The Bloodline System - Chapter 569: Charged For Insubordination

Chapter 569: Charged For Insubordination

Chapter 569: Charged For Insubordination

"Officer Tron where is Officer Gooseman? I have completed the mission," Gustav voiced out as he arrived in front of him.

"That's Sahil?" Officer Tron asked.

"Affirmative," Gustav nodded while lowering Sahil from his shoulder.

"How did you manage to pull it off!?" Officer Tron's shocked voice travelled across the place, alerting the rest of the officers.

Officer Louis's bulky frame could be seen coming out of the tent on the left while Officer Gooseman and Milly came out of the main tent at the same time.

"What's goi..." Before Officer Gooseman could complete his question, he spotted Gustav in front.

"Gustav!? Is that...? Sahil?" He voiced out in shock as well.

They all had looks of disbelief on their faces as they moved closer to Gustav to inspect the body in his grasp clearer.

"How did you manage to pull this off?" Officer Gooseman asked as well with a look of disbelief.

"What matters is I completed the mission just as I said I would," Gustav responded while handing Sahil over to officer Gooseman like he was some merchandise.

"You used a tranquilizer on him?" Officer Gooseman asked as he observed Sahil's breathing pattern.

"Hnm," Gustav nodded in response.

"Looks like it was a tough one," Officer Louis said while staring at Gustav's tattered look.

His current wear was sleeveless on his right hand, and there were so many cuts and holes all over the jacket.

Gustav had kept his mask hidden before bringing Sahil here, so he was only dressed in the jacket and black pants he wore before going to abduct Sahil.

They could see a lot of blood and dirt stains on what was left of Gustav's clothing as well, so they could imagine just how crazy things must have gone.

"Let's go in, I need your report," Officer Gooseman was still very shocked and kept checking Sahil's body to make sure it was the real Sahil.

Officer Milly stood by the side, all this time speechless. She had been the one who had said Gustav wouldn't be able to pull off the three-star mission, and now he had managed to pull off a five-star mission.

One that many officers had failed in doing for a long time.

They moved into the main tent together and placed Sahil in restraints after finding a way to deactivate the protective layer of energy surrounding his body.

A circular-shaped ten-foot-tall structure was erected in the tent, and Sahil was placed within. His unconscious body floated within with restraints surrounding his hands and legs.

At this point, Gustav was busy giving a report of how the mission went down.

Officer Gooseman and the rest listened with awestruck faces as they heard how Gustav found Sahil due to the tracker he placed on him and infiltrated his hideout.

Of course, Gustav omitted some information, like the usage of some abilities he still didn't want to be revealed.

All in all, they were extremely surprised that even with all of Sahil's henchmen with the strength level stated, Gustav was still able to pull off the mission.

Even though they had footage of some parts in Leoluch city, they were unable to see region six since the place is where their network was cut thin.

Region six happened to be one of the places the MBO pointed out that Sahil could be hiding, and they weren't wrong with that information. Even if Gustav didn't manage to meet Sahil by using Junior commander Dart's identity, he would eventually visit region six due to it being mentioned as well.

"So, you destroyed their weather regulator generator?" Officer Milly voiced out from the side.

"It was supposed to be a last resort action. Things didn't work out as expected, so I had to destroy it in the end," Gustav responded as he recalled the weather situation back in region six.

He had actually placed one of his energy container orbs around the generator when he visited there earlier. The system had given him the location, which was where he visited before embarking on the abduction mission.

The weather situation of region six, as mentioned before, was very extreme, so the weather regulator generator kept it on a low.

Gustav really hoped he wouldn't have to destroy the generator since that was only a backup plan. However, he found himself surrounded by Sahil's henchmen without a right arm, so he had no option but to induct chaos.

"You endangered the lives of thousands," Officer Milly stated with a crossed look.

"It was necessary for the completion of the mission," Gustav retorted as the chaos created from the extreme weather was what helped him getaway.

"I'm sure they'll have a back up generator, so it must have all come out good in the end, " Officer Gooseman stated.

Officer Milly Brown seemed really pressed and moved back to grab something on one of the tables.

Gustav was still narrating some of the experiences when Officer Milly came up from behind him and grabbed both his arms before pulling them to the back.

"What are you doing?" As Gustav tried to free himself from her grasp, he suddenly felt both his arms being surrounded by cool energy.

A red glowing circular restraint had been placed on both his hands, binding them together.

He felt his bloodline being dampened at this point and turned weaker.

"What are you doing officer Milly?" Officer Gooseman, too asked after witnessing this action.

"He will be tried for insubordination and endangering the lives of the masses," Officer Milly said before kicking Gustav's leg, causing him to fall on his knees.

"Have you gone crazy? He just completed a five star mission?" Officer Louis voiced out from the side.

"It doesn't change the fact that he disobeyed direct orders to be extracted back to base and continued the mission on his own jurisdiction, also he confessed to endangering lives by damaging the region's weather regulator generator. For all we know lives might have already been lost before the backup generator began working," Officer Milly stated.

"Well, you're not wrong but..." Before Officer Gooseman could complete his sentence Officer Milly interrupted again.