The Bloodline System - Chapter 570: The Demon Queen Arrival

Chapter 570: The Demon Queen Arrival

Chapter 570: The Demon Queen Arrival

"Don't tell me you have decided to over look these blunders because you are fond of this kid? Very laughable," Officer Milly stated.

"So this is how the MBO treats officers that complete five star missions? Quite laughable if you ask me," Gustav scoffed as he voiced out on his knees.

"Keep quiet! Keep your remarks to yourself till the date of your trail with the disciplinary counsel," Officer Milly voiced out as she grabbed hold of Gustav and forcefully pulled him up.

"Let him go!" A loud feminine voice was heard from behind.

"Huh?" They all voiced out in confusion as they heard this voice and turned around.

Gustav's eyes squinted as he recognized this voice without even turning around.

"Who do you think you are to just come in here and give out such order?" Officer Milly voiced out after she turned around to spot a feminine figure standing at the tent entrance.

She was about 5'8 in height, dressed in a brown leather suit and black tight fitted pants, which outlined her figure. Her hair was long and ashy in color, and her expression seemed quite cold.

"I suggest you let him go if you don't want to find out who I am," She said with an aloof gaze while slowly walking forward.

Officer Gooseman's eyes widened as he finally saw the figure of this lady, well along with the other two officers, by the side.

They now understood why they didn't hear a sound or sense her presence when she arrived until she spoke.

"Officer Milly, let him go," Officer Gooseman voiced out with an alarming tone.

However, Officer Milly did not recognize this lady and kept holding onto Gustav.

"He has business with the disciplinary counsel for insubordination. I suggest you back off till his trial date," She voiced out with a strong tone while turning Gustav around to face the lady.


The jaws of Officers Gooseman, Tron, and Louis dropped as they heard Officer Milly say this.

'No one can save her now,' All three of them had similar thoughts.

Gustav had a smile on his face as he finally stared at her. They made eye contact for a few moments as she walked towards them. Her movement looked so slow, yet so powerful and elegant.

The moment the lady arrived in front of Officer Milly...


A strange force suddenly blasted forth, sending Officer Milly flying through the tent.

Her body formed a hole within it, and she landed several feet outside.

All three officers could not see what happened because it happened so fast. Still, Gustav being right in front, was barely able to see an outline of her index finger being flicked towards Officer Milly's forehead.

This was exactly what happened. She gave officer Milly a flick on the forehead, but it was so fast and powerful that it caused her to pass out after being blasted out of the tent, and their eyes were also unable to follow due to speed.

A smile appeared on Gustav's face as the lady reached out gently to caress his face.

Her aloof gaze suddenly became gentle and caring as a smile appeared on her face.

"Hey miss Aimee," Gustav voiced out just before he was pulled into an embrace.

Gustav was currently six feet tall, so she literally pulled his head downwards to place it on her chest.

"Did you complete the mission?" Miss Aimee asked after releasing Gustav from her grasp.

"Hnm," Gustav nodded in response.

"I knew you could do it," She stated with a bigger smile before reaching out to destroy the restraints on his arms.

The three officers standing by the sides all had looks of awe and confusion on their faces as they witnessed this unexpected display of affection between this two.

'What is Gustav's relationship with the demon queen? The most powerful female mixedblood in the whole of existence?' This was a question that plagued all three minds.

They had never seen miss Aimee smile before, and now she was smiling because of an unknown kid at the bottom of the MBO rankings.

They felt they were missing out on some information here.

Officer Tron decided to step out and get Officer Milly's unconscious body.

"What is the current situation?" Miss Aimee asked Officer Gooseman.

"Pardon me miss, I don't understand what you mean," Officer Gooseman said respectfully.

"This mission was issued in accordance to ours and Sahil is an important piece we needed, did you forget?" Miss Aimee stated.

"Oh that was you miss?" Officer Gooseman voiced out with a look of surprise. He had been told that this mission was just a branch of another, which needed to be completed to help a different major case, and some powerful people in the MBO just happened to be on this case.

So the mission happened to be very important. He had no idea that Miss Aimee was the one being referred to. All they were told was that they should communicate back to the second base when the mission was completed, and they would be visited by one of the powerhouses who issued the mission.

He hadn't expected anyone to arrive this early since they hadn't communicated back to base about the completion of the mission, yet neither did he expect that the legendary demon queen herself would be the one showing up.

At this point, he understood that the main case must be a big one.

"Yes," Miss Aimee responded.

"Oh ahem, yes. Gustav has successfully pursued and abducted Sahil," He said while gesturing at a structure at the far end of the tent that was covered with a massive sheet.

"Abducted? Are you saying he caught Sahil himself?" Miss Aimee voiced out with a slightly surprised look as she turned to the side to stare at Gustav.

Gustav just responded by smiling sheepishly while Officer Gooseman nodded affirmatively.

Miss Aimee already sensed a living person placed within that structure from the moment she walked into the tent, but due to it being wrapped by a massive sheet, she didn't see who was within.