The Bloodline System - Chapter 603: We Have To Prepare For The Upcoming Night Party

Chapter 603: We Have To Prepare For The Upcoming Night Party

Chapter 603: We Have To Prepare For The Upcoming Night Party

The bald man head hung low as he breathed in and out profusely while blood rolled down his forehead and the sides of his face.

"See, I don't have all day... Either you give me the information I need, or you end up like them," Gustav voiced out while pointing at the dead two by the side.

He had already taken off his mask at this point revealing, his charming but cold look and his dirty blonde hair that hung loosely on his head.

The bald man couldn't believe that they had been dealing with a kid all this time and couldn't understand how a young looking boy would be so vicious and strong.

"Tough luck kid... Do you think I'm weak like the others... I won't say a thing no matter how much pain you put me through," The bald man voiced out amidst his long hard breaths.

This had been the situation since morning. No matter how much Gustav tortured him and even used the other to have him speak, it didn't work.

The Red Jackets here didn't have the information Gustav needed which was why they were easily disposable for Gustav. He had gotten all the information he could from them but the most vital ones lied in the head of the bald man.

"I see... Armani Dio... A really interesting name," Gustav muttered.

"How do you know my real name? He asked with a look of surprise.

None of the Red Jackets or even the others on the same level with him in Sahil group knew his real name. They only called him by a code name so he was surprised that Gustav figured out his real name.

"You're not scared of going through the pain... But don't worry, I will find out what scares you and I promise you when I do, you will give me all the information I need," Gustav voiced out with a solemn tone while chuckling.

"Haha, you think that will scare me... You were just lucky in figuring out my name... Kor! Armani voiced out while spitting out blood and coughing.

"I sure was... If you knew the organization I worked for you wouldn't sound so confident," Gustav chuckled devilishly as he voiced out.

"Huh? Hmph! Like it matters," Armani stated.

All this time he had been kneeling in front of Gustav with his body tied and several black poles stabbed into several bleeding parts of his body.

As expected he wasn't dead yet due to the tenacity of mixedbloods and despite being in pain he was still able to speak properly due to being a stronger mixedblood.

Gustav stood to his feet at this point and turned around.

"I know..." A smirk appeared on Gustav's face as he voiced out.

"Know what?" Armani asked with a confused expression.

"I know you're already expecting a group of the masked Red Jackets men to arrive here soon... That's one of the reasons you've held out for so long thinking you're going to be rescued soon... I'm guessing someone as strong as you are is also coming here with them," Gustav listed out causing Armani eyes to widen in disbelief.

"How did you...?" Armani couldn't believe Gustav was able to figure out that a group would be arriving here by nightfall.

Darkyl and Mill who were standing watch by the sides were just as shocked not understanding how Gustav figured that out without receiving any information.

"It's easy to tell... I have observed your subconscious behavioral pattern since I started interrogating you," Gustav said while turning to the side with a sneaky smile as he started walking around him.

"How many times has your eyeballs darted towards the direction of the passageway..? How many times did you try to drag on the questions I asked you? How many times..." Gustav kept mentioning several things which caused everyone's eyes to widen by the second.

From just all those Gustav had put two and two together and figured out things.

"Haha," Gustav laughed lightly after causing Armani to turn speechless.

"I will make sure to welcome them with open arms now that your reaction has confirmed my suspicions..." Gustav stated.

At this point everyone eyes further widened realizing that Gustav wasn't even sure in the first place and only voiced this out to see how Armani would react.

Now he truly knew they were coming and started hatching plans in his mind.

"Kill the others... Leave only Armani alive," Gustav said to Mill as he turned around to head towards the corridor area.

"Please spare us!" 

"No please we can be of assistance," 

The three Red Jackets who were left alive all this while started begging.

"Do we really have..." Before Mill could complete his sentence Gustav interrupted him from up ahead.

"Kill them, do not make me repeat myself again," Gustav's voice sounded extremely commanding and powerful at the moment which made Mill feel like something would happen if he argued any further.

"Alright squad leader Crimson," Mill gritted his seethed with a look of disapproval as he moved towards the Red Jackets left to do as he was told.

"Darkyl come with me... We have to prepare for the upcoming night party," Gustav's voice trailed away as he arrived at the end of the corridor.

Darkyl quickly ran after him in response.


Hours later within a part of Region seventeen a group of three dressed in black cloaks walked across the street.

They seemed to be heading towards the three storey structure up ahead shaped like a cone.

It was currently night fall and the crescent shaped moon appeared in the sky. 

Only a few parts of the street was lighted up due to the partial destruction of structures in the area but this particular cone shaped three storey building was lighted up.

There was an intersection right in front of the building which was positioned right behind the roads that led towards the right and left.

As the three figures closed in on the building, they suddenly split up.

One moved towards the left while the other moved towards the right. Only the one in the middle kept moving towards the entrance of the building.

As the cloaked up figure arrived at the entrance, the guards in masks and Red Jackets stopped them from proceeding further.