confirm that your information is correct..." Gustav stated while moving towards Darkyl.

"Contact Officer Fiona," He said to him.

Darkyl nodded in response and brought out the communication device to connect with the other half of the squad.

"Squad leader?" Fiona voice could be heard from the other end as the call went through.

"Did you complete the objective?" Gustav proceeded to ask.

"Yes... We have successfully destroyed all the supplies in this location. Currently on standby awaiting next instructions," She responded with a tone of respect.

"Good... I need you lots to visit Region twenty two ASAP and gather information on a particular location for me. You lots have to be very covert in this objective. 

After checking out the location, report back to me and standby in the meantime," Gustav stated.

"Understood... Where is this place located in region twenty two?" Fiona proceeded to ask.


In a desert like region with dark skies and whirlwinds occasionally moving from place to place, a figure strode across the sandy grounds.

His legs digged into the sands, dragging a line across the sandy grounds as he moved forward.

He was wearing a white hoodie with black boots and glasses which were to prevent the sand in the air from getting into his eyes.

Even with the glass covering half his face, his face still displayed a strong look of resolve as he moved forward as quickly as he could.

After another hour of striding through this desert region he spotted a small structured made of hardened sands up ahead.

He pulled off his glasses to properly scrutinized the weird looking structure and the face displayed looked like a younger version of Gustav.

This happened to be Endric and he was currently on the mission related to Angy's recovery.

"Another redune, I should check this one out too," He muttered while bringing out a triangular device.


The traingular device displayed an holographic image of a structure similar in semblance to the one about a thousand feet away from Endric's standing point.

Endric nodded and took a step forward but just as he did....


The sand on the ground in front suddenly began spiralling and sinking further into the ground.

The spiral increased in size covering a vicinity of more than a hundred feet in a manner of seconds.

Endric's eyes widened as he activated his bloodline causing the space around him to tremble slightly.


He spread his hands towards the sides and leaped upwards. 

His body travelled towards the side with speed as he seemed to be moving away from the location of the spiralling sand.

As his body travelled across the air, a black octopus looking tentacle suddenly shot out from the middle of the spiralling sands.

It was so fast that it wrapped around Endric's left leg in a manner of moments while he was in mid air.

Before Endric could react, his body was being pulled down with force, towards the spiralling and sinking sand up ahead.


Endric clasped his hands together while his body was being pulled downwards and a strange force suddenly spread out from his being which held the massive black tentacles in place.

Endric's body was now extended in place as the blackish looking tentacle tried pulling him down while his face shone concentration as he held the tentacle in place with his telekinesis.

"A Drakil... I have to deal with this as quickly as possible before it unveils it's full body," Endric said internally as his eyes glowed a bright blueish color.