The Bloodline System - Chapter 595: I Need Information

Chapter 595: I Need Information

Chapter 595: I Need Information

After scanning through every single building within the street, Gustav stood to his feet with a look of distress, "There's nothing here anymore," He voiced out.

It looked like everything had been cleared out. Gustav had a feeling this might happen after his last battle with the henchmen and the abduction of Sahil.

A whole two weeks had gone by already.

However, he could still see about three red jackets in the vicinity.

They were in the same building the figure Gustav spotted on the holographic projection went into.

They seemed to be engaged in some kind of conversation. Gustav could already sense their bloodline rank wasn't so much higher than his.

His eyes squinted as he stared in the direction of the building.

"I need information." The instant Gustav muttered these words, he leaped forward.


He travelled across the air and landed right in front of the street before charging into it with speed.

Back at the lounge rooftop, Darkyl and Mill were still watching the projections when they spotted a blurry figure charge through the street.

"Is that Officer Crimson?" Darkyl was instantly able to tell that it was Gustav.

"What is he doing?" Mill wondered as they saw Gustav's speeding frame suddenly disappeared after arriving at the end of the street.

Both of them were able to spot Gustav disappearing into thin air when he arrived at the end of the street.

At the moment, Gustav had infiltrated the building making use of one of the invisibility devices he got from the checkpoint area in Ruhuguy City.

The three who were discussing within the empty and dark living room space suddenly stopped as they saw the door blasted through.

They felt the wind but couldn't see or sense anything besides that. Gustav had also made use of Cognitive Concealment, making his presence disappear.

"Who's there?" One of them voiced out with an alarmed gaze.

"Maybe it's just the wind," The one in the middle voiced out, recalling the situation of the weather within the city.

Just as the third one wanted to speak, he suddenly found himself being yanked away.


He screamed out as his entire figure was dragged away with speed, causing the other two to turn to the side to stare at him, but he was already gone.

Only lingering sounds of his scream could be heard, which depicted he had been taken quite some distance away.

It was barely audible, but they could hear sounds of his screams sounding like it was coming from very far away.

The sounds suddenly stopped, which caused their eyes to light up with even more wariness.

"Who's there?"

"Where are you? come out!"

Both of them activated their bloodlines as they prepared for battle while also bringing out weapons.

The one on the left brought out two blue curved daggers, while the one on the right brought out a dark-colored blade that vibrated with dark energy.

'I'll use just one more,' Gustav said internally as he made use of another invisibility gadget.

It only gave him ten seconds of invisibility, and he had a limited amount of them, so he didn't want to make use of more than two here.

Gustav, who was currently on the rooftop of the building by the side, suddenly disappeared again.


It sounded like the wind was being sliced through as the rooftop made a small poof sound, and Gustav's invisible body travelled forward and blasted through the side of the window.


Both red jackets instantly sent attacks towards the left side of the empty living room after hearing the blasting sounds.

The one on the right threw out one of his daggers and controlled the movement with his right index finger, causing them to slice across the place, while the one on the left sent fierce dark energy arcs towards the window area.

Even after throwing out attack after attack, none of them met with any force like they expected.

Suddenly the one on the left suddenly eyes widened as he tried swinging his dagger towards the side, but before he could complete his action, he got yanked towards the other side of the room, slamming into the wall.

Bang! Swoosh! Bang! Swwoosh! Bang! Swwoosh! Bang!

He was being lifted by an invisible force and being tossed across the room at immense speed.

The other one threw out attacks severally, trying to hit whatever the invisible force was, but it was too fast, and in a manner of seconds, his comrade was blasted through a hole in the wall before disappearing just like the former one.

There was now a massive hole on the side of the wall.

The red jacket became scared at this point as he warily turned from side to side with his blade stretched forward.

He quickly reached out to his communication device within his left breast pocket area and hurriedly tried operating it.

However, his hands were trembling as he was struggling to observe the environment while doing this with one hand armed and stretched forward.

"I don't advice you do that,"

He suddenly heard a voice from up ahead, causing him to drop the device in fright.

As he spotted Gustav walking through the large space created on the wall, he hurriedly tried to squat and lift the fallen communication device.


Gustav dashed forward and kicked it away.

"Die!" The red jacket voiced out and swung his blade towards Gustav's neck as he rose up.


Gustav moved to the left before reaching out his right hand to grab the arm of the red jacket.

He pulled him forward forcefully while raising his left knee.


His knee slammed into the gut of this red jacket sending him crashing backward.

"I'll kill you!" As the red jacket stabilized himself, he swung the blade multiple times towards Gustav, causing dark arcs to fly towards him.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Gustav swerved left and right, repeatedly dodging the arcs as he travelled forward with his arm transforming.

The red jacket swung out again, trying to decapitate Gustav as he arrived in front of him, but Gustav was still able to dodge the attack even at point-blank, descending.