The Bloodline System - Chapter 602: GET LOST

Chapter 602: GET LOST

Chapter 602: GET LOST

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"...That doesn't sound like Angy," Falco couldn't believe what he was hearing.

E.E and Aildris were just as surprised as Falco hearing this. They already felt that there was more to this than her feeling down that Gustav would be away for a long time.

"How about we go check on her right now," E.E suggested.

Normally they'd need a permission slip for them to get cadets of the opposite sex to their residential area and that would usually take a lot of time to acquire and they would only be given a specific amount of allowance time but due to them all being special classes, it would make things more easier.

Everyone agreed to E.E's suggestion and Matilda along with Glade did the necessary requirements to get the rest of them over there.

After about thirty minutes they all moved towards their residential area which was located in the middle of a garden area where the trees and plants in the vicinity occasionally swayed and moved their branches.

A kind of green fog was being emitted in this area which boosted the speed of channeling bloodlines.

This was a bit similar to what the best male cadets residence had as well but instead of plants inducing the speed, they all had special channeling rooms within thier rooms.

The girls in the vicinity Glared at Falco, Aildris and E.E who were walking right behind Glade and Matilda.

Falco felt jittery sensing their stares. This was normal since the girls felt weird about the opposite sex being in their space.

Some of them even started assuming things and hissed as the stared at the trio. 

Vera spotted them from the side and wondered what they were doing here as well but she didn't go up to meet them because she wasn't very close to them even though they had ties with Gustav.

However Vera was still curious and sneakily went up as well as they entered the third building in the vicinity.

All five of them arrived at the last floor in a few and moved towards the position of the second room along the long corridor.

In a few they arrived in front of Angy's door and Glade proceeded to start knocking.

"Angy open up, it's Glade!" She called out repeatedly as she kept knocked over and over again.

Kom! Kom! Kom!

Even after five minutes had gone by there was no response from within.

"Maybe she's not in..." Falco voiced out with a low tone.

"She's in... I can sense her presence," Aildris stated.

Hearing that, no one doubted him knowing Aildris was the most powerful in their midst and also had amazing senses due to not using his eyes all the time.

"Angy... It's Matilda, open up... Glade, Falco, E.E and Aildris are also here to see you," Matilda proceeded to start knocking next as Glade pulled back with an expression of distraught displayed on her face.

"Angy!" Falco also voiced out as he joined in knocking with Matilda.

This went on for several minutes and still there was no answer.

"What's wrong, Angy? You know you can talk to us about anything..." Falco shouted as he banged the door loudly one last time and what followed next was a peering silence.

"Angy... We know Gustav is not available right now but he made us swear that we would always watch over you in his absence... We can't leave until we know you're alright," E.E voiced out as he stood in front of the door as well.

"I wouldn't want to dissapoint Gustav and you're also our friend... Talk to us if there's a problem, we're here for you," Aildris voiced out as well.

Even as everyone said their piece there was still no response from within.

After another five minutes went by with everyone waiting at the door, Aildris finally broke the silence.

"She just moved... She's coming towards the door," He announced.

Everyone jerked up as they heard that, fixing their gazes more intensely on the door.

But even after a minute went by there was still no response from the other side.

"G...go aw...ay...." A raspy out of breath voice was heard from behind the door.

"Angy? Is that you?" Falco was the first to voice out with a look of disbelief.

"" It sounded like a low pitched hissing animal speaking.

"Open the door Angy let's discuss... What's happening to you?" Glade moved closer to the door and voiced out.

"GET LOST!" This time a loud and clear scream was heard from the other side, which confirmed that the voice belonged to Angy.

"Angy open up," 

They started knocking once again but all their efforts turned futile.

"She's gone back farther in," Aildris stated.

They realized that no matter how much they tried, Angy wasn't going to let them in today so they finally gave it a rest after more than an hour of trying to get through.

Minutes after planning to come on another day, E.E, Falco and Aildris left while the girls left to their own rooms with dissapointed gazes.

An hour after they had left Angy's room door slided to the side as she stepped out.

Her silver and pink colored hair looked extremely rough and spiky. Her eyes were blackened with bags underneath them. She really looked to be in a dark state.


She dashed through the corridor, dissapearing from the scene in a few moments.

Vera phased out from the side of intersection at the end of the corridor where a plant was sprouting from. 

Squinting her eyes with a suspicious gaze, she quickly moved towards the beggining of the corridor.


Back in Region eight it was already late in the afternoon. Gustav and the rest of his half of the squad were still in this building.

The whole place reeked with blood and smell of lacerated flesh. 

Two of the Red Jackets corpses laid on the floor in a pool of their own blood while the others were bleeding from different parts of their bodies and orifices.