The Bloodline System - Chapter 607: Operation Success On Both Sides

Chapter 607: Operation Success On Both Sides

Chapter 607: Operation Success On Both Sides

Slash! Slash!

Two Red Jackets were sent flying again as arcs of purple shot across the place hacking their bodies forcefully.

Blood jetted across the place as Fiona continued to charge forward from one space to another like an unstoppable warrior.

She would occasionally attach a pinky sized traingular shaped device to the walls at every corner after getting rid of the Red Jackets in the vicinity.

As she darted through another corridor a whirling whitish colored blade suddenly shredded the wall by the side open heading for her neck.


With a flap of her wings, Fiona's body shot forward at a faster speed, decimating the vicinity with wind.

However it didn't end here as the blade changed trajectory and started heading for her once again.

It wasn't very fast in speed but, it's acceleration was on another level.

Fiona rolled to the side in mid air dodging another one of it's advances as she turned around and started flying backwards.

The blade got to a point far ahead and ripped Through another side of the wall before turning around to give chase again.


Fiona flew through the opening created on the wall where the blade came from and arrived in front of what looked like an hall.

She could see a Red Jacket standing aboard what seemed to be a glowing massive white dagger.

The moment Fiona spotted him she knew he had to be responsible for the swirling blade that kept chasing her around.

Just as she was about to charge forward the Red Jacket raised his left hand and what happened next was another massive swirling blade came flying from behind him towards her.

Fiona swerved and charged upwards dodging the one that flew towards her from ahead and the one chasing from behind.

A battle ensued between them both as Ildan and Felgro also cleared up the Red Jackets too from their end.

Ildan was currently on the other side of the last floor while Felgro was in the basement area, placing the triangular shaped pinky sized device on the walls and boxes in the vicinity.

"We have two more minutes to evacuate," Ildan voiced out on their mind communication device causing the other two to act hurriedly.


Felgro got shot from behind with a electric yellowish charge which sent him flying but he barely sustained any damage due to him changing the composition of his cloak.

Daggers appeared in his hands as he laid in place while the Red Jackets in the vicinity moved forward to check on his unmoving body.

The instant they arrived within range and made contact, Felgro suddenly sprang upwards and stabbed the first one straight up his chin, instantly penetrating through his head, leaving a hole within his brain.

This lead to instant death. Before the other Red Jacket could react he had already rolled to the side and swung his daggers sideways, severing his legs from his ankle.

His body spun towards the side as reached down to stab the falling body of the Red Jacket twice.

Puchi~ Puchi~

Both of them were sent to the afterlife in a few moments and Felgro proceeded to move out of the place quickly towards another spot.

Within Ildan's current location, the entire space had been flooded with water and the Red Jackets in the vicinity were drowning.

Originally Mixedbloods could still hold their breaths for a longer period of time underwater but this time, the water was forcing it's way through their nostrils and mouths and wrapping around their internal organs.

Some of them felt their internal structures being torn apart and in a few...

Bang! Bang! Bang!

All three Red Jackets drowning earlier exploded from being filled with too much water. The initially clean looking water was now soaked with blood and guts.

"Ewww... I'm not trying that again,". A weird voiced could be heard within the water as a part of it pulled out towards the entry point before transfoming into Ildan.

Ildan was soaked from head to toe with a look of disgust visible on his face.

He started moving towards another spot since he had placed the traingular shaped devices on the walls of this space as well.


In a flash only ten seconds were left for them to get out of the building. Fiona wings suddenly began amassing energy as she flapped them intensely.

The Red Jacket who still had blades flying around that could increase and decrease in size by will, was still keeping her busy.

She remembered she still had two spots to place the devices in and only ten seconds were left.

The Red Jacket felt something was wrong as he saw the purplish rays of energy gathering l across the place into her wings.

"I no longer have the time to hold back," She voiced out as the dude sent out three blades towards her at once.

These blades increased greatly in size as they whirled towards her with so much force that they even began to suck things in the atmosphere towards them.

At this moment...


Fiona flapped her wings once causing her body to get forward with immense speed, so much that the pillars in the vicinity blasted apart.

Her wings stabbed through the Red Jacket who had widened eyes as she used him to blast through several walls.

Fwiiih! Fwwiih!

While her wings were stabbed into his body and she shot forward through walls using his body as shield, her hands threw out several triangular shaped devices outwards.


She blasted through the last wall before arriving outside the building.


Spinning around she threw the body of the Red Jacket towards the hole she created by the side of the building.




Her wings flapped as she flew further upwards while listening to Ildan countdown.



A loud explosion went off as the entire massive structured buildings blasted into smithereens.

The explosion was so loud that shockwaves spread across the place causing the region to quake intensely for some seconds.

"Did you both get out in time?" Fiona asked through the communication while floating above the building.

"Yes we did,"

Ildan and Felgro responded at the same time.