The Bloodline System - Chapter 579 - Trying The Course At Level Three

Chapter 579 - Trying The Course At Level Three

Chapter 579 - Trying The Course At Level Three

'This will really come in handy during a battle... If I lost a crucial body part during a battle, I would still be able to fight after taking one of these,' Gustav thought.

The pill did heal instantly, after all. It didn't matter if a mixedblood was on the verge of death. So long as they had breathe in their lungs, the pill would instantly resuscitate them.

His regeneration wasn't as quick as that. Based on the damage sustained, Gustav regeneration worked slower or faster at times.

He also understood that such an item was most likely rare, so he decided he would only use it in cases where he found himself in situations similar to that when he was battling Zergeref.

Gustav kept this aside and checked the rest of the contents within the box. There was also an elixir, and according to the label, this was supposed to help in giving a permanent step boost in bloodline ranking.

Gustav already knew that medicines like this existed, but they were extremely rare as well.

There were a few other rare medicinal items as well, which Gustav wasted no time in checking out.

He was satisfied with the rewards so far. He only had to wait in the meantime for the planning of the next mission.

Gustav had decided that after this, he would be checking on Boss Danzo in burning sands city.

He tried calling Boss Danzo a few times when he arrived here, but there was no response from the other end. He felt maybe Boss Danzo was busy and would try again later, but till this moment, there was still no answer.

Gustav had gotten Boss Danzo's new address from Mara before he left the MBO camp, so he knew just where to check, but he couldn't leave at the moment.

The next morning arrived, and as usual, Gustav moved towards the third training center within the base.


-The MBO Camp

"Man it's been three weeks now, do you think he completed his first mission yet?"

Within a group of four youngsters who were currently strolling on campgrounds, the dark-skinned male with a bushy afro hair voiced out.

"Come on E.E it's only three weeks. Some MBO officers spend months trying to complete a single mission," Falco voiced out.

"Falco is right. We don't know the details of his mission. It might be one that forces him to remain in hiding for a long time or maybe he was deployed to a battle ground to be part of a defence troop. We can't say for sure, so yeah three weeks is pretty much short," Aildris voiced out with a mild smile with his eyes still closed.

"Ay ay ay I get y'all, but it's Gustav though, I don't think he'll take so long in completing one mission regardless of what it is. Who knows he might even be on another one right now," E.E had a contemplative expression as he spoke.

"Looks like you're really missing him," Teemee voiced out from the side with his hands in his pockets as he walked.

"Yooo come on man, don't say it like that," E.E voiced out while waving his right hand, trying to feign a shy look.

"Bwahahaha!" They all burst out laughing as they spotted the expression he made while blinking his eyes.

E.E also burst into laughter as well before speaking again, "Nah I know Gustav is hot and all, but Elevora is the one I've set my sights on,"

"Yo, Gustav is hot? We didn't know that? How did you figure?" Falco voiced out from the side, trying to imitate E.E's way of talking.

"Eyy you know what I mean stop making it sound like that," E.E shouted out as he grabbed Falco from the side and wrapped his arm around his neck before pulling him forward playfully.

Another round of laughter was heard from the group as they kept walking.

"But yeah he's Gustav, so I'm sure he'll be safe, no need for worries," Aildris voiced out.

"Hey, where's Ria? He's always missing..." Falco asked Teemee.

"He's training. He's been pushing himself like crazy every since Gustav left saying he won't accept being the weaker one," Teemee responded with a slightly bothered look.

"Hmm he really shouldn't push himself too much it may have an adverse effect," Aildris stated.

"Yeah, but he never listens. I just hope that idiot knows when to stop," Teemee sighed as he spoke.

"How about we go check up on him and do a little training ourselves?" E.E suggested.

The boys stared at each other for a few moments before nodding in unison.

E.E opened up a thirteen feet wide purplish vortex up ahead, and everyone filed in.

"By the way guys, has any of you heard from Angy lately?"

E.E's voice slowly faded away as they disappeared into the vortex.


In a flash, a few more days went by.

Back in the second base, Gustav was within a massive structured facility with several secluded spaces built within.

This was one of the training centers with in-built anti-gravitational force. It ranged from level one to seven, with each higher level having a more powerful gravitational force than the other.

Currently, Gustav was within level three, which had a gravitational force that allowed every object with mass to be twenty-seven times heavier than its original weight.

Within this place, he was undergoing an obstacle course that had a time limit and required speed as well.


His speed had significantly reduced without any boost from the system as he ran across a small pole extended above a burning pool of fire.


The timer was counting down from the holographic projection displayed above as he dashed across the pole.

Three rings could be seen floating up ahead and interchanging positions with speed. One of them was a teleportation ring that would help teleport him about a hundred feet forward across the rest of the pool of flames below, but if he went through the wrong one, he would fall into the pool, which would result in failure.