The Bloodline System - Chapter 61 - Savarinia Serpent Mixedbreed

Chapter 61 - Savarinia Serpent Mixedbreed

Chapter 61 - Savarinia Serpent Mixedbreed


It exploded with an unfathomable force carrying a destructive wave of energy that spread across the surroundings.

The entire vicinity was blasted into smithereens including the glass walls.

They were supposed to repair themselves whenever they were damaged but they were blasted to pieces before the energy even made contact.

The energy raged across the vicinity for a few more seconds before the place became calm again.

The small mist slowly began to dissipate.

But even with everywhere becoming calm, the environment was riddled with destruction.

Everything was in shambles.

Pieces of equipment blasted to pieces, Same with the Scientific AI's. The Mecha cannon that fired the energy had melted to the point that only half of the legs were left. The upper part where the cannon was joined to, was nowhere to be found.

As the mist dispersed completely corpses with incomplete body parts could be seen scattered across the place.

Limbs missing body parts sprawled across the place.

Black blood splattered across the walls. It was obvious that the blood was burnt due to the immense radiation from the energy blast.

The roof was almost blasted open completely.

Surprisingly a man in a blue suit stood opposite where the blast occurred.

Not a single bloodstain or speck of dirt could be seen on his suit. He was as neat as ever, his looks contrasting with that of the environment.

This was none other than Yung and his face was still laced with coldness and aloofness even after seeing the destruction around him.

"It still didn't crack eh?" Yung stared at the green rock positioned in place.

Just like him, the rock didn't have a single scratch on it after the immense explosion.

"Jack, we're going to have to move to the next facility," Yung stated as he turned around.

The scientist wearing spectacles was right behind him. He also didn't have a single scratch on his body.

"Alright sir Yung," He answered with a sigh after looking around.

Not a single scientist survived. They were all torn apart by the energy.

'What a waste of good brains,' he sighed internally again.


All of a sudden a dark silhouette streaked towards them from the other end of the room and arrived before Yung.

The man that appeared before them had a buff build and a half-green mask covering his face.

"Young master Yung I've found his whereabouts," The man spoke.

Yung's expression slightly changed when he heard that.

"You know what to do! It must be done immediately before that woman is alerted," Yung replied with a cautious look.

The man nodded and turned around to leave.

"Edan," Before he could leave Yung called out to him.

"If that woman catches you... You'll die!" Yung stated with a heavy expression.

"Be as quick as possible if you want to survive because even I cannot save you if she's involved... And besides, if you fail, you don't need to be alive. You're better off dead!" Yung said while walking forward.

Even with the mask on his face, it was obvious that Yung's words had struck fear into his heart.

He nodded and streaked out of the room leaving behind shadowy after images.

"Jack, get the rock, we're leaving!" Yung commanded as he walked forward.


Gustav was currently standing behind one of the last buildings that led to the forest region.

He stared at the wall behind the building with a smile hung on his face.

"You've kept me waiting for too long... Finally,"

Gustav muttered with a look of excitement.

A black figure that looked like a serpent was crawling on the wall.

The difference between this and a normal serpent was the size and some other body differences.

The length was about seven meters and its width was comparable to twenty abled body men joined together.

Its head had a red line cut across it and its tail was like that of a scorpion's.

The tip of its tail was extremely pointed and dark purple.

'A level 3 savarinia serpent mixed-breed... defensive scales that can bounce off the ninety percent of physical force thrown at it and it also has a deadly venom in its tail,' Gustav analyzed the mixed-breed.

He had researched about mixed-breeds enough to recognize this one at first glance.

The mixed-breed who noticed Gustav right from the time he appeared here finally leaped out.


Gustav was still on the ground so the serpent was practically leaping downwards.

The speed of the serpentine mixed-breed was fast enough to make it cross over seventy feet in a single second.

Gustav activated dash and ran towards the left.


While dodging the body of the serpentine mixed-breed, he transformed into the mutated bull.


After sliding forward for a bit the serpentine mixed-breed paused and twisted its neck area towards the side to stare at Gustav.

It was staring at Gustav wondering why he was no longer looking, human.

Gustav didn't give it the chance to think for too long before dashing forward again.

His speed was still greater than that of the serpentine mixed-breed and he arrived in front of it while swinging his fist towards its head.


The serpentine mixed-breed threw its tail forward towards Gustav in response.

Gustav noticed the tail coming and swerved towards the left to dodge while still moving forward.

He arrived at the left side of the snake and threw his fist towards its neck area.


Gustav's fist landed on its body but he was the one who was thrown backward.

"Ugh!" Gustav exclaimed in pain as his body was blasted several feet backward.

'Looks like I didn't research properly... 90% of the force is actually redirected towards the attacker,' Gustav figured this out after receiving the full brunt of his own attack.

The pain was still coursing through his body as he wondered how his punch was so painful.

The serpentine mixed-breed didn't wait for Gustav to stabilize himself before swinging out its tail again towards him.

The speed of the tail happened to be faster than the serpentine's body movement as a whole.

Gustav's body was still moving backward from the force of the first attack.

Before he could stabilize himself the tail was already a few inches from making contact with his face.


Using his quick reflexes Gustav grabbed onto the tail from both sides and used it to push himself backward.


His feet slid across the ground as the tail pushed him backward.

[Venom have permeated Host's system]

[Toxin immunity has been activated]

Gustav saw the notification appear in his line of sight just as he let go of the serpentine mixed-breed tail.

'Looks like even touching its tail is dangerous... But not for me,' Gustav secretly thanked his stars for the toxin immunity.

The serpentine mixed-breed thrust its tail forward again trying to pierce Gustav but this time Gustav jumped backward dodging its range of extension.


He slid backward by few feet after landing.

He had distanced himself from the mixed-breed by about six hundred feet now which bought him about two seconds to think.

'Normal physical attack will be useless so I have to mix it with that,'

[0 seconds]

Immediately after dash ended Gustav activated sprint and ran dashed towards the serpentine mixed-breed again.

The mixed-breed who was wondering why the human didn't die from touching its tail swung out its tail again.

The tail was sweeping towards Gustav from the left.


Gustav jumped high up and landed on the large tail.

'Atomic disintegration,' Gustav's hand was coated in a white glow as he ran across the body of the serpentine mixed-breed.