The Bloodline System - Chapter 580 - The Proposal

Chapter 580 - The Proposal

Chapter 580 - The Proposal


Gustav leaped forward the moment he arrived at the edge of the pole as if he could already tell which one was the teleportation ring.

However, as he leaped through the air, the one which was initially in the middle was interchanging with the one by the left.

As Gustav's body arrived in front of it, both rings had already exchanged spots.


He went straight through it and disappeared.


Gustav appeared a hundred feet ahead of where there was land and kept dashing forward.

It would seem he had already predicted the interchanging of both rings and knew to jump exactly when the teleportation ring would arrive in front.

Gustav arrived at a particular spot and leaped upwards, grabbing hold of a ladder that was positioned fifty feet above the ground.

He climbed up as fast as he could and arrived at the top.

He started running across the platform above, which would occasionally switch lanes as he ran across them due to some of them suddenly giving way too much body weight.


Gustav could finally see the end of the course as he leaped from side to side across the top platform.


The timer stopped the instant he arrived at the end. He looked up and stared at it, noting how long it took him.

'One minute thirty one seconds without using any speed-related ability,' He thought.

Standing in a place, he could barely feel any pressure from the gravitational force. He only felt it when he had to move his body.

This was how it mostly was. Moving made the gravitational force ten times worse than it already was to the average mixedblood. Their body would feel like it was being held down when they took a step, and even jumping became such a herculean task.

Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!

Gustav suddenly heard claps coming from the entrance area of the obstacle course.

He turned around to stare in that direction and noticed a few officers staring in his direction.

The obstacle course environment slowly returned to normal as its large size retracted, turning into a room that was at least twenty times smaller than it was when Gustav was undergoing the obstacle course.

But even with it shrinking in size, it was still more massive than a football pitch.

Gustav leaped downwards still with a mass twenty-seven times his original and landed with a loud thud.

Two officers out of the seven officers watching from the entrance area started walking towards him. They both didn't seem fazed by the gravitational force in the slightest as they walked towards him.

"Officer Crimson, allow us to offer our most sincere congratulations on your promotion. We had something to attend to the other day so we couldn't stay for too long," The man in the red colored uniform by the left voiced out.

He was actually a general, and he happened to be in attendance on the day of the reward ceremony, and right beside him was Mill Kaiser. The final year cadet had just become a ranked officer.

They both nodded at each other as the general, who happened to be named, Brody Kaiser spoke.

"Thank you," Gustav responded before turning to the side to walk away after hearing what the general had said.

"A minute if you will Officer Crimson," He called out to Gustav before he could pass by their sides completely.

"Hmm?" Gustav paused and turned to the side to stare at them.

"I'm sure you already know my son, Mill Kaiser," General Brody Kaiser said while gesturing at Mill.

"And so?" Gustav responded with an unbothered expression.

"We were hoping we could invite you for dinner at our place tonight. You youngsters can get to know each other, after all you're both still cadets even though you're already officers," General Brody voiced out his intentions, ignoring the lack of interest displayed on Gustav's face.

"I'm busy. Maybe next time," Gustav voiced out before turning around to leave again.

Both of them stared at each other with a weird look as they saw Gustav walking away. They hadn't expected him to turn down the invitation like that.

They had no idea that Gustav was being as polite as possible. Originally, he would have blatantly voiced out his lack of interest without batting an eyelid.

"Hold on, Officer Crimson," General Brody called out to him again.

Gustav paused his steps as an irritated expression appeared on his face while he turned around. This time he didn't even try to hide it as he responded, "What is it?"

"We really wish you'd put more thought into this," General Brody could feel the gazes of the other officers at the entrance watching and felt embarrassed at the fact that he, a whole general, was turned down by a low-ranking officer.

"Nah, I'm not interested," Gustav responded blatantly and turned around to start walking again.

"Such a rude…," Just as Mill Kaiser was about to blow a fuse, the general stretched his right hand in front of him to stop him.

"How about I propose something Officer Crimson?" He called out to Gustav again, causing him to pause his footsteps once more.

"What is it this time?" Gustav felt he was asking this question for the umpteenth time as he turned around.

"How about you and my son here compete in a danger course. If he finishes first, you'd have to cancel all your plans and come with us," General Brody Kaiser proposed.

Mill Kaiser smiled internally as he heard this and hoped for Gustav to agree.

"Hmm... And what's in it for me if he loses," Gustav asked with a piercing gaze.

"What would you want?" Even though internally, General Brody felt there was no way Gustav would win, he still asked.

"Did you get an instant recovery pill?" Gustav turned to the side to ask Mill.

"Yeah, I got one," He answered while raising an eyebrow.

"Good.... When I win, you'll hand it over to me," Gustav answered while walking forward to meet back up with them.