The Bloodline System - Chapter 599: Gustav's Vow

Chapter 599: Gustav's Vow

Chapter 599: Gustav's Vow

From the first time Gustav observed this street from the rooftop of the house he was invited in to take shelter, he noticed the dead bodies placed in basements of these buildings.

He recalled hearing the couple mention that the street in front used to be inhabited by citizens, but suddenly everyone living there disappeared, and they would occasionally see men in Red Jackets moving across the place.

Then the street became non-accessible, and everyone who tried going in never came back.

Gustav, at that time, didn't think much of it because he assumed Sahil instructed his henchmen to commit murder involving the people living in these households so he'd be able to use their houses as a storage center.

This was a war period, so the authorities who would usually handle situations like this were currently indisposed.

Even though Gustav felt this might have been the case, he wasn't so bothered for several reasons.

Some of them were the fact that these people had already been murdered and irrational decisions wouldn't bring them back. Also, he felt the mission was more important than trying to avenge or dig more into the death of some people unknown to him.

However, now things were about to be different as Gustav had spotted familiar-looking corpses among the ones piled together in this particular building when he scanned through with God Eyes before his battle with the three Red Jackets.

He arrived at the basement area and kicked open the door. 


The moment the door came crashing down, the pungent smell of rotten and decaying flesh wafted through the opening.

Gustav totally ignored the beyond horrible stench accumulated within the basement and walked through the door while activating God Eyes.

He climbed over about three corpses before arriving at two behind.

Gustav stood in place with a dark expression as he spotted these bodies. 

Although they were now grey in color and severely dried up, he could still recognize these bodies since he was in closer proximity to them right now.

A middle-aged woman still had a terrified look even in her death and an old man who looked quite shriveled up. Both of their bodies looked mutilated, with deep cuts all over and dried specks of blood on their half-naked bodies.

These two were the same people who had accommodated Gustav back then when he was walking underneath the rain.

"They didn't have anything to live for anyways," Gustav muttered as he turned around.

"But they certainly did not deserve to die this way," He added as his gaze turned sharp and he started walking away.

Obviously, these two died gruesome deaths at the hands of the Red Shadows. Gustav couldn't understand what the Red Shadows would want with them, but right here, he solemnly made a vow.

"I will erase every one of you from existence before I complete this mission..." He muttered as he walked out of the building.


Just like that, the night went by, and Gustav spent it atop the roof of the lodge area meditating and making plans.

He didn't want to make irrational decisions due to emotions, but he had seen that wiping the entire group out was a possibility, especially now that he had a squad of powerful mixedbloods.

Also, there was enough time since the time limit of the mission was two months.

The moment Gustav noticed the rays from the rising sun, he stood to his feet and moved towards the side of the roof before jumping off.


A few moments later, he had arrived back in the room they booked and spotted Darkyl and Mill both awake.

They seemed to be waiting for him.

"Squad leader Crimson we've been worried, where have you been?" Darkyl asked the moment Gustav came leaping in through the balcony.

"That's not important," Gustav voiced out before moving towards the bathroom area.

"Gear up," He voiced out to both of them before picking up one of the Red Jackets' full outfits.

The both of them stared at each other before moving to pick one out of the two outfits left and moved to get dressed.


Minutes later, three people suited in Red Jackets, black pants, and menacing black masks could be seen moving out of a building.

They walked towards a hovercar parked by the side and moved in before zooming away.

These three were obviously Gustav, Darkyl, and Mill all suited up. The hovercar also belonged to the red jackets as this was how they arrived here in the first place.

Darkyl took the wheel and drove them towards Region eight.

Region eight was where they were to meet up with some of the red jackets and swap with the next set heading to region six.

Gustav wanted to make sure they arrived there before anyone left, so he told Darkyl to move at a very fast speed.

At this rate, they'd arrive there in about twenty minutes.

Gustav revised the plan with three of them on what to do the moment they arrived there.


Twenty minutes later, they arrived safely at the location, which seemed to be, four two-storey structures joined together to form a square.

Region six, too, had seen war, but this location seemed safe and secure.

There were barricades surrounding it and even guards positioned at the entry point.

The moment they arrived there, they were questioned and inspected by the guards before they were let into the facility.

They hadn't seen any Red Shadow since their arrival here, but according to the information they were given by the three, the ones giving the orders were located in the structure towards the west.

Gustav and the three, headed there as directed and moved across the stairway before arriving at the top.

Outside, Gustav had already used God Eyes through the mask to look through the facility and could already see several Red Jackets within along with a familiar face.

They knocked using the code language and were allowed entry into the hallway that led to the main area where some of these Red Jackets were gathered with the familiar-looking face Gustav recognized