The Bloodline System - Chapter 571: Red Shadow's Involvement

Chapter 571: Red Shadow's Involvement

Chapter 571: Red Shadow's Involvement

Officer Lois walked over to it and pulled the wrap from its body. Sahil's unconscious body was displayed, floating within the circular structure with restraints on his hands and neck.

"Good job, kid," Miss Aimee voiced out while patting Gustav.

"Erm miss, you're not supposed to arrive so early... The mission completion was dated to be a month and it's only been eight days," Officer Gooseman said with a confused look.

"Oh, that. Well, it's Gustav embarking on this mission. I already knew he wouldn't need to take that long to complete the mission," Miss Aimee said while turning around to walk towards the structure where Sahil was kept.

"Red Shadow, where are you?" Miss Aimee voiced out after inspecting the structure for a few moments.

"Huh? Red shadow?" Gustav voiced out with a confused look.

In a few moments, a man about seven feet tall, clad in a short black cloak with a mask covering his entire face, walked in.

His entire frame was dark with his dark pants and boot.

"Red shadow, what are you doing here?" Gustav asked with a surprised expression as he spotted Red Shadow walking in.

"Hey Gustav," Red Shadow greeted with a surprised tone even though it was impossible to see his expression underneath the mask.

Gustav realised that Red Shadow had arrived with Miss Aimee but seemed to have waited outside.

"Why are you here?" Gustav asked while walking towards him.

"Well you see your master here forced me to go on a mission with her six months back. We successfully completely the mission and then she took me on another one and then another one and now I find myself here tch," Red Shadow sounded fed up but couldn't do anything about it.

"Quit complaining and get over here," Miss Aimee voiced out.

Gustav chuckled as he saw Red Shadow move towards the structure helplessly.

"Gustav got him," Miss Aimee said to Red Shadow while pointing at the circular-shaped structure Sahil was kept in.

"Oh... So he was the one you sent on the mission," Red Shadow sounded quite surprised as he confirmed that this was truly Sahil.

"Yes and he caught him in less than nine days of embarking on the mission," Miss Aimee voiced out proudly.

"Wow, you have improved a lot since the last time I saw you kid," Red Shadow said as he turned around while praising Gustav.

"It wasn't an easy task," Gustav voiced out in response.

"I don't doubt that it was, good job. This makes our work more easier since Sahil is the last ingredient we need in uncovering the scheme," Red Shadow stated with a tone of mysticism.

"Take this structure to one of the aircraft. Now that the mission is complete we're leaving," Miss Aimee instructed.

Red Shadow nodded and proceeded to pick up the massive ten feet structure before walking towards the entrance.

"I'm sure you don't mind if we make use of one of your aircraft to transport this to the second base right?" Miss Aimee voiced out to Officer Gooseman.

It sounded more like a threat than a question.

A wry smile appeared on officer Gooseman's face as he responded, "Sure, we don't mind,"

Miss Aimee turned around to head towards the exit after hearing that. It seemed they had arrived here without a means of transportation.

"Come Gustav, we're leaving," Miss Aimee voiced out as she arrived at the entrance.

"Miss Aimee, I can't leave just yet," Gustav voiced out, causing miss Aimee to pause her steps.

"Hmm? The mission is completed. You have no reason to remain here," Miss Aimee stated.

"The situation within Leoluch city is something the MBO shouldn't be silent about. It should be very easy to end the war if they get involved," Gustav said as he walked forward.

"Yes, but as you already know the world government has given an order not to get involved. The MBO still has to follow the instructions of the world government," Miss Aimee responded.

"That's lame, while on this mission I uncovered a lot of things that are not related to Sahil. but are related to the situation within the city," Gustav voiced out.

"The world government sure are corrupt bastards aren't they?" Gustav added, not caring that the MBO was under the jurisdiction of the world government.

Officer Tron, Louis and Gooseman had looks of astonishment as they heard Gustav say this. If it was a normal low ranked officer, they would have to do something after hearing such a statement, but they couldn't touch or reprimand Gustav due to Miss Aimee being in the picture.

"Ye,ah I'm sure you already knew that before," Miss Aimee responded affirmatively.

Officer Gooseman and the others were speechless at this point, seeing that Miss Aimee agreed with him. Not everyone knew of how miss Aimee hated those in places of authority, so they had no idea about this.

All they knew was, she was ruthless. Everyone had heard stories about her ruthlessness and her battle with the most powerful mixedblood in existence, which ended in a tie.

"Yeah, I didn't realize it was this bad and now people who have nothing to do with their lust for power are suffering," Gustav muttered as he recalled the mother who got killed for nothing.

"Why do you care all of a sudden?" Miss Aimee was a bit surprised that Gustav was showing concern.

"I don't really care, but the mission is not truly complete unless this war stops. Sahil still has advanced firearms stacked up and ready to be distributed around both opposing forces. Up to a month's worth of supply. I'm sure his henchmen will still continue the job even though he's gone. This will further prolong the war," Gustav explained.

"Well technically the world government aren't involved but behind the shadows they're the real cause of this problem," Gustav added.

"What do you mean by that?" Miss Aimee asked, seeming to not know the true story behind why the civil war started.

Gustav began narrating how the groups in power are battling amongst themselves due to one side wanting to take over the power of the other side.