The Bloodline System - Chapter 576 - Reward Ceremony

Chapter 576 - Reward Ceremony

Chapter 576 - Reward Ceremony

The last time, teleportation took longer because he also had Sahil with him. If he was alone, he would have teleported moments after he tapped on the coordinates.

Gustav was also able to use that to experiment on whether he could take someone with him when teleporting. He also found out that it took twice the amount of power to do that. Originally he would be able to teleport among saved coordinate points about eight times, but if he carried someone with him, it would be shortened to half of that.

Miss Aimee and Gustav still conversed for a while before Red Shadow got back in.

"Any progress?" Miss Aimee asked him as he arrived.

"He's still as tight lipped as ever... It's still impossible to pry into his mind because of the experiment he performed on his brain," Red Shadow voice out with a defeated tone as he sat on the other end of the living room.

"It's only a matter of time. He will give us the remaining information and then we can finally explore the location," Miss Aimee voiced out.

Gustav didn't need to get the context of this conversation before he knew they were referring to Sahil. He still wanted to know about the case Miss Aimee was working on, but he felt it might be way higher than what he could handle at the moment, and maybe this was why Miss Aimee hadn't said anything yet.

However, Gustav did know that this was all connected to the T67 device that was found more than half a year back within his neighborhood.

Gustav wasn't stupid, so at this point, he had connected the dots and found out that Sahil and the person he was under were the ones who built this device and hired Red Shadow's agency to transport it safely to a particular location, which ended up getting compromised and landed in the neighborhood.

Miss Aimee hadn't explained anything to him, but he had already uncovered things up to this point and was sure there was still a bigger agenda hidden within all this which was why she was still on the case.

'I'll leave this to the big shots to handle...' Gustav remembered he still wanted to go visit boss Danzo after dealing with the current predicament, so there was really no time to get involved in this, especially when miss Aimee was handling it herself.

He resigned himself, believing everything would be just fine.

Two days went by in a flash, and it was finally time for the reward ceremony.

Originally reward ceremonies weren't done for every type of completed mission, but a five-star mission warranted a reward ceremony and some other special ones that involved undercover.

The mission's difficulty within the MBO ranges from one to ten stars. The cadets mostly were given one and two stars missions. There would be special cases where some would be given three-star missions, but only the final years got these. Meanwhile, this was Gustav's first mission due to him being seen as special. Ten-stars weren't the highest in terms of difficulty. Even though only a handful of MBO agents could complete them. There were still three more stars higher than ten stars which were; purple star, red star and black star. The black star was the highest difficulty level of an MBO mission, and it literally meant the mission level was so difficult that failure could mean galaxy-wide annihilation.

The red star was still the highest difficulty mission that had been issued out in the history of MBO, and a mission like that had only been issued out once because only two beings were powerful enough to embark on a red star mission currently.

Purple star missions had been issued out several times, and even though they couldn't be compared to the other two in terms of difficulty, only about twenty or so people within the MBO could be entrusted with a mission on such a difficulty level.


Gustav was brought to a particular hall within the second base. Only a few officers were allowed to be in attendance at the ceremony.

It looked like a military ceremony with the officers who were being rewarded standing behind in a file while being called on one after the other.

"Officers Mark Zilan, Gil Yeager, Mackenzie Tinge, in completion to the Four-star mission, protection of the rafil band, you three have been promoted to the junior Argent rank, come forward to receive your rewards," The Grand General who stood on the podium area voiced out.

Three officers standing beside Gustav walked forward to where the officers standing and holding onto their rewards were stationed.

Their rewards were handed over to them as pictures were taken. New uniforms along with some unknown items within a box.

These officers were a rank above Gustav normally as he had already spotted their dress, but now they had been promoted to the next rank, which was right below the rank of a lieutenant.

There were still about six ranks above the lieutenant before getting to the rank of a grand General. The highest rank was still that of the great commanders who were at the top of the echelon, and there were only five of them that existed currently.

Every increase in rank also meant more power, influence, and an increase in salary.

"Mill Kaiser, in completion of the three-star mission, which involved gathering information on the malignant trio within Dalik city, you have been promoted from a cadet to a full-fledged officer. Come forward to receive your uniform and badge," The grand General voiced out from up ahead.

Right beside Gustav, a young man with long green hair, clad in white cadet uniform, walked forward after hearing his name called.

It turned out that this person happened to be among last years' cadets, that was also sent on a mission. The officer in front was holding onto a black uniform with a badge on it as well as a small box that contained other items.

Mill Kaiser tried to hide his excitement as he received the uniform and the other items while pictures were taken and the other officers in the background clapped.