The Bloodline System - Chapter 601: That Doesn't Sound Like Angy

Chapter 601: That Doesn't Sound Like Angy

Chapter 601: That Doesn't Sound Like Angy


The bald man landed face down on the floor with Gustav above him, causing another intense sound of collision to ring out.

At this point, Gustav had opened his eyes and was about to send out another attack when a green beam shot out of the bald's man back.


Not being able to react in time to this unexpected action, Gustav was blasted backward once again.

He did several backflips across the air and landed about seventy feet away.

Using this opportunity, the bald man threw himself up with a surprised expression on his bleeding face.

He thought Gustav was passed out when he threw his punch towards his face earlier. He hadn't expected him to counter the attack without even opening his eyes.

Gustav stabilized himself with an understanding gaze in his eyes. It turned out this man could use any part of his body to send out energy blasts.

Gustav's mouth opened wide as he shot out a purplish beam towards the bald man causing him to react back by also shooting out several energy beams from his hands, chest, and face.

This overpowered Gustav's attack and pushed it back. However, Gustav leaped upwards, dodging the beams which slammed into the concrete behind.


At this point half, this side of the building had collapsed from their attacks.

Gustav conjured another atomic blade as he prepared to dash forward.

"That power... It's you isn't it? You're the abductor," The bald man voiced out with a tone of disbelief.

"So what if I am?" Gustav didn't even try to deny it as he charged forward while swinging out the atomic blade.

Several beams shot towards him, which he cleaved in half one after the other while traveling towards the bald man.


Gustav swung for his left arm, but the bald man was able to react in time by swerving towards the side.

"My surbodinates will send out a call for help. You're doomed when the others arrive here," The bald man voiced out as he tried dodging every one of Gustav's attacks while countering as well.

He didn't think he could defeat Gustav after seeing how Zergeref ended up, but he felt he could stall Gustav for long enough till the others arrived.

"The only reason why this battle hasn't ended yet is because, I want you alive," Gustav responded coldly as a gravitational force suddenly spread across the place.

[Gravitational Displacement Has Been Activated]

The bald man was about to move back to dodge one of Gustav's strikes when his body suddenly turned extremely heavy, causing his speed to reduce.

"Nooo!" He shouted out. He watched the atomic blade slash towards his right arm, completely severing it from his shoulders.


Blood jetted out like a fountain as his right arm landed on the floor.

Gustav wasn't even done and had already swung around, sending his leg towards the bald man's face.


His face ate the sole of Gustav's shoes along with the dust underneath as he was sent flying backward with a broken nose.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dashing forward, Gustav sent out several powerful punches, putting the bald man out of commission in a few seconds.

After some time, blood and teeth could be seen lying around as the unconscious and battered body of the bald man was being lifted up by Gustav.


He leaped across the air, landing on the other side of the building, before dashing forward with the bald man.


He arrived back in the room where the ambush began. Five Red Jackets who had been beaten down were tied together in place while Darkyl and Mill stood by their sides waiting.


Gustav threw the bald's man body to the floor.

"Tie him up as well," He instructed Mill before finding a place to sit.

They both stared at the body with surprised expressions recalling that this person was a last step Falcon-ranked.

They could understand Gustav dealing with the three Red Jackets the other day since all three of them were first steps Falcon ranks, but this didn't make sense to them due to the gap.

Mill didn't argue or try to talk back, he immediately did as Gustav said and tied the bald man up along with the other five.

"Darkyl... Interrogation tools," Gustav voiced out as he moved his chair towards the front of the six tied together.


He placed it down and sat on it with his legs crossed in a slouching format.

"Time to wake up..." Gustav voiced out as he received two electrifying rods from Darkyl.


-The MBO Camp

"What's up with Angy lately I haven't seen her?" 

Within a group of five standing together, a dark-skinned male with bushy afro hair voiced out.

"She's been avoiding everyone, us included," The green-skinned girl in their mist with a long pointy horse-like tail voiced out.

This group of five were Glade, Matilda, Falco, E.E, and Aildris.

"What exactly is going on?" Falco asked with a worried expression.

"I noticed that she had been out of it since Gustav left, but I thought it was because he wasn't in the picture, for now, so she was missing him. Looks like it's more complicated than that," Aildris, who also seemed to have been observing Angy's change in behavioural pattern, voiced out as well.

"We really don't know what's wrong with her. We've be..." Before Matilda could complete her sentence, Falco interrupted.

"Aren't you girls are close friends? What the hell are you doing?" Falco voiced out with a tone of anguish and disappointment.

"Calm down you fish brain. What makes you think we didn't try?" Glade voiced out in response as well, not taking Falco's statement lightly.

"I'm sorry, it's just..." Falco apologized, seeing as he let his emotions get the better of him.

"Look... She shut us out. We tried time and time again to get through to her and ask what's going on but she turned completely cold and started acting like we didn't exist," Glade explained.

"Over and over we tried visiting. We'd knock on her door for many minutes, but she'd never open. She stopped going for personal training and always dissapeared the instant morning routine ended," Matilda added.

"That doesn't sound like Angy," Falco couldn't believe what he was hearing.