The Bloodline System - Chapter 583: Red Shadow's Explanation

Chapter 583: Red Shadow's Explanation

Chapter 583: Red Shadow's Explanation

"Why does that matter? I was barely exercising. Hand over my prize," Gustav voiced out without any form of intimidation in his voice.

"But... Fine," Mill responded with a hesitant look.

As the space reverted back to its normal size before they began the scaling through the courses, Mill reached for his storage device to take out the pill.

A few moments later, he reluctantly handed over the pill to Gustav. He received only one instant recovery pill during the reward ceremony, which was why he was so reluctant to let go of it, but he had no choice after losing to Gustav.

Gustav held the recovery pill in his hands for a bit, scrutinizing it as the medicinal smell wafted across the place.

He proceeded to keep it in his storage device before turning around to head out of the facility.

Mill stared at him from behind with a conflicted and humiliated expression plastered on his face. He still couldn't come to terms that he lost to a first-year he was higher than in bloodline rank.

The general and every officer who had witnessed the competition between the two all stared at Gustav with looks of astonishment as he walked past the entrance.

He didn't even spare the general a glance as he walked away, disappearing out of sight in a few.

Mill came walking in a few moments with a crestfallen expression displayed on his face.

"Father, I swear I would have won," Before he completed his sentence, General Brody interrupted.

"Quiet! We're leaving," He voiced out with a strong tone before turning around.

Mill gritted his teeth in frustration before following after his father.

Gustav arrived back at the apartment where he was staying with Miss Aimee after a few minutes.

He happened to meet only Red Shadow in the apartment while miss Aimee was out again.

"Hey kiddo," He greeted Gustav the moment he arrived within the house.

"Red Shadow... Where's miss Aimee?" He questioned.

"Ah, she's still busy with the investigation. I'm glad she went on her own this time. She keeps bossing me around," Red Shadow sounded both displeased and pleased at the same, which made Gustav display a weird expression.

"Hmm I see I still don't understand why the cloudbeaks agency is working with the MBO though," Gustav voiced out with a tone of confusion.

"Didn't she already tell you that it's in relation to the T67 device?" Red Shadow questioned.

"I know, but I remember your mission back then when I met you in the border, was to secure this device and bring it back to your agency's headquarters..." Gustav responded.

"Exactly! Then the MBO became involved after the whole situation with the Vamp witch," As Red Shadow spoke, Gustav recalled the ambush with lady in black leather combat suit and a brown helmet who managed to get the better of Red Shadow.

"Your teacher and I investigated and found out just how much of a danger the device was. Not only is it a generator, but it's also a key, a trigger and a timer. We had to complete several missions together due to the information needed for tracking the creators of the device being only available in the Cloudbeaks agency. Since I was the one the task was handed to from the onset, I had to be the one to work with your teacher during these times," Red Shadow narrated.

Gustav was slowly beginning to put two and two together from listening to Red Shadow.

"Whatever did happen to the vamp witch?" Gustav asked out of curiosity.

"Oh your teacher destroyed her," Red Shadow responded bluntly.

"I don't doubt that you mean that literally and not figuratively," Gustav wasn't surprised at that response, recalling how mad Miss Aimee was when he gave her a brief explanation of things.

"But that was a mistake, we could have made use of her to get information on who sent her," Red Shadow sighed as he voiced out.

Knowing Miss Aimee, Gustav was sure she didn't care about that at all. She hardly pulled her punches when dealing with things like that.

All this time, Red Shadow still had his mask on and hadn't taken it off in their presence before. Even miss Aimee, who had been working together with him in the last seven months, hadn't seen his real face as well, but of course, Miss Aimee didn't care.

Gustav was just the same. If he wanted to see Red Shadow's true face underneath the mask, all he had to do was activate God Eyes.

Red Shadow was quite surprised because this was the first time he would be working with others, and they wouldn't bug him to reveal the face underneath the mask.

Anytime he worked with a group, there would always be nosy-minded people trying to get him to reveal his face but Miss Aimee and Gustav never even showed any interest in that.

"Well, we're on the last straw of the investigations right now. This part is the most difficult. You've played your part in this as well, but she might still want you to play a part in the final chapter of this godforsaken situation," Red Shadow voiced out.

"I'm sure she'll let me know soon if I'm going to be more involved," Gustav stated.

"I don't think I'm needed though. I'm sure the rest is something you both can handle," Gustav added.

"Who knows? I guess we shall find out," Red Shadow responded with a low tone.

The living room turned silent for a while before Red Shadow spoke once again.

"You still have the power to steal bloodlines?" Red Shadow asked with a very low tone.

"Hmm, I do," Gustav responded.

There was no point in trying to deny what Red Shadow already knew. He even found out before Miss Aimee did.

"Wow. Still fascinating as ever kiddo, but do you plan to hide it forever?" Red Shadow asked.

"Hmm... Hiding it right now is the best choice. It is already known that I have multiple abilities, which I'm disguising under the fact that I have a transformation bloodline. Even with this, I'm still on the radar and I can't reveal much lest it turns out extremely problematic. I will always hide my ability to take bloodlines, But the fact that I have multiple bloodlines might get revealed later in the future," Gustav responded.

"However, that will only be revealed when I have gathered enough strength to be able to protect myself from any power that may try to get hold of me for experimental purposes," Gustav added.

"That's sensible. Have you extracted anyone's powers lately?" Red Shadow asked again.

"Hmm, why?" Gustav nodded while responding.