The Bloodline System - Chapter 596: Yung Jo's Distress

Chapter 596: Yung Jo's Distress

Chapter 596: Yung Jo's Distress

The red jacket swung out again, trying to decapitate Gustav as he arrived in front of him, but Gustav was still able to dodge the attack even at point-blank, descending.

As the blade swung over Gustav's head, he sprang up at this moment with his massive black furred fist headed for the jaw of the red jacket.


A loud sound of collision rang out as the Red Jacket was sent flying through the roof of the building.

Gustav leaped into the air and grabbed hold of the Red Jacket legs as they soared across the air before pulling him down forcefully.

They both spiralled back downwards towards another side of the roof before slamming through it.


Gustav kept pulling the body of the red jacket forcing him to shield Gustav's body as both of them broke through the second floor and slammed back onto the ground of the ground floor.


The red jacket passed out cold as Gustav's knees also landed on his chest after he had collided with the floor.

Gustav stood to his feet and dusted his jacket before reaching out to pull the body along with him towards the side of the room.

Gustav proceeded to place the unconscious body of the henchman in a seating position, leaning against the wall.

He turned to the side and dashed out of the building.


In a few seconds, he dashed back in with two unconscious bodies in his grasp.

He placed all three red jackets right beside each other. All of them were presently unconscious, with signs of injury visible on different spots of their body.

However, none of them were in a critical condition because Gustav only made them pass out.

It wasn't too much of a hassle, but he had to use two disposable invisibility gadgets, so he wouldn't get ganged upon.

Since they were also Falcon-ranked mixedbloods, it would take more time to end the battle, which might lead to them alerting others which he why he wanted to end the battle as quick as possible.

Gustav moved out of the building and looked up. He made hand signs gesturing to come over.

Darkyl and Mill, who were more than three streets away, watched Gustav making hand signs towards the drones from below through the holographic projections displayed.

Darkyl quickly packed up the equipment he mounted and moved it back to his storage device before leaving the rooftop with Mill.

About ten minutes later, they arrived at the building Gustav battled with the red jackets.

They had witnessed the blasts happening and Gustav figure phasing in and out of the building, so they knew he was having a fight here.

Mill initially wanted to leave the rooftop and show up here, but Darkyl reminded him of Gustav's instructions to wait here.

Now that they had arrived within the building, they could see the holes on the walls and the rooftop, as well as cracks that covered a lot of places.

Gustav was standing in front of the three he had knocked out.

"Who are they?" Darkyl asked as he noticed all three red jackets with their masks still on.

"These are some of Sahil's henchmen... They're always dressed this way except for a few," Gustav responded while recalling the most powerful ones didn't dress this way.

Sahil's look-alike also didn't dress this way.

"Oh," Both Darkyl and Mill exclaimed as they moved closer.

"Rope," Gustav demanded while stretching his hand towards Darkyl.

Darkyl proceeded to bring out a long yellow thick-looking rope from his storage and handed it over to Gustav.

Gustav brought the three together and tied them up tightly, still leaning them against the wall.

He proceeded to take off their masks one after the other.

All three of them were full-grown men who seemed to be in their late twenties to thirties, and they all looked menacing. One of them had tattooed a spiderweb on his face, while the other two had scars on their cheeks.

"The last time I came here, every building in this street was stacked with supplies of advanced firearms," Gustav started speaking as he moved to the side.

"Now everything is gone... Not even a single firearm crate can be seen in any of these buildings... Thousands of supplies," Gustav added. 

Mill and Darkyl had looks of understanding as Gustav got to this point.

"They moved the supplies," Darkyl voiced out.

"Definitely. It's impossible to sell that much supplies in just two weeks," Gustav voiced out with a look of certainty.

"Someone is running the operation now that Sahil has been abducted. This person must be responsible for moving them away," Gustav stated before moving away from the wall and towards the unconscious red jackets tied together.

"I need interrogation tools," Gustav voiced out to Darkyl.

"How much pain are we talking about here?" Darkyl asked as he operated his storage device.

"A lot,"


As Gustav responded, a bottle of water appeared in his hand, which he had extracted from his storage device.


He poured it all over the faces of the three, causing them to jolt awake.

"You lots will tell me where the supplies were moved to," Gustav voiced out with a commanding tone as he squatted in front of the middle one.


In a large and luxurious-looking study, Yung Jo sat with his legs crossed as he stared at the three in front of him.

"It has been rumored that he left on a new mission, but no one has any information about it," The bulky figure in the middle voiced out.

"Tell our shadows in the second base to keep investigating. You lots are so useless," Yung Jo voiced out with a tone of irritation.

He recalled the last two weeks when he got a piece of unsatisfactory news.


"He escaped," A dark figure clad in a black cloak that covered them all over bowed in front of Yung Jo and voiced out.

"How? You were the one who reported back that you already had him in sight, so how did you manage to lose a weak first-year cadet?" Yung Jo sounded quite mad as he questioned.