The Bloodline System - Chapter 584: Situationship With Angy

Chapter 584: Situationship With Angy

Chapter 584: Situationship With Angy

"That's sensible. Have you extracted anyone's powers lately?" Red Shadow asked again.

"Hmm, why?" Gustav nodded while responding.

"Remember how I found out you could take bloodlines was because I witnessed you doing it myself. You couldn't see me but I could see you. You gotta be careful with that, you might not wish to reveal it, but if you're caught in the act..." Red Shadow paused at this point.

"I understand your concerns... I was really careless back then and powerless as well. I am now very careful," Gustav stated.

This was actually quite true as Gustav didn't even use Bloodline Acquisition for a long time.

"And I assure you I cannot be sneaked on like that again," Gustav added.

"Oh is that so?" Red shadow voiced out and instantly vanished into red smoke.

His presence vanished as well, and he could neither be seen, heard, or felt within the room.

Gustav's eyes roamed across the place as his face maintained his usual calm look.

A few moments later, he suddenly stood to his feet and stretched out his right hand towards his left shoulder area.


His hand grabbed hold of something invisible.

A red glowing footprint appeared on the floor right in front of Gustav for an instant before...


Red smoke covered everywhere as Red Shadow appeared in front of him.

Gustav was currently holding onto Red Shadow's outstretched right hand, which was initially headed for his shoulder area.

"How were you able to detect my presence?" Red Shadow sounded very surprised as he spoke.

"If you had remained in one spot it would certainly be close to impossible to sense your presence. On the other hand, your movement makes you easily detectable especially when you're in range of touch," Gustav responded while letting go of Red Shadow's hand.

"Hmm... Many stronger mixedbloods are unable to detect my presence regardless. You're quite something," Red Shadow said with a tone of astonishment.

"However, this still proves my point that you can still be peeped on," Red Shadow added.

"It would. But I still have some other alternative up my sleeves," Gustav responded with a confident expression.

Just as Red Shadow had explained, it would still be possible to peep on Gustav since he mentioned it was practically impossible to sense Red Shadow unless he moved.

However, Gustav was only using Perception. He didn't make use of God Eyes.


-MBO Camp

"Good, you brought him here just as I requested," A middle-aged-looking man in a medical outfit with a monocle on his left eye voiced out to the two in front of him.

They were currently within a medical facility with different types of equipment, chemicals, and operational table arranged across the place. There were also several projections displayed of chemical-related stuff.

"Hmm, this is him... The culprit who injected me," The female cadet responded to the middle-aged man dressed in a medical outfit while gesturing at the male cadet beside her.

The middle-aged man happened to be Dr. Levi and the two in front of him were Angy and Endric.

Endric stood in place with a crestfallen look while staring at the ground, while Angy had an expression of irritation displayed on her face as she stood by the side.

"Young man, did you bring the sample?" Dr. Levi asked him.

"Yes, here it is," Endric brought out a purplish-looking object that resembled a syringe and passed it to Dr. Levi.

"Good," Dr. Levi received the item and turned around to walk towards a table behind where a technological device was stationed.

"I'll test it now for the components it was structured from," Dr. Levi added as he placed it inside a compartment stationed by the left of the cylindrical device and tapped onto some buttons repeatedly.


A weird machinery sound rang out as rays of light scanned through the item, and Dr. Levi proceeded to wait by the side.

Bing~ Bing~ Bing~ Bing~ Bing~

Different chemical wordings began to appear in a holographic format above, lined up after one another.

As Dr. Levi spotted these wordings, his face began to change expressions. He went from being calm and unbothered to contemplative, curious, and then worried.

While Angy and Endric were waiting behind, Endric tried apologizing to Angy once more.

"I'm sorry, Angy. I wish I could turn ba..." Before he could even complete his sentence, Angy cut him off.

"Save it. I don't care anymore. All I can tell you is, If an alternative for my ailment isn't found, I vow to make you pay," Angy's voice sounded so dark and extremely aggressive as she swore.

Endric had no choice but to keep quiet at this point, knowing that nothing he said could salvage the situation or change how Angy currently felt about him.

He had an expression of guilt and regret written all over his face.

After a few more minutes, the list appearing in mid-air finally stopped computing more.

"This is very bad," 

Both of them heard Dr. Levi's voice out from far ahead as he turned around to face them.

"Angy, brace yourself for what I'm about to say." 


The next day arrived, and Gustav had woken up from sleep by four am in the morning.

He heard knocks on his door, which jolted him up.

Miss Aimee happened to be the one who had come knocking on the door.

"Come with me," She voiced out to him the moment he opened up the door.

"Huh? Where are we going?" Gustav asked as he followed after her down the stairs.

"Lazy bones. You really don't want to train with your teacher anymore?" Miss Aimee voiced out from up ahead as she arrived at the entrance.

"Hmm? You have time for training?" Gustav asked as they arrived outside.

"Are you trying to say I don't have time for you anymore?" Miss Aimee paused as they arrived outside and turned to face Gustav.

"Hmm pretty much understandable since you've been here and there lately," Gustav shrugged his shoulders as he spoke.