The Bloodline System - Chapter 582 Hand Over My Prize

Chapter 582 Hand Over My Prize

Four shadowy black figures phased out of Mill's body, again jumping forward farther than him and running faster to get ahead.

Two shadowy figures knelt on one of the iceboxes facing each other with their hands connected like a string while they waited for Mill to arrive.

Mill leaped from the current icebox he was standing on towards the two shadowy figures who had their hands connected.


Landing on their hands, both shadowy figures flung Mill upwards with force, using their arms as a sling.

Mill ascended, soaring forward with speed and surpassing Gustav's position.

At this point, Gustav made use of Super Jump again.


Both of them soared forward with speed, surpassing the course where the body of water was located.

They arrived on the vast land where hundreds of black orbs kept flying across the place.

[Dash Has Been Activated]

Gustav sped off as he activated dash and started dodging the balls one after the other.

The darkness oozing forth from Mill increased as he formed an armor around himself and a shadowy black boot that reached his calves.


His speed also significantly increased as he bolted forward, dodging one orb after the other.

'How is he able to keep up with me?' This was the question running through Mill's mind as he struggled to keep up with Gustav.

Gustav was moving so undisturbed, swaying across the place as he dodged the black orbs effortlessly.

He felt Gustav could predict the movement of the balls because every single movement came before the orbs appeared in range.

He had no idea that all this was due to Gustav's perception, which was spread far across the room.

Mill gritted his teeth, sending more shadowy figures out of his being who ran side by side with him for a few moments, gathering momentum.

Four of them appeared on his left and another four on his right.

He was lifted in the middle as these shadowy figures formed a kind of weird formation before throwing Mill forward with speed.


His body shot across the air as he caught up with Gustav once again and surpassed him.

At this point, they arrived at the end of the course, reaching a ledge.

Up ahead were floating platforms, positioned diagonally in a line-up format. Some were positioned on the right and some on the left, but each platform was at least fifty to seventy feet away from one another.

Since what was ahead was a bottomless pit, the only way forward was by jumping from side to side across the platforms.

Gustav leaped forward when he arrived at the ledge and began the journey.

He landed on the left, while Mill landed on the right.


Both of them leaped from side to side in a zig-zag format as they moved forward.

Mill was pushing his bloodline to the limit right now, not understanding why he wasn't giving Gustav leading since they had a lot of differences in bloodline rank.

Gustav was not only keeping up but also surpassing him.

The platforms were steep, but it was practically impossible to fall from them due to the anti-gravitational force. However, leaping the wrong way could cause a balance problem which would lead to a fall.

Shadowy arms extended from Mill's figure as he leaped out. They grabbed onto each platform, pulling him forward with speed to surpass Gustav.

It was working, and he began surpassing Gustav as they arrived at the end of this course, but it was at this moment that Gustav decided to activate Sprint along with Size Manipulation.


The officers watching witnessed Gustav's speed suddenly go up by twice, and his right arm stretched forward to grab onto the last platform a hundred feet away.


He arrived there in nearly an instant, overtaking Mill before leaping towards the land up ahead.


Gustav had decided to be serious because they were entering the last course.

It looked like a normal pathway, but vanishing points were set across the place that would teleport a person about fifty feet backward.

These points would only glow red on the ground when they were about to be activated for only a moment before teleporting the person away.

Normally, a fast mixedblood would be able to react timely and escape, but with the anti-gravitational force, speed and reaction time was greatly reduced.

As Gustav kept increasing the gap between him and Mill, traveling at speed everyone couldn't believe, Mill spread his shadowy figures across the place while running.

The moment he found himself stepping on a vanishing point, he would instantly switch position with one of his shadowy figures, escaping the fate of being teleported backward.

He couldn't understand how Gustav managed to escape every vanishing point.

Thum! Thum! Thum! Thum!

Both their feet made heavy stomping sounds on the floor as they dashed forward with speed despite the strong anti-gravitational force.

In a few more seconds, Gustav finally arrived at the end of the danger course.


Everyone could barely believe their eyes as they spotted the timer.

Gustav had spent only one minute twenty-four seconds scaling the danger course in the level four training area, whereas he spent one minute thirty-one seconds scaling the danger course in level three.

They felt this didn't make any sense since level four was supposed to be more difficult.

They had no idea Gustav was just trying out level three without making use of any ability that would make him finish it quicker.

Mill had a look of disbelief on his face as he arrived at the end of the course five seconds later than Gustav.

"How did you...?" Before he could even finish his statement, Gustav cut him short.

"Hand it over," Gustav said while stretching his hand forward.

"I saw your previous time in level three, this should not be possible," Mill voiced out while pointing at Gustav.

"Why does that matter? I was barely exercising. Hand over my prize," Gustav voiced out without any form of intimidation in his voice.