The Bloodline System - Chapter 597: Brutal Interrogation Methods

Chapter 597: Brutal Interrogation Methods

Chapter 597: Brutal Interrogation Methods

"I don't know how he did it but he suddenly vanished right in front of me and I couldn't sense his presence within the region anymore. He got teleported very far away," The raspy voice of the dark figure clad in black cloak resonated across the room.

"He doesn't have such power. He must have used a dimensional device, but there should be none that can teleport a person very far away except it's a high-level dimensional bracelet," Yung Jo's eyes squinted at this point.

"I did see him tapping onto something strapped to his wrist," The figure voiced out again.

"It's still not a notable excuse. How could you, Yasria, fail to kill him before his dissapearance?" Yung Jo sounded very disappointed.

He also recalled the device he had to follow Gustav's aircraft had to be called back after arriving in Ruhuguy City to prevent it from being spotted by the MBO officers.

"I apologize Sir Yung. I will not fail next time. I will make sure to sever that arm before he can make use of it," Yasria voiced out.


As Yung recalled this encounter two weeks back, he wondered,

'If the dimensional bracelet can get him that far it has to be the highest one, a level seven-dimensional bracelet. Only about ten of these exists in the world. How did he get one?'

'It won't matter when Yasria gets hold of him next time,' Yung Jo thought and proceeded to stand to his feet.

"Find out what mission he was sent on! Tell the shadows I give them no more than a week figure this out or there will be consequences," Yung Jo voiced out before leaving the study.


Hours later, in region six, Gustav, Darkyl, and Mill were standing within the building with looks of contemplation as they stared at the trio tied up in front of them.

All three had bleeding faces, and other parts of their bodies had blood stains all over as well.

Their clothes had been stripped off from their bodies, and they were currently tied together, clad in only their underwear.

The menacing look they had on their faces had disappeared, and now their looks were replaced with fear and pain as they stared at Gustav.

The one in the middle had a black rod stabbed into his gut area, which was bleeding, but even with that, the rod kept jolting with electricity.

Causing him to hiss in pain every moment as he pleaded with Gustav.

Gustav passed a piece of plier-shaped equipment that was covered in blood to Darkyl and cleaned his blood-soaked hands as well.

"I swear we're telling the truth. We weren't given the location of where the supplies were moved to. All we know is, junior boss Jabal took control of operations after big boss Sahil was abducted," The one on the left voiced out for the umpteenth time.

Gustav moved towards the one who had just spoken and reached out to grab his head.

"I'm tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. Tell me something I haven't heard. Where is Jabal?" Gustav asked while staring deeply into the eyes of this red jacket.

"We don't know. Nobody knows, he comes and..." Before he could finish speaking, Gustav's index and middle finger suddenly stabbed into his left eye.


He screamed out in pain as the feeling of having his eye gouged out assaulted his brain.

Gustav twisted his finger repeatedly inside the red jacket's left eye before pulling his fingers back with force.

A small popping sound rang out as an eyeball was pulled out along with Gustav's finger.

Just like that, the red jacket lost his left eye, and all that could be seen was an empty socket oozing out blood.


The red jacket kept screaming, causing the other two by the side to shiver in fright.

"You know, sometimes I'm glad mixedbloods have high tenacity. A normal human wouldn't be able to take the pain and pass out due to torture before dying," Gustav began speaking as he turned to the side with the eyeball in his hand and started walking.

"However, mixedbloods are able to keep taking pain and pain and pain and they'd still survive. There are times when death is a better option than living, but you guys can't die just like that. Gives me the chance to inflict as much pain as I want and you three have no choice, but to stay alive and bear it,"


A loud popping sound rang out as Gustav tightened his fingers around the eyeball, causing it to blast apart.

They whimpered in fright and stared at Gustav like he was a devil after hearing that. Even the one that had only eyeball now was more terrified than ever as he stared at Gustav through his one functioning eye.

"But of course we don't have to go down that path. Just give me information on everything that has happened in the last two weeks," Gustav turned to face them again and smirked after he finished saying that.

"I really hope you don't tell me anything," He added, causing them to shiver in fear.

Even Darkyl and Mill behind had chills after witnessing everything Gustav had done so far.

They knew how an interrogation worked and left to them, they'd have already stopped the session, but Gustav was completely brutal and uncaring.

Even Darkyl, who could be seen as a Veteran since he's been an officer for a long time, couldn't deny that he had never seen anyone torture criminals or suspect to this extent before.

'How can someone be so sadistic?' Mill wondered as he could feel Gustav was deriving pleasure from this.


Later during the night, all three of them were back at the lounge making plans.

"Did you dispose of the bodies properly?" Gustav asked Mill.

"Yes, but why did you kill them? They didn't have to die," Mill responded and also threw a question back at Gustav.

"We can't have any loose ends. There's no point to keeping them alive," Gustav responded coldly.