The Bloodline System - Chapter 608: You Are Gravely Mistaken

Chapter 608: You Are Gravely Mistaken

Chapter 608: You Are Gravely Mistaken

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"Did you both get out in time?" Fiona asked through the communication while floating above the building.

"Yes we did,"

Ildan and Felgro responded at the same time through the communication device.

With this, one storage location had been completely decimated.

According to the previous information Gustav gathered, there should be four more left to destroy. Since the first location had been changed, they only had information on the other three.


Just like that another night went by, making this the third day the squad arrived in Leoluch city.

They had already made progress in two days but Gustav was sure that Jabal would start noticing that something was up soon.

The destruction of one of their storage center would definitely get to his hearing soon and he also would notice that some of the henchmen were missing soon enough.

Gustav was sure that Jabal wasn't stupid since he had been working as Sahil's look alike for a long time and managed to survive for this long.

He was sure Jabal would figure out that an unknown group were unto them soon so Gustav felt they would lose the element of surprise soon and things would get harder if they didn't speed up the mission.

Currently he has been interrogating, Tia and Arman all night and surprisingly they both still hadn't passed forth any information.

"It's about time one of you went to the afterlife," Gustav voiced out as he walked round the both of them.

"So who is it gonna be? You..." Gustav pointed at Tia first.

"...or you," He then proceeded to point at Arman.

The both of them had frightened looks on their injured faces as they heard that.

Gustav held a dark dagger in his hand as he walked around the both of them.


He suddenly threw the dagger out.


It stabbed into the pillar half a centimeter away from Arman's neck. A three inches cut appeared on his left neck area and blood trickled down it.

Arman eyes showed fright as he shifted his eyeballs towards the side to stare at the dagger with the blade half a centimeter away from his neck.

Gustav squatted in front of him and stared into his eyes with a deadly look before pulling out the dagger.

He turned towards the side and arrived in front of Tia.

He suddenly stabbed forward.


A flesh penetrating sound rang out as the dagger got stabbed into Tia's left shoulder.


Tia screamed out in pain as Gustav kept pushing the dagger forward almost burying the entire hilt into his left shoulder area.

"Maybe it's gonna be you... How about you give some information in exchange for your life?" Gustav asked while still pushing and twisting the dagger into his left shoulder area.

Tia kept screaming and wailing in pain.

Suddenly his cries stopped and he started laughing.

"Hmm?" Gustav had a look of confusion on his face as he pulled out the dagger and stabbed it again into Tia's shoulder area.

"Kahahahahahaha!" Tia kept laughing like a maniac as blood spilled out crazily.

"What's so funny?" Gustav asked him as he let go of the dagger.

"Hahahaha- hehe- haha... You can't kill any of us," Tia stated with his face showing confidence amidst the pain.

"Oh?" Gustav exclaimed while raising one of his eyebrows.

"If you kill me or him, the other person knows that they're your only chance of getting information which means I or him could still decide not to say anything," Tia explained.

"Good theory but are you really sure about that?" Gustav asked.

"Haha you can't do nothing to any of us," Tia kept panting due to the injuries as he voiced out.

"Hmm, I see..." Gustav cut his statement here as he stood to his feet and turned around, making his back face Tia.

"...but sadly you're gravely mistaken," Gustav's eyes suqinted as his face turned cold.


He suddenly turned around with speed and threw the dagger forward again.


It was so fast that Tia only felt his neck getting punctured after moments.

"Kur! Chur! Kia!" He coughed repeatedly as blood oozed down his lips and his throat.

Gustav moved closer and squatted again before pulling the dagger out of his throat.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

Gustav stabbed Tia all across his body repeatedly before finally swinging the dagger towards his neck again.


Tia's head was cleanly severed from his neck, fell towards the side and rolled a few feet away.

Blood spilled out like a fountain staining the floor and even Gustav too as the lifeless and headless body of Tia fell limply towards the side while still being tied up.

Arman wasn't able to witness what happened with his own eyes due to being tied on the other side but be had heard the gut wrenching sounds of Tia being slaughtered.

His eyes shone fright as he realised at this time that Gustav was a maniac.

Darkyl and Mill who had been watching from the background were still trying to get used to Gustav's brutality.

The way he killed was something they hadn't quite witnessed before.

"Sigh~ He could have lived but too bad, his uncontrollable mouth got him to this state," Gustav stated with a look of pity.

Darkyl and Mill in the background knew that this was false. With what they had seen in the past two days, they were sure Gustav would still kill them both eventually.

"But he was right," Gustav said as he moved to Arman's front and squatted.

"I can only get information from you now, so you can chose to withhold, make a bargain to safe your life or something and I have to comply..." Gustav added.

Arman's frightened look was slowly starting to dissipate as he heard that but he wondered where Gustav was going with this.

"This would have been the case if I hadn't received a piece of information..." A smirk appeared on Gustav's face as he stated this.

"Uh?" Arman was confused as he heard this.

Same with Darkyl and Mill who were in the background.