The Bloodline System - Chapter 577 - Private Meeting

Chapter 577 - Private Meeting

Chapter 577 - Private Meeting

About two more officers were called forward before Gustav finally heard his name.

He was the last person to be called among the seven officers being honored and rewarded here today.

"Officer Crimson step forward to receive your rewards," Unlike the others, The grand General called out Gustav first.

Gustav walked forward towards the officer standing in front, holding out a bunch of things.

"You were tasked with a three-star mission as your first mission. Being both a first-year cadet and junior officer, you completed a five star mission. Tracking and capturing the advanced arms creator and dealer, Sahil..."

As he got to this part, almost everyone within the vicinity had widened mouths. They all focused on Gustav, especially the cadet who just got his officer uniform.

He had spotted Gustav earlier and wondered why someone who looked younger than he was would be clad in black uniform, which proved he was an officer. However, thinking about it, most mixedbloods didn't look their age, so he assumed Gustav was probably an older officer who looked younger.

Now that this revelation was made, he couldn't believe what he was hearing along with everyone present.

-'A first-year cadet?'

-'He successfully completed a five-star mission and this happens to be his first mission?'

These thoughts ran rampant in everyone's mind, but they couldn't voice it out. Officers were well-trained to keep quiet in moments like this so as not to disturb the ceremony.

"You have been promoted to the Senior Argent rank, other rewards included in the box are the basic bloodline strengthening pill, the advanced bloodline strengthening pill, Three instant recovery pills and some other things as well,"

As the grand General stated, this Gustav received his new uniform along with the rectangular box where the other reward items were kept.

Camera shutter sounds reverberated across the place as flying cams took pictures of Gustav receiving his rewards.

Claps also resounded as well from the other officers present. Miss Aimee was also behind with the other officers standing in place and watching Gustav with a proud look on her face.

'This is just the beginning. You will get to the top,' Miss Aimee said Internally.

She was the one responsible for Gustav embarking on this mission in the first place. He would have been given a two or one-star mission since this was his first.

Gustav moved back to his initial standing position with a straight look as he held his rewards and new uniform in his hand.

The other six officers lined up by his sides would occasionally steal glances as they still couldn't believe that a first-year cadet was now above them all in official ranking.

A Senior Argent was clearly above the junior Argent and two ranks above the lowest MBO official ranking. He was now the senior officer of even those who were officers before him.

The grand General presiding over the second base proceeded to say a few more words and declarations before ending the ceremony.

After the ceremony ended, several officers came over to the officers who had been called here to be rewarded. Most of them moved towards Gustav to offer their congratulations and also tried to make connections with him.

Some of them already knew Gustav beforehand and how he had been mentioned as the most talented youngster of this mixedblood generation, but they still didn't expect that he'd complete a five-star mission on his first try.

"Congratulations Officer Crimson," The final year cadet moved towards Gustav and offered a handshake.

Gustav accepted the handshake, which was actually a tight grip with the other person trying to gauge his strength.

Mill Kaiser strengthened his hand as he pressed tightly onto Gustav's. To his surprise, there was no change in facial expression.

'Why do they always try to do this?' Gustav wondered as he remembered Officer Gooseman did the same.

Gustav's eyes squinted as he also tightened his hand as well.


Popping sounds rang out as Mill Kaiser quickly withdrew his hand with speed.

"Nice meeting you," He said and hurriedly turned around with an embarrassed look after noticing everyone staring in their direction.

He met up with another officer towards the left and headed for the entrance.

A few prestigious officers with ranks close to the grand General were also present, and all of them except one has flocked towards Gustav to shower him with praises.

After all the formalities were done with, Gustav was called upon by the grand General, and miss Aimee went along with him.

They stepped out of the hall and were transported towards a part of the base with convoys following them.

They arrived in the grand General office along with his assistant and two other generals.

"The young miss has mentioned that you have reports based on the happenings within Leoluch city," The grand General voiced out to Gustav.

He seemed like a normal nice, and a caring middle-aged man with a thirteen inches yellowish goatee, but Gustav could sense crazy energy from him.

Although a lot far from what he sensed from great commander Shion back then, this was still pretty powerful.

"I have a collection of footages along with proof that innocents are being subjected to a war that was caused by corrupt and clashing egos," Gustav voiced out and proceeded to display footages of things occurring within Leoluch city.

"We are well aware of this happening, as you know the world government has give orders to refrain from interfering unless it gets to a particular level," The grand General voiced out.

"I am yet to give details on the involvement Sahil in this affairs.. The group in power were dealing with the criminal and the same group handed him an item that is supposed to be possesed by the government all for the sake of winning the war quickly," Gustav proceeded to keep explaining.

He brought out a device that displayed different footage in holographic format. Also, he displayed footage of the void stone along with the document.

"The void stone? Such an item was used to make a bargain with a criminal?!" One of the generals present voiced out with a tone of disbelief.