The Bloodline System - Chapter 573 - Arriving In Second Base

Chapter 573 - Arriving In Second Base

Chapter 573 - Arriving In Second Base

"That was her?" Officer Milly voiced out with a terrified expression.


"Why do you stink like you haven't taken a bath in seven days?" Miss Aimee asked Gustav as they soared across the air within the aircraft.

"Guts and blood spills..." Gustav responded by raising his shoulders.

"Yeah, you should really go get a shower the moment we arrive at the base," Miss Aimee voiced out while pinching her nose.

"Haha now why would I wash the scent of victory away?" Gustav stated while spreading his arms out.

Red shadow was able to hear their conversations from the cockpit area. He shook his head with a look of pity, 'They're both crazy speaking about killing like it's nothing,'

Red Shadow was an agent of a private mixedblood organisation that also gave out missions, and he couldn't escape having to kill on several occasions, but compared to Gustav and Miss Aimee, he wasn't as uncaring.

He recalled when he first met Gustav and couldn't understand how a kid had such ruthless gaze and bearing. Finding out that he was the student of miss Aimee, Red Shadow now understood.

Both of them had similar attitudes and dispositions and were also very powerful for their young age.

Red Shadow already found out information on Miss Aimee during the time he spent working with her and couldn't understand how someone so young was leaps and bounds above him in strength.

He wasn't that much older than she was, but he had found out that she was way more powerful than him.

The last time he met Gustav, he wasn't oozing off so much power, but meeting Gustav once again, Red Shadow couldn't help but get impressed.

From what he could see, it was only a matter of time before Gustav overtook him in strength and the last time they met, he was the one sheltering and protecting Gustav.

He knew Gustav was no older than eighteen years old at such a level.

'The young ones are truly terrifying. I guess this is what they meant when they said, "the new generation shall surpass the old," Red Shadow thought as he controlled the aircraft to keep flying across the air.


About two hours later, they were closing in on a region of ice and snow.

All that could be seen around here was ice that went on for miles and miles.

Barely any vegetation could be seen asides from white trees scattered sparsely across the place.

These trees were so tall they nearly pierced into the clouds, but they were icy white with barely any leaves. The temperature kept dropping as they travelled further and further.

No normal person would be able to survive the temperature drop because the arctic region was now a lot different from how it used to be in the past.

With the descent of the Slarkovs also came a change in the ecosystem of earth and weather imbalances in some regions over the years. It's safe to say the Slarkov wasn't the only change earth experienced. Earth compositions also evolved.

A few minutes later, they spotted a very tall icy mountain region. It occupied a very large area, and one could see barricades surrounding it as well as some transportation-like standpoints that looked like they were used to bring people in.

It could be seen from above that a small structured city was constructed above this large icy mountain. This wasn't a city. Instead, it was an MBO base.

This place was known as "base two" or "second base." The one where Gustav and the other first-year mixedbloods were incorporated into the MBO was known as "first base," while this was the second, and there were still others around the world.

Just like the first base, this one too was very lively, and many automated transport vehicles could be seen moving across the place. Convoys and MBO officers moving on foot too could be seen.

There were many structures built within the base, so it looked like a city. The only difference was it was highly protected with many automated technological weapons mounted in several areas.

Red Shadow found a spot to land after a few more minutes, and they all moved out of the aircraft.

Several MBO officers had already gathered around that spot, so the moment they got out, they were saluted by about twelve of these officers.

A particular one in a white outfit who happened to be a commander commanded the officers to bring out the containment where Sahil was kept and take it to one of their secured facilities.

As they moved Sahil away, the commander asked Miss Aimee, Gustav and Red Shadow to follow him.

They were escorted to one of the most luxurious households within the base where they would be residing during their stay here.

The commander was so respectful towards Gustav as well. Gustav couldn't tell if it was because of Miss Aimee or the mission he had completed or if it was them both.

The commander proceeded to explain to them that the grand General currently in charge of the base was out of the base attending to some matters, so Gustav's reward ceremony would have to wait.

There were also others who were also going to be rewarded along with Gustav based on their deeds or the missions they had completed. However, the ceremony would only hold while the grand General was available. Until then, all officers had to hold on.

They would have time on their hands to do whatever they wanted in the meantime.

Gustav moved to the shower to freshen up after picking a room for himself within the abode.

After freshening up, he moved towards the kitchen and started preparing meals.

Since he had no choice but to wait in the meantime, he decided to make it worthwhile.

Miss Aimee and Red Shadow, on the other hand, still had business to attend to.

Gustav completing this mission was linked to a mission they were working on.. Now that Sahil had been caught, they could continue with what they had been doing before.