The Bloodline System - Chapter 605: Toxin Immunity Has Been Activated

Chapter 605: Toxin Immunity Has Been Activated

Chapter 605: Toxin Immunity Has Been Activated

"Arman? What happened to you?" The man who was referred to as Sir Tia voiced out with a look of disbelief as he moved forward along with the Red Jackets who already spotted him at this point.

One of them moved to remove the rope tied to his mouth, to which he kept shaking his head trying to stop him.

"Take it off I wanna hear what he has to say," Sir Tia commanded causing another Red Jacket to hold Arman in place so the other one could remove the rope from his mouth.

The moment the rope was taken off, a cube like item fell out of Arman mouth.

"Noo!" Arman shouted out the instant his mouth was free.

Before they could even react to his scream...

Boom! Boom! Baam! Brrraaahh! Booom!

A series of explosion suddenly went off.

Some Red Jackets were blasted across the place as the explosion leveled the place.

The floor crumbled and the walls blasted apart.

A Red Jacket who happened to be stepping on a place where a bomb was planted, had his lower half completely incinerated. His upper body blasted through the northern side of the wall as he screamed out.

Sir Tia who was also in the midst of the explosion was blasted backwards once towards the heart of another explosion but the moment his body arrived there he made a hand sign that caused him to transform into a green smoke.

This made a small quantity of green smoke blow across the vicinity.

As the chain of explosions ended, his body transfomed back into his former look as he landed on the ground floor.

He had a few injuries on his body but they only looked minor along with his robes which were now rumpled.

The whole floor above had been pulverized into nothing along with the walls.

All that was left of the initial building was only the pillar standing in the middle where Arman was tied to.

Apparently Arman was still safely strapped to the pillar without a single scratch on his body asides the injuries Gustav inflicted earlier.

Even the pillar was barely damaged like the explosion did nothing to it.

The whole vicinity was still covered in smoke as well as debris and dust which made it impossible to see around, however Tia could still sense movements around him.



A bunch of screams rang out as well as sounds of collision and flesh being skewered.

The series of explosions had ended so no one should be screaming again at this point which made it obvious that underneath the coverage of bad visuality, the Red Jackets alive were being picked on.

"Who's there?!" Tia shouted out as he turned to the side where he last heard the scream of another Red Jacket being taken down.


Another scream rang out towards his left and he proceeded to swing his hand outwards clearing a lot of dust in that direction.

As a clear line was cut through, he witnessed a Red Jacket being held down by two shadowy figures on both sides while a young looking male sliced his throat with a dagger.

"You little..." Rage welled up within Tia as his hands turned into green smoke while he darted towards this person.

However before he arrived in front of him, he suddenly felt a force of energy driving towards him from behind.


His entire body transfomed into green smoke as a milky colored blade drove through his back.


Gustav's body also phased through the green smoke along with his blade as he landed in front, spinning around to quickly face the transfomed Tia while sliding forward.

Tia transformed back into normal with a small blood stain on his back.

"Impossible... How did you manage to wound me?" He voiced out while staring at Gustav.

Gustav ignored his question and turned around to look at Mill who had just finished dealing with the Red Jacket.

Mill had red glasses on his face which enabled him to see even though the entire area was covered in smoke. Same went for Darkyl who was currently ambushing Red Jackets on another side of the smoke.

"Go handle the rest, I've got this," Gustav commanded.

Mill reluctantly obeyed, moving further into the smoke. He was hoping he would have battled Tia so he could show that he can deal with a powerful one as well but Gustav had come to snatch that from him.

"You can go on and transform into that smoke again... I'm interested in seeing how that ability works," Gustav stated while turning to stare at Tia.


Another atomic blade appeared in his left hand as he prepared to battle.

"Ridiculous... You're just a mere first step Falcon, I still have lots of tricks up my sleeves," Tia voiced out as he took off his hat and threw it towards Gustav.

Gustav proceeded to slice the hat in two as it arrived before him but Tia appeared in front of him the moment he did that.

As Gustav's blade sliced through him...


He bursted into green smoke and spread across the place.

Gustav was covered in thick green smoke which entered into his nostrils, eyes and mouth. The whole place instantly had a pungent ionic smell.

Gustav gasped for breath as his movement stopped and his eyes watered. He subconsciously closed his eyes as he tried to move.

[Toxin Has Been Detected Within Host]

[Toxin Immunity Has Been Activated]

[Toxin is being evacuated]

Gustav suddenly opened his eyes as he started to feel better. The smell no longer bothered him and the heavy feeling of the green gas infiltrating his body began to dissapear.

'This is Amphaline....' Gustav's eyes widened as he realised what the gas Tia transformed into was made up of.

[Flame Energy Has Been Activated]

'Its Flammable...'

Gustav suddenly burst into flames as this thought appeared in his mind...



An explosion suddenly occured around him as the green gas was instantly lit in flames causing two large hollow eyes to appear within the gas.

A loud howling was heard within the fog of green gas as it burnt across the air.