The Bloodline System - Chapter 594: There's Nothing Here

Chapter 594: There's Nothing Here

Chapter 594: There's Nothing Here

"Hmm?" Endric looked confused as he muttered.

"I needed to get her stress levels up and induce a kind of state within her body. If this state isn't achieved, the cure would never work," Dr. Levi stated.

Even with his two swollen eyes, Endric still widened them as he voiced out, "Does that mean..?"

"Yes, I can make the cure. I only lied to make sure the cure would work," Dr. Levi added.

A wave of relief instantly welled up from within Endric as tears appeared within his eyes.

"So what do I do?" Endric asked.

"You're going to be embarking on a mission soon. Prepare yourself," Dr. Levi responded.


Endric returned to the present at this point. It had practically been a week since that encounter, and he was still waiting on the mission he was to embark on to save Angy.

Dr. Levi had given him details and said he would put in the request for the mission, so all Endric had to do was be ready to leave camp.

"The Sabrina mutated lavender plant and the Le brawn seed," He recalled Dr. Levi saying these were some of the items he needed to acquire for the cure.

According to Dr. Levi, they existed in remote locations worldwide that were extremely dangerous, which made them rare and difficult to acquire.

Other items needed were easy to get, so it was just these two.

"I swear on my life, I'll get them," Endric voiced out just before he heard a knock on his door.

He stood to his feet and moved towards the entrance of his room.


As the door slid open, Endric spotted a cadet in a medical outfit.

"Dr Levi requests your presence," She voiced out.


Gustav and the other two arrived at region six just as Gustav timed in about two hours.

As predicted, the skies were dark and gloomy, just like when he first visited this place.

Fortunately, the issue of the generator had been resolved, and the city was void of extreme weather occurrences.

However, Gustav could still see the aftermath of what he had triggered the other day after destroying the generator.

Several buildings could be seen completely decimated as they moved about the city.

The war didn't get here because of the weather situation, so all this destruction was due to Gustav destroying the weather regulator generator.

An entire street of buildings they passed by was also decimated. Not one single building managed to come out unscathed in that location.

They later found a place to settle within region six, which was practically a lounge.

Gustav didn't know there was one before he came into region six back then when he was on the Sahil mission.

It was only after he was being chased by Sahil's henchmen that he spotted this place. 

It was about three streets away from the one which was right in front of the street that led to where the Sahil was situated back then.

Gustav could only hope that the advanced firearms stored in this location wouldn't be moved yet would still be in that location.

The other half of the squad had communicated to Gustav that they had arrived at region seventeen.

Gustav tasked them to observe the location where the firearms were stored and compute information on the number of troops guarding them.

They only had to do that and find somewhere to stay till Gustav was done here.

Gustav, Darkyl, and Mill moved to the rooftop of the lounge to begin their operation.

Darkyl mounted a device on the roof and activated it. It shot out several drones, each the size of a pinky finger.

They moved across the air towards the location of the street where Sahil was hiding out back then.

Seven holographic screens appeared in front of them as Darkyl controlled the drones to fly above the street, capturing footage of the environment.

The street was almost void of activity. However, Gustav spotted a figure which just moved into one of the houses. That particular house was right beside the one where he abducted Sahil from, and that figure had a red jacket on.

"Should I move them into the buildings to get a footage of the interior?" Darkyl asked.

"No, that's risky. It would be best not to raise any alarm," Gustav stated.

They wanted to know of the situation within the building and what they would be walking into if they infiltrated, but the drones couldn't get a proper capturing from up above due to the weather interference.

There was a feature the drones had where they could scan the interior of structures, but that wouldn't work right now.

"Wait here," Gustav said to the two of them before dashing forward.


They witness Gustav leaping from across multiple buildings with speed before he completed disappeared out of their sight.


Gustav arrived on the rooftop of the house he stayed within during the rainy period he was here last.

He first made use of God Eyes to check the interior of the building.

He sighed in relief after seeing that there was no one within the household.

'Looks like they took my advice,' Gustav thought.

He proceeded to move towards the ledge of their balcony and squatted in front before fully activating God Eyes.

Gustav's vision turned red as he zoomed in on the street in front, completely seeing through the first building.

"There's nothing," Gustav's muttered with a tone of disbelief after scanning through the first building.

He proceeded to turn his face to the side and scan the building on the right, opposite it.

"Nothing," Gustav's disappointment peaked as he scanned the building several times with God Eyes down to the basement only to find nothing.

There were only corpses in the basement area, but no weapons crate could be found.

There were still about eleven more buildings to scan, so Gustav still hoped that the situation would be one where some supplies had been sold already while the rest were still here.

He proceeded to scan every building within the street one after the other, and each time his face darkened with disappointment.