The Bloodline System - Chapter 60 - Laboratory Facility

Chapter 60 - Laboratory Facility

Chapter 60 - Laboratory Facility

Gustav arrived in the sparse forest region in a few seconds.

He stopped running after using dash twice.

He stood in front of a three twelve meters tall tree.

He crouched his knees a little and pushed himself upwards with force.


He leaped five meters above the ground and grabbed onto the tree when he got to that height.

His fingers sunk a few inches deep into the bark of the tree as he began climbing up.

After avoiding the branches and leaves, Gustav arrived at the top of the tree.

He stood on one of the branches and stared at the vast land around him.

His perception had increased to the extent that he could sense movements from forty meters away.

His perception was able to cover around, forty to forty-five meters radius.

It was so sharp that even the movement of an ant couldn't escape his senses if he concentrated to the max.

This was Gustav's routine for the past three days.

He moved from place to place and climb up the trees while spreading out his perception.

He would also go back to the neighborhood areas to observe a particular area for the night before heading towards the sparse forest area again

His energy had increased now compared to before so he could use dash repeatedly and still save up a lot of energy.

After checking around for some time and not noticing anything, Gustav jumped down from the tree.


Immediately he landed he activated dash again and moved to another part of the sparse forest.


In an underground facility, laboratory pieces of equipment could be seen all over the place.

Androids moved about the place, transporting pieces of equipment from one place to the other.

People in white garments could be seen all over the place.

A strong stench of chemicals permeated the environment.

A man in a blue office suit stood in front of a glass wall. He had dark brown hair that was smoothly packed towards the back.

His expression was stiff and cold. Unlike miss Aimee who had a nonchalant expression and Gustav who was cultivating something similar, this man was more of the uncaring type.

The look in his eyes was so cold and uncaring. He looked like the kind of person that wouldn't flinch even if the entire world was burning.

The transparent glass wall in front barricaded an experimentation testing room that was similar to the size of a basketball court.

Inside the glass wall, an experiment was about to begin.

A large greenish-looking rock was placed inside the room within the glass wall.

This rock was about the size of a normal door but wider than three meters.

A large muzzle similar to the looks of an armored tank barrel was pointed at it.

Unlike the normal tanks used in the military of the old ages, this tank's body parts were like human legs. It was like joining a large gun to the lower part of a human body but it was obvious that this wasn't a human body.

Although it looked like it, this was a mechanical AI tank.

It could move across the battlefield with sixteen times the speed of a normal tank and it carried firepower that was more than a hundred times greater than a military olden days tank. It was violet with a shade of blue.

Right now it was pointed at the rock in front, ready to blast it apart.

Blue, red and purple rays of light could be seen gathering at the muzzle from every direction.

"Sir Yung, we've loaded it with the five different mixtures of energy crystals, it should be able to cause at least 1000% more damage than it used to," A man wearing a green spectacle without any temples spoke from the side.

"Hnm, good, let's get it over with," Yung answered with a solemn voice.

"But sir Yung, with this amount of energy-packed together in one, we're walking through uncharted territories! we don't know if the MN glass walls will be able to contain the force and residual impacts of the blast!" The scientist said with a tone of urgency.

The other scientists in the vicinity had looks that suggested that they agreed to the man's statement but they didn't have the guts to voice out their thoughts unlike him.

'It's impossible for me to do this on the surface without arousing suspicion... The MBO will probably send someone to investigate and I don't need those clowns sticking their nose into my business. It can only be done here...' As Yung came to this conclusion in his mind he spoke, "The energy compressor has been amplified?" He asked.

"Yes," The scientist answered.

"The nanites reorganization have been upgraded to the latest version?" Yung asked again.

"Yes, sir Yung but..." Before the scientist could complete his statement Yung interrupted him.

"Carry on with the experiment!"

The tone of his voice left no room for negotiation or argument.

The scientist nodded with a defeated look and turned to face the glass wall.

"Fire the Elle Mecha cannon after the countdown from five," He shouted out.

The other scientists within the room had expressions of discomfort when they heard that even though they were trying to hide it.


The scientist started counting down.



As he was counting down, the purplish, red, and blue rays converging around the muzzle of the cannon increased exponentially, gathering an immense amount of energy to its tip.




Immediately after the scientist counted down completely the rays of energy that had accumulated on the muzzle finally shot out.


It traveled in a straight line towards the green rock and arrived before it in an instant.

The circular multi-colored energy that shot out made contact with the rock and something marvelous happened.

The circular energy blast that was contained to the size of a football earlier started expanded upon making contact.


The scientists' eyes widened as the energy kept expanding till it covered half of the entire space within the glass walls before...


It exploded with unfathomable force carrying a destructive wave of energy that spread across the surroundings.

The entire vicinity was blasted into smithereens including the glass walls.