The Bloodline System - Chapter 59 - Channelling Beast Transformation Bloodline

Chapter 59 - Channelling Beast Transformation Bloodline

Chapter 59 - Channelling Beast Transformation Bloodline

While walking towards his apartment everyone around stared at him with a look of amazement.

-"Welcome back Gustav!"

-"Good afternoon Gustav!"

-"How was school today?"

Different people greeted him from different angles.

Some teenage girls around also greeted him with smiles. One of them was even winking at him.

Gustav just nodded his head in response to their greetings and climb the stairs to head towards his apartment.

He got to the corridor and met Angy standing in front of his apartment door again.

This time she was clothed in jeans shorts and a butter-colored sweater.

Immediately she saw Gustav she ran towards him.

"Gustav, why didn't you tell me that you were the new observer for our neighborhood?" She questioned Gustav immediately she got to his front.

"Well... You didn't need to know that information," Gustav replied with a dismissive look and kept walking forward.

He now understood the reason for the warm welcome in front of the building. Although he was always greeted warmly whenever he arrived, today's welcome was much warmer.

It was obvious that the neighborhood was now aware of him being the new observer.

Angy followed him from the side waiting for him to say more but to her disappointment, those were the only words he muttered.

"It's dangerous," Angy stated while looking down.

"What if you get killed?" She asked with a crestfallen look.

Gustav didn't reply, he just kept walking until he got to the front of his apartment.

"Gustav, I want in. Let me join you," She said while grabbing Gustav's cloth from behind.

Immediately Gustav heard that he knew what she was referring to.

"No!" Gustav replied while opening the door and walking in.

"But I can assist you! What if you get in trouble? I swear I don't plan on taking any cuts from your pay," Angy spoke with a look of worry.

"The answer is no!" Gustav said with a fierce look and was about to close the door when Angy said something.

"I'm now a Zulu ranked mixed-blood,"

Gustav held the side of the door and stared at her for a few seconds before replying.

"Congratulations, Bye,"



Gustav slammed the door after congratulating her.

Angy pouted her lips after the door was slammed in her face for the second time.

"So mean," She hugged her chest after muttering those words.

Inside his apartment, Gustav had a frown on his face.

"She's definitely going to come and bother me again," He muttered with a sigh.

Gustav understood Angy's character and he knew she wouldn't want to back down but he also couldn't back down on this since he had to keep his abilities a secret.

Angy was over caring and it made Gustav get pissed off sometimes but other times he saw her as an untainted soul.

He didn't want to be disturbed by her persistence again so he thought of a way to avoid her.

No matter how nice Angy was he would never risk letting her find out about his multiple bloodlines and abilities.

Gustav walked towards his room and sat on his bed.

'No need to hold back with my bloodline, I cannot risk failing the entrance tests,'

Gustav said internally and proceeded to cross his legs.

He closed his eyes and steadied his breathing.

His concentration peaked as he sensed where his bloodline channel points were located in his body.

This was when Gustav also noticed the other two bloodlines within his body.

Atomic manipulation and beast transformation Bloodline!

Gustav noticed that the channel points of these two bloodlines within his body were already channeled through the third point like his original bloodline earlier.

The difference was, the channel points of both bloodlines weren't as large as his original bloodline.

Gustav already understood that he would also have to channel the other two bloodlines to the fourth point to get them to the Zulu rank.

This had him wondering, 'If all the bloodlines got to the Zulu rank, what changes would it bring?'

Gustav originally wanted to focus on his original bloodline so he would become a second step Zulu rank soon but at this moment he changed his mind.

He could tell that becoming a three-time Zulu rank would bring some good benefits.

So right now, Gustav decided to focus on channeling beast transformation to the fourth point.


Three hours later it was already seven pm. It was time for Gustav to begin his night job.

He had managed to channel beast Transformation bloodline further.

Even though he didn't get it to the fourth point yet, he was still alright with the progress.

Gustav. Stood up from his bed and pulled off his school uniform.

There was a mirror positioned on the left side of the wall. Gustav walked over to it and stood in front of it.

He was surprised to see just how much he had transformed in three months.

He was 5'4 in height right now. His face had become so smooth and his eyes were dim but fierce giving him a very charming and vibrant look. His pupils had a shade of gold mixed with brown.

His chin was long and slanted on both sides, looking like a 'V'.

Whenever Gustav went out people always mistook him for the son of a billionaire due to his unique looks and fierce expression. None of them knew he was very far from being a billionaire son.

Gustav walked towards his wardrobe and picked up black jeans pants and a black sweatshirt.

His former closet used to be empty but this one was full of clothes.

In no time Gustav had worn his clothes and was ready to leave.

His reason for being on all black was to blend into the environment.

Although the streets were always brightly lit even during the nights, the same couldn't be said for the forest area behind the neighborhood.

Gustav moved towards the right side of the room and tapped the surface of the wall thrice.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

A small part of the wall slid upwards revealing the view of the streets and the structures on this side of the building.

This opening was actually a window that had been there since Gustav rented the place but he only found out about it two days ago.

The window was as wide as a door, placed in a landscape format.

Gustav placed his right hand on the edge of the window and looked downwards. Luckily this part of the street was not usually populated. He could hardly see people moving around down there.

Gustav leaned his body weight on his hand and lifted his body to perch on the window.


The winds blew into his face and caused the strands of hair in front of his head to jump around.

A normal person would be scared seeing the distance from here to the ground but Gustav was no longer a normal person.


Gustav jumped forward and his body started descending with speed towards the ground.



In a few seconds, he landed on the ground causing a small thudding sound to ring out.

Unlike before when he jumped off this building and made a loud sound, this time there was hardly any sound.

[Dash has been activated]

Gustav activated dash and speed off towards the sparse forest behind the neighborhood.


He had breezed through the street in a few seconds causing mild winds to scatter across the place.

Just as Gustav had predicted, a certain teenage girl was waiting outside his apartment.

She stood in front of his door and repeatedly checked the watch in her hand.

"Why is he taking so long?"