The Bloodline System - Chapter 604: Let The Operation Begin

Chapter 604: Let The Operation Begin

Chapter 604: Let The Operation Begin

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


As the cloaked up figure arrived at the entrance, the guards in masks and Red Jackets stopped them from proceeding further.

"No entries allowed," One of them voiced out to the cloaked up figure.

The face underneath the hood slowly lifted up, revealing a slightly chubby and cute looking feminine face.

"Oh but mister I just need a place to stay for the night," She said with a sweet voice.

"This isn't the an hotel, you can't spend a night here," The one on the left stated without a shred of pity in the tone of his voice.

"Come on don't be so merciless Mister, I'm willing to offer something in exchange," She said while placing her hands on her boobs with a seductive gaze and jiggling them while moving closer to the first guard.

"You... Can't..." The guard stuttered as his eyes fixated on the jiggling, perky mass of flesh on her chest area.

He had lost focus at the moment so he didn't notice a purplish looking sharp item sprouting from one side of her back.

As the guard was about to regain composure and tell her off once again, a whoosing sound reverberated across the place as the purplish sharp looking item pieced forward and stabbed into his gut.


He vomited out blood as his entire body got lifted into the air by while the purplish sharp object kept extending like a blade, tearing through his back.

By the time the other guard was about to react to the unexpected situation, the body of his comrade was already flying towards him after being swung towards the side.


His comrade body slammed into him, sending him rolling towards the side.

The purplish item potruding from this lady's back was actually one pair of wing with sharp looking edges.


She swung outwards, towards the direction of the guard on the ground, causing a destructive purplish arc to slice into his body as he got sent flying further away.

A smile appeared on her face as the pair of wing slowly phased back into her body.

She walked towards the guard by the side and took an access card from his possession before moving back towards the door.

She dropped a device right in front of the door which shot forth rays of light that displayed a realistic projection of the two guards still standing in place guarding the entrance.

"Let the operation begin," She muttered while reaching out open up the door.


It slid open and she walked through.

Meanwhile the other two following her earlier had also found different entry points and were also moving in at this time.

These three were none other than, Officers Fiona, Ildan and Felgro. With this they had begun their operation to destroy this storage point.


Back in Gustav's location, the time for the group to show up had almost arrived.

All three Red Jackets had been slaughtered already with their bodies disposed of.

Gustav initially let Mill do the job to test him. He left with Darkyl the other time to make plans but his perception was still spread around observing the place where the Red Jackets were held hostage.

He knew Mill didn't like his method of doing things so he wanted to be sure if Mill would obey or plan something sinister behind his back after knowing that both he and Darkyl were not in the vicinity.

However his worries were unfounded when he saw Mill do as he was instructed and dispose of the bodies. Arman was the only one left alive at this point and he was shook with fear knowing what Gustav could do.

He still wondered how Gustav found out his real name and couldn't understand how someone so young would be this meticulous and able to figure out things from just minor observation to certain details.

What he didn't know was Gustav had spoken to the system internally to dig information on Arman out so he'd be able to use it against him. Gustav was still asking the system to dig for more but it only told him Arman's real name at the time.

Gustav figured every other thing out himself.

Traps had been set and plans had been made on how to handle the upcoming situation, the next thing left was for the gang to show up.


As they stood in the small space waiting, Gustav suddenly turned to stare at the balcony area.

"They're here," He voiced out to Darkyl and Mill who were standing by the sides.

"Get into position," He voiced out as he sprinted away, dissapearing into the distance in nearly an instant.

Mill and Darkyl too got on the move and found their way out of the space where Arman was tied to arrive at the positions Gustav set.

Arman was the only one left in this place, tied against a pillar in the middle with his mouth sealed shut.

His eyes shone look of terror as he heard the sounds of hover cars coming to a stop in the vicinity.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

There was the sound of chattering along with footsteps headed for the stairway.

-"Hey what's up with the place? Why is one half of the building destroyed?"

-"Let's go check up immediately,"

The footsteps got louder as they moved up quickly approaching the corridor that led to where Arman was tied up.

The entire vicinity was dark because it was currently around past ten pm and the lighting had already been destroyed due to the battle during the day.

About eight Red Jackets arrived up and behind them was a man wearing a black hat in a kimono like outfit. He had a green upside-down triangular shaped beard with a sharp long cut on his left face area which reached down to his neck.

Arman who had been making low humming sound since which this man seemed to have heard got even more terrified as they arrived.

"Sir Tia there's someone here," One of the Red Jackets voiced out as they moved in.