The Bloodline System - Chapter 600: Ambush Begins

Chapter 600: Ambush Begins

Chapter 600: Ambush Begins

They knocked using the code language and were allowed entry into the hallway that led to the main area where some of these Red Jackets were gathered with the familiar-looking face Gustav recognized.

"You lots arrived faster than expected..." The only person in their midst who wasn't dressed in Red Jackets like the others spoke.

This was one of six people who had encircled Gustav after his battle with Zergeref with strength close to that of Zergeref.

He was a bald-looking young man with a slim figure and stern-looking eyes.

Gustav already knew that one of them was in charge here since it was mentioned by the three he interrogated that only a few were brought up to speed about the things going on within Sahil's group.

"Yes, there is nothing to report. We watched the entire place this early this morning," Gustav was the one who responded, and surprisingly his voice was different from how it was originally.

This was the voice of one of the three he interrogated.

Before their arrival here, Gustav had told Mill and Darkyl to let him handle the speech so they wouldn't mess it up. Both of them were quite surprised as they heard Gustav speak.

If Gustav didn't come in with them and hadn't moved from his standing position, they'd have thought he was truly one of the Red Jackets after hearing the perfect mimicry of one of the three tortured the other day.

"Hmm I see, Sule, Bryon... You two are up," The man voiced out to the other two waiting by the sides of the room.

There were about four Red Jackets in the vicinity, and one was at the passageway, making it a total of five.

Mill and Darkyl started moving towards the sides, fanning out, but Gustav still remained in the same position.

"But isn't this pointless..? What is the use of supervising the old street everyday?" Gustav voiced out, still using the weird voice.

The bald man stared at him for a bit before responding, "This is what Jabal wants. Go take it up with him if you're unsatisfied,"

"I know, but it's still kinda pointless," Gustav said again, causing everyone to focus on him as Darkyl and Mill encircled them without their knowledge.

"I think so as well, but Jabal thinks the abductor of the big boss will show up, so quit complaining and go wait in the corner for your next set of instructions," The bald man voiced out as he turned to the side to face the two who were next in line for supervising that area.

At this moment, Gustav gave a hand sign while the bald man was speaking.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Sprint + Dash]


A loud sound reverberated across the place as Gustav suddenly bolted forward.

The Red Jackets in the vicinity were unable to react in time as they witnessed the bald man getting jerked away along with Gustav's figure.

Dark figures burst forth from Mill as he jumped forward and attacked the closest red Jacket to him.

While Darkyl had a mist gather across the room. He disappeared in and began attacking the other two in the vicinity.

Bang! Bang! 

It was a surprise ambush, leaving the unprepared Red Jackets completely unprepared, which gave Mill and Darkyl the upper hand as they battled against them.

Gustav was currently blasting through walls with the bald man in his grasp as he held until his collar.


Gustav leaped up again, slamming him into the ceiling before spinning around with him and throwing him to the ground.

Bang! Bang! 

The bald man broke through the second floor and landed on the last floor while spurting out blood from his mouth.

A cloud of dust spread across the place as the entire building shook from the ongoing battle.

Gustav peered through the hole on the second floor created after the bald man was blasted through.

He was about to leap through it when a green pillar of energy suddenly blasted through it.


Gustav had jumped back a moment before it blasted through, causing it to miss him.


It slammed into the roofing, blasting another hole through it.

However, this wasn't the end as another one suddenly blasted through the part of the floor where Gustav was standing.


Gustav was able to dash away at the last moment.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

More and more of these green blasts kept shooting through the floor, causing Gustav to swerve across the place, and in a manner of moments, there was no more room for running due to the nearly destroyed state of this part of the second floor.

Krryyhh~ Krryyhh~

The rest of the floor began to crumble, causing Gustav to jump forward in a bid to land on the lower floor.


While his body was descending, the green blast was beaded for him again.

Gustav suddenly spun in mid-air as he conjured the atomic blade slicing through the green pillar of energy.


As he landed safely on the ground floor, three were being shot towards him from different directions.

They were already right in front of him the moment he sliced the one earlier, so he descended as low as he possibly could, causing all three energy blasts to slam into themselves.


This caused an explosion right above Gustav that sent him flying backward as debris and dust scattered across the entire place.

The bald man who had leaped forward earlier suddenly appeared above Gustav's soaring body and punched downwards with force.

Gustav's eyes had dirt in them due to the explosion, so he hadn't opened his eyes as his body was being blasted across the air.

His eyes were still closed as the bald man's fist was hurling towards his face from above.

To the bald's man surprise, Gustav suddenly reached out and grabbed hold of his wrist while his eyes were still closed before swirling in mid-air and using his arm to pull his body beneath him.