The Bloodline System - Chapter 578 - Checking Out The Rewards

Chapter 578 - Checking Out The Rewards

Chapter 578 - Checking Out The Rewards

"Yes," Gustav responded.

"Where is it now?" The grand General asked.

"It was initially in Sahil's possession after the bargain was successful, but he seems to have hidden it somewhere. My mission was to bring him back and not the void stone, so I didn't linger for a second, or I would have failed," Gustav explained.

The generals present and the grand General all had looks of impatience as they turned silent after hearing that.

"There are still so many other supplies that will be distributed between both sides battling which will drag out the war and cause more unnecessary deaths," Gustav stated with a strong tone.

He proceeded to keep narrating many other things he had witnessed and even mentioned how the world government is behind the scenes in all this and how the economy of the city would go downhill if the side of the groups supporting the world government came out on top in the war.

The Grand General and generals present realised the severity of the situation after hearing Gustav speak for up to thirty minutes on this issue.

All this time, Miss Aimee just sat behind, listening and ready to chip in if Gustav needed her help. She was so proud that Gustav could hold his own against these high-ranking men without folding or breaking in any way.

With the pressure these men exuded whenever they tried to question why Gustav was bringing this up and even wanted him to drop the matter, anyone would have stuttered by now, but Gustav's confidence level never dropped once, and he kept spouting out and countering them.

"So,what is it you propose now, Officer Crimson?" The grand General asked.

"All this started because a side was losing their power and authority due to the world government slowly taking over. This tilted the balance towards the side of the Zalibans, Lanzi's and Routilia groups.

The other side is slowly losing from the information I have gathered and would eventually lose due to their resources being thinned out after they started losing power. This is the main reason why the side of the Zalibans was able to spark such a war, knowing they'd win eventually and take whatever was left of the other side's power. I think the best way to solve this is by letting the other side regain their power and balance the scales once again. This is the reason why they fight. One side fights to gain their power back and reduce the economic tension of the city while the other side fights to take over completely, which they wouldn't have done if the other side hadn't already been weakened," Gustav voiced out lengthily.

"The best way to bring balance would be to weaken the forces of the three who are trying to gain more power," The grand General muttered.

"Exactly. Weakening their forces would be the best course of action. They will have no choice but to put the war to an end after both sides see that it would only lead to their destruction," Gustav stated.

"Hmm... What do you think generals?" The grand General called out to the other two in the office.

"It's already a big case since the involvement of the void stones. A group that makes such deals with a criminal should have their power weakened significantly," One of the generals voiced out.

"Officer Crimson has shown proof of the supplies to be distributed around opposing forces. We cannot keep turning a blind eye to the chaos," The other general voice out as well.

"Good.Then we agree that a new secret mission must be set up for Leoluch city," The grand General voiced out.


Gustav and Miss Aimee arrived back in the household they were placed in minutes after their meeting with the grand General ended.

Gustav was glad it went well. Miss Aimee did mention that even though the MBO were under the jurisdiction of the world government when they deemed a situation to be beyond a certain level, they would act on their own accord.

The MBO was actually powerful enough to disobey the world government instructions, but most times, they refrained from doing so because of the complications it would cost.

The grand General proceeded to tell Gustav to prepare for a secret mission briefing in a few days. They wanted to determine the goals of the mission and make proper plans on how it was going to be carried out first.

It was going to be a secret mission because it would be kept under the wraps that the MBO was intervening in the Leoluch city war, so the world government would never find out about it.

Gustav moved into his room and checked out his rewards. His new uniform was a well-designed ash-colored long coat with a golden belt that had locks design and a blood emblem in the middle. It had a cross tie and a white inner. It looked quite luxurious, especially with the white gem positioned on the left side of his collar.

Gustav put the uniform aside and checked out the box where the other items were placed.

The basic bloodline strengthening pill increased a mixedblood by two steps for about a minute during a battle. It was really good for gaining a quick increase in strength, but it was only temporary.

The advanced bloodline strengthening pill increased a mixedblood by an entire rank for thirty seconds. This was actually a very good pill because depending on the mixedblood Level of strength, increasing by a rank could be a huge game-changer. However, it was only temporary as well.

Three instant recovery pills was also another reward included. These instant recovery pills, unlike other recovery pills, healed any form of injury instantly. They were extremely rare that only about a hundred was made every two years, and even many MBO officers had never received one before.

'This will really come in handy during a battle.. If I lost a crucial body part during a battle, I would still be able to fight after taking one of these,' Gustav thought.