The Bloodline System - Chapter 575 - Gustav And Miss Aimee's Discussion

Chapter 575 - Gustav And Miss Aimee's Discussion

Chapter 575 - Gustav And Miss Aimee's Discussion

"Yeah... I think this same person also managed to track me to Leoluch city," Gustav stated.

"Hmm? What do you mean?" Miss Aimee voiced out with a suspicious tone.

"On my way back after abducting Sahil, I had managed to escape from the hands of his remaining henchmen when I was suddenly attacked by a very powerful and unknown assailant... From the moment I spotted him I already knew he wasn't one of Sahil's henchmen. His aim was to assassinate me unlike Sahil's henchmen who were trying to get Sahil back and with the amount of killing intent he exuded. I realised that this unknown figure must be a standard bloody assassin. This person was able to use power beyond the acceptable threshold within the city and not raise any alarms," Gustav narrated.

"Hmm, how were you able to escape then?" Miss Aimee asked.

Gustav raised his left wrist and tapped on it, revealing the dimensional bracelet.

"This... Luckily he got teleported in time before he severed my head from my neck," Gustav explained.

Miss Aimee's face turned a bit dark as she heard that, "How did such a person find you?" She wondered how loud.

"Only I and about three others had details about your mission, Gradier Xanatus included. It's impossible for the other two to reveal it to anyone even if they were spies, they wouldn't be so stupid as to reveal something that only a collected few know about because it would point back to them. Only your departure location is known to everyone because that same location is where other cadets such as yourself get transported to their mission site," Miss Aimee analysed.

"The jet that was sent after you followed you from there but it got destroyed less than halfway through the journey , according to the reports..." Miss Aimee added.

"The missing piece is how my location was figured out since they were unable to continue with the pursuit," Gustav voiced out.

"There's a possibility that you were still being tracked even after the destruction of the jet," Miss Aimee voiced out with a contemplative expression.

"That seems like the only plausible explanation. It's still surprising that someone from the MBO can sneak such a person in, when the MBO says they're unable to send someone beyond a particular strength level without triggering an alarm..." Gustav said while holding his jaw.

"Unless it's not someone from the MBO; instead it's just someone affiliated with the MBO," He added as a sharp glint appeared in his eyes.

"Hmm?" Miss Aimee felt Gustav had figured something out and waited for him to speak.

"Yung Jo... What will it take to bring him down?" Gustav asked.

"You think he's responsible for this?" Miss Aimee asked.

"He's the only person with vendetta against me. We have quite the history since I've ruined his plans over and over, but I still cannot understand why he hasn't been taken down yet," Gustav stated.

"Makes sense that he'd want to get rid of you now that I think of it. He's really biting off more than he can chew. The problem with taking him down is Yung Jo always manages to let others take the blame for every one of his scandalous plans. Even when these plans get foiled, it's never been able to lead back to him, which is why he's always able to get away.

Someone like Yung Jo has so much connection and backing that it's impossible to get rid of him without solid evidence," Miss Aimee explained.

"Can't you just kill him?" Gustav asked.

"Yes, I can do that. Not without consequences though. I can easily wipe him from the face of the earth and even he knows that, but he keeps pushing his luck because he knows I won't do it," Miss Aimee stated.

"Because of his backing and connections?" Gustav asked.

"That's a part of it. Also, the MBO still has me under lock and key... For now," Miss Aimee said while squinting her eyes.

"Looks like it's not as simple as it seems, but I wanna bring Yung Jo down. His ambitions are just too much; if he continues it will only be a matter of time before he has the MBO in his control," Gustav voiced out before leaning his back against the couch with a contemplative expression.

"If you want to bring him down I will help you. I didn't really take him as too much of a threat in the past, but I'm beggining to see that if he continues..." As Miss Aimee got to this point, her expression turned dark. A mental image appeared in her mind, which caused her reaction, 'If that ever happens, the world will burn. I don't care about the consequences,'

"Thanks, Miss Aimee. I still want to deal with the situation in Leoluch city first," Gustav voiced out, bringing Miss Aimee out of her reverie.

"Hmm but now I don't want you to go back there," Miss Aimee responded.

"Huh? Why?" Gustav asked.

"You just mentioned escaping from an assassin. How do you intend on handling someone of that strength level if you come into contact with them again? It's too risky," Miss Aimee voiced out her disagreement due to the dangers involved.

"Don't worry about that miss Aimee. By now it should already be reported back that I have completed the mission. The assassin saw me with Sahil's body. After reporting back there will be no need for him to come back there. Nobody would know that I'm going back there for another mission," Gustav explained.

"Still too risky. Nobody should know you were in Leoluch city in the first place yet they found out. There's no guarantee that this will be another information that wouldn't be leaked," Miss Aimee stated from her point of view.

"There's no need for any concern. I will still be able to make it away for sure. I still have this..." Gustav flashed his dimensional bracelet as he spoke.

He understood miss Aimee's cause for concern which really made a lot of sense, but he was sure that if he found himself in that situation again, he would be able to escape.