The Bloodline System - Chapter 598: Fiona's Certainty

Chapter 598: Fiona's Certainty

Chapter 598: Fiona's Certainty

"We can't have any loose ends. There's no point to keeping them alive," Gustav responded coldly.

"They could have been an important asset to the mission. We could have had them play infiltration roles and get gather more information for us," Mill added.

"There's no need for that. They could sabotage our mission which is not worth risking when we could make use of their costumes and disguise as them," Gustav responded while pointing at the clothes placed on the bed beside them.

The clothes of Sahil's henchmen, the red jackets, and even the masks included were placed on the bed.

Gustav had kept this due to his plans to infiltrate the company of red jackets using their costume. This was even made more possible due to the fact that the Red Jackets also put on masks.

Gustav wouldn't have any problems disguising them due to his shapeshifting, but now that masks were made available, the two with him would also be able to make use of them.

"I agree with squad leader Crimson," Darkyl voiced out from the side.

"We don't need anything compromising the mission. Its better if they don't see us coming," He added.

Mill had no choice but to keep quiet at this point and tried seeing reason in their decision. He had no idea Gustav didn't even care about his opinions in the first place. Gustav was only explaining because he wanted them to know of his plan to disguise as Red Jackets.

Gustav had only milked out a little information from the trio even though he spent more than six hours inflicting gruesome torture on them. 

They explained that they were sent here to supervise the vicinity and report any suspicious sightings or situations. They also mentioned that Jabal had been sending a different trio of Red Jackets every day for this purpose, and no one knew why.

They gave Gustav the location where they were supposed to meet back with the other Red Jackets after supervising the vicinity for a day. They didn't have any information on where the supplies were moved to, but they confirmed that distribution continued after Sahil's abduction in secret, and only a few Red Jackets were in league with this.

The others were being drafted to move to different spots with Jabal, who was suspected of hatching a plan to get Sahil back.

After Gustav had milked out all he could from them, he eliminated them and asked Mill to get rid of the corpses.

At this point, he had taken every item they owned and information on the Red Jackets that he'd need to know for the disguise to be successful when infiltrating their midst.

"Contact the others. I need their report on the assignment," Gustav said to Darkyl.

Darkyl nodded and proceeded to bring out the communication equipment before making a call to the others.

Fiona was put in charge, so she was the one who received the call. She proceeded to give a breakdown of the day events.

"We have confirmed that there are advance firearms supplies her. The drones captured some interesting footages," Fiona narrated from the other side.

She sent infrared-scanned holographic images, which showed the signature energies of weapons present within the massive seven-story building.

She also mentioned how many Red Jackets were securing the location and their suspected power levels.

They had finished the investigation on their part hours earlier and were just waiting for Gustav's call and next instructions.

"Good job, Officer Fiona. I want you to tell me to answer this…." Gustav spoke after listening to her well-detailed report.

"Yes, Squad leader?" She stated with an inquiring tone.

"How capable do you think you three are in bringing down that entire building and getting rid of the firearms?" Gustav asked.

Fiona smirked from the other end like she had been waiting for this question.

"100% certain," She voiced out confidently.

"Good. We're still dealing with issues here. We can't head to region seventeen at the moment, so you three will have to handle it yourselves," Gustav stated.

"Make plans, and perform the operation within this midnight and the next. Don't attack during the day," He added.

"Understood squad leader. You won't be dissapointed," Fiona responded.

"Good, I hope wouldn't," Gustav stated before ending the disconnecting.

Gustav was leaning against the table by the side of the room the whole time. After ending the communication, he started walking towards the balcony area.

"Have some rest. We set out to region eight by dawn," Gustav stated to both of them.

They both nodded in response.

It was currently around nine pm at night. They'd have to wait till daybreak before heading to region eight due to the three Red Jackets being tasked with supervising the area for an entire day.

The lodge they had rented for the night had two beds and a fairly large space, so one bed would have to occupy two persons.

Mill and Darkyl automatically assumed Gustav would be resting on one bed alone due to his ranking being higher than theirs, so both of them moved to share one bed.

To their surprise, they stared at the balcony area and found out that Gustav was no longer there.

"Where did he go?" Mill asked with a confused expression knowing that they only looked away for a few moments.

"I don't know. You know we're both right here, right?" Darkyl voiced out with a look of confusion as well.

They both had no idea that Gustav didn't plan to sleep this night.


Currently, he was darting through the streets of region six headed for the previous location of the battle with the trio.

He arrived there in a few minutes and moved towards a particular building in the street.

"I need to confirm," He muttered as he got into the two-storey building and walked towards the basement area.

From the first time Gustav observed this street from the rooftop of the house he was invited in to take shelter, he noticed the dead bodies placed in basements of these buildings.