The Bloodline System - Chapter 572: Leaving For The Second Base

Chapter 572: Leaving For The Second Base

Chapter 572: Leaving For The Second Base

At least, this was how they made it look on the surface, but the truth was, one side was acting in allegiance with the world government, who had been stealing the power from one side of groups battling for some time. The other side assists the world government in gaining more power so as to receive favor and some other benefits.

The other group is trying to regain their power and return things to how they used to be because the world government gaining more power affected the economy of the city in a negative way.

In this situation, the world government hid in the shadows like they had nothing to do with both groups battling each other. Gustav felt this was the main reason why they had asked the MBO not to get involved when they could easily end the war.

They were probably waiting for one side of the group to destroy the other side so they could finally be able to grasp onto more power.

Leoluch city had the resources they wanted after all.

Gustav also explained how he found the group on the side of the world government in possession of materialistic wealth beyond normal.

Listening to Gustav's narrative, Miss Aimee now understood some things.

"Well the MBO listens to the world government, but sometimes they take matters into their own hands when they see some situations going out of control. It just depends on how much of a convincing evidence you have of the graveness of the situation," Miss Aimee stated.

"We do have several footages of destruction here," Gustav said while gesturing at the multiple projections of different parts of the city behind.

"That's not enough. They already expect this much since it's a war. You need something more convincing, like an information of how things are on the inside," Miss Aimee responded.

She knew this wouldn't be enough to convince those old bastards to do something even though thousands of citizens had already met their end due to this war.

Gustav's face displayed a contemplative expression as he thought for a few moments.

"I do have a document of a deal proposed to Sahil by one of these groups as well as a storage device that belonged to one of the junior commanders from the force that happens to be on the side of the world government," Gustav stated while bringing out the documents used to sway Sahil at the meeting the other time.

He handed it over to Miss Aimee, who received it and took a quick glance through the pages.

Her eyes squinted as she spotted something that caught her attention, "The void stone?" She voiced out.

"Indeed... This was among the benefits given to Sahil to abstain from selling to the other side," Gustav stated.

Officer Gooseman, who had silently been behind the command center all this time, finally spoke.

"The Void stone is rare and isn't allowed to be in the hands of anyone besides the government. Handing this to Sahil is already proof that there's corrupt stuff going on behind the scenes," Officer Gooseman stated.

"Also mentions of landed properties that he will own and all that..." Gustav added.

"If I could go back into the city, I should be able to get proof of the advance firearms supplies hidden in remote locations. Also, these groups are taking advantage of the war and using it to deal with the poor citizens however they want to. While I was in the city I would always hear rumors of how young girls were being abducted and other harmless people getting brutally slaughtered," Gustav voiced out once again.

"I thought it was the job of the MBO to prevent things like this from happening?" He questioned with a slightly disappointed look.

"With all these you've provided, it might be enough to knock some senses Into these senile old men heads, but we have to get back first," Miss Aimee said to Gustav.

"Hmm alright," Gustav answered before moving out of the tent with Miss Aimee.

Officer Gooseman, Tron and Louis followed them out towards the aircraft about two hundred feet towards the west area.

Red Shadow was sitting in the aircraft waiting for them all this time. He had already loaded the mini cell Sahil was kept in at the cargo space of the aircraft, and he currently sat in the pilot's seat.

Apparently, he would be piloting the aircraft back to the second base located around the arctic region.

This was where Gustav was meant to report back to after the completion of the mission for his first congratulatory ceremony.

It was currently past eight am in the morning at this time as they all moved into the aircraft before it took off.

All three officers below watched as they dove off into the skies.

They couldn't leave yet. They still had to wait for confirmation from the second base before they could clear out from this temporary base.

They were still shocked as to how Gustav happened to be affiliated with miss Aimee.

Seeing as he completed a five-star mission on his debut, they understood that he truly was no ordinary lad, and Miss Aimee must be a big reason for that.

Officer Milly later awoke to find herself lying in her room and quickly moved out when she heard the sound of the aircraft leaving their temporary base.

"You lots allowed him to leave?" She voiced out with an expression of anguish.

They all turned around to stare at her before exchanging glances.

"You're lucky to be alive,"

"You should thank your stars she barely used any strength,"

Officers Tron and Louis voiced out together.

Officer Milly recalled what went down moments before she passed out and shouted out, "Who was that woman?" 

"The demon queen," The moment officer Gooseman mentioned these three words, Officer Milly froze.

Her eyes widened as a chill ran down her spine. Even though not every single MBO officer would be able to recognize Miss Aimee, her nickname was well known across the entirety of MBO.

"That was her?" Officer Milly voiced out with a terrified expression.