The Bloodline System - Chapter 606: Two Operations Ongoing

Chapter 606: Two Operations Ongoing

Chapter 606: Two Operations Ongoing

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters



An explosion suddenly occured around him as the green gas was instantly lit in flames causing two large hollow eyes to appear within the gas.

A loud howl of pain heard within the fog of green gas as it burnt across the air.

Gustav at this both darted forward past the coverage of the green gas with his entire frame still lit on fire.

He arrived outside the sea of flames and watched as the green gas began to shrink in size.


The howling continued as it shrunk down, covering only a small amount of space before it transfomed back into Tia.

At this point his entire body was blackened and burns could be seen all over with some places having deeper wounds than others.

Gustav dashed towards him after the transformation as his hands turned red and muscular with brownish fur.


He threw an upper cut towards Tia's chin area.


The collision sent him flying backwards as he screamed out more in pain and passed out.

At this point, the screaming had come to an end as the visuality of the environment returned to normal.

The debris and dust from the explosion had cleared as well as the green gas Tia transformed into earlier.

Now that the visuality had returned, they could see that almost nothing was left of the three storey buildings structured like a square around each other. 

Walls had crumbled and only a few parts of the entire place we're still standing.

The pillar in the middle of where they had just finished battling was one of them.

All the Red Jackets had been slaughtered. Only Tia was left alive among the group he brought with him.

Gustav had instructed Mill and Darkyl earlier that the Red Jackets were to be killed the instant the explosion went off.

Killing them was way easier than capturing them alive because then Gustav knew they'd have to pull their punches if they wanted to capture all of them alive which would in turn make the battle more difficult.

Tia was the only one who Gustav felt had information for them so he didn't see any point in leaving the Red Jackets alive.

Especially when he actually wanted to slaughter them all.

Gustav walked towards the unconscious body of Tia up ahead and picked him up.

Even though Tia was bleeding heavily and had immense burns injury on his body, Gustav was not in anyway gentle while moving him towards the pillar.

Just like Arman who was tied up against the pillar, they admistered the bloodline dampening drug to Tia as well before strapping him to the pillar.

Tia was powerful and his bloodline was quite the tricky one due to his ability to mimic different gases with different properties.

He could essentially infiltrate a person's body and kill them from within with such a bloodline ability. 

He would even be able to escape getting hurt from physical attacks if he had enough energy to keep the transformation up and his battle with Gustav would have been a much more difficult one compared to that of Arman

However, Tia just happened to be unlucky getting into a battle with Gustav. Atomic disintegration was capable of making anything dissapear, including air so the atomic blade was a bane for his gas like state.

He transfomed into a gas that was toxic but such a gas is also a component of a fuel like substance used to sustain some technology. 

Gustav was able to instantly recognize it from it's scent because that fuel like substance came from Mixedbreeds and he had sold a lot of Mixedbreeds carcasses to agencies that deal with such.


"Don't we need to give him a healing pill?" Mill asked as he stared at Tia disfugured look.

"There's no need, he'll live," Gustav responded while moving towards the side.

They had caused so much ruckus in this environment in the span of a day and even had to deal with the guards who were at the entry point back when they were about to come into this area.

Now that two out of the six who were considered the highest in command after Sahil and his henchmen had been abducted, Gustav finally felt they might be able to end the first objective of the mission quickly.

"Get him down," Gustav said to Mill while pointing at Arman who was still strapped to the pillar far upwards.

Two dark figures phased out of Mill's being and leaped upwards to untie Arman and get him down.

After all that was done, Arman was tied to the bottom of the pillar, right behind Tia.

Gustav had properly planned the whole ambush from the beggining, making sure the chain of explosions didn't harm Arman or the affect the pillar.

He already knew they'd tamper with the rope tied to Sahil's mouth so he put the controller there. The moment it was released, the explosions would go off and they did.

Gustav smiled at Arman with a, 'I told you so look,' before moving to Tia's front.

Pah! Pah! Pah!

Three crisps slaps landed on Tai's left cheek as Gustav spoke, "Wake up... I need information,"


In a particular location within Region seventeen the sounds of collision and explosion reverberated across the place as occasional screams would be heard coming from the three storey building shaped like a cone positioned in the middle of an intersection.

The street wasn't very lively due to the war but those who were still alive and living within the vicinity stayed in their homes in fear that the groups in power had brought their battles here once again.

On the third floor of the building, a cloaked lady with chubby looking cheeks had a pair of wings sprouting from her back as her figure shot forward with her legs joined and stretched forward.


Her feet slammed into a Red Jacket sending him flying. 


He broke through the window and fell towards the ground while screaming out.

Fiona kept spinning with her wings slashing spherically around.