The Bloodline System - Chapter 568: I Have Completed The Mission

Chapter 568: I Have Completed The Mission

Chapter 568: I Have Completed The Mission

Almost everyone chasing Gustav started to disperse in different directions to keep themselves safe. Some decided to give up the chase and look for somewhere to take shelter.

Even though they were mixedbloods, they weren't powerful enough to handle tornadoes of this level. They would definitely be swept away if they came into contact with one.

Everywhere was also covered with fog, and the roaring winds and rain messed with their natural mixedbloods senses, making it harder to trace Gustav.

At this point, Gustav was already reaching the end of the region. He had managed to outrun every one of his pursuers because not only did they not have an idea of where he was going, they were also clueless as to which direction to head towards.

As he sped across the forest area in front of him, he suddenly felt something from above.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Sprint + Dash]

His speed increased as he went beyond the speed of sound crossing over one thousand two hundred feet instantly.


A lightning bolt slammed into the area he had just dashed forward from, causing the ground to cave in behind him.

These weren't normal thunderstorms. They were more powerful than normal.


Gustav arrived outside the region in the next instant and deactivated Combination.

'Finally...' He looked behind as he ran, glad to have left the crazy region behind.

He was currently dashing through a small street that was already decimated from war.

Gustav raised his left wrist up and started tapping on his dimensional bracelet to set a course back to Ruhuguy City.

All this time, he couldn't make use of it within region six due to the weather interference messing with the functionality of the bracelet. The machine was used to regulate the weather within the region also emitted a kind of signal that messed with the bracelet, so Gustav had to leave the region first before he could make use of it.

He had never tried using it with another person, so he had no idea if it would be able to transport him and Sahil together, but he hoped it would.

As Gustav tapped on the coordinates, he suddenly sensed powerful energy from the left.

Ā«Initiating Spatial JumpĀ»

As this notification displayed itself, Gustav also spotted a dark figure covered in a cloak dashing across the buildings towards his left.

He made eye contact with the purplish eyes of this figure and immediately felt a sense of crisis wash over him.

It was so immense that the hair on his body stood straight. Gustav had not felt this feeling of dread since he had no power, which raised the alarm in his head.

'This person is not one of Sahil's henchmen... He's emitting so much killing intent, I can tell he's not here to save anyone,'

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Dash + Sprint]


Gustav blasted forward with speed again as this figure suddenly leaped out towards the side.


This person appeared right beside Gustav, who had crossed the speed of sound with an outstretched hand headed for Gustav's neck.

This caught Gustav by surprise as his eyes widened while staring at the palm cutting through the air, only inches away from his neck.


A bright glow suddenly enveloped Gustav, and he disappeared straight into thin air in the next instant.


This figure's palm cleaved through the light particles in the air, missing Gustav's frame.

Fwwooo! Boom!

A massive arc was formed from the swinging of his palm, travelling forward and cutting straight into the already decimated building by the side.

It collapsed completely from the force as the figure stabilized himself after landing on the ground.

"He escaped..." He muttered with a raspy tone.


Gustav appeared right in the middle of a forest area with Sahil on his back and proceeded to sit right in front of a tree with an exhausted expression.

He touched his neck and noticed that it was bleeding due to a three inches cut that had appeared on it.

"Just who was that?" Gustav couldn't understand who or where that person came from.

He stared at his right arm area and noticed that his arm had grown halfway back already. It had stopped bleeding some time ago, and Gustav was nearly numb to the pain right now even though it hurt while regrowing.

He breathed in and out profusely before checking his energy level.


-Energy: 240/9,200


He was dangerously low on energy points at the moment, and even though he didn't completely run out of energy, he sensed the strain from using so many abilities in the last four hours.

'I'm about to break through to the Falcon rank. It could happen at anytime,' Gustav thought as he sensed the energy of his original bloodline within him.

Throughout the phase of this mission, he had made use of his original bloodline more than any other bloodline, so he happened to have gotten better at using some abilities he couldn't use properly before.

Currently, it was around six am in the morning, so the skies were still dark.

Gustav waited for his hand to grow completely back before unstrapping Sahil from his back.

Sahil still had his usual scruffy long ash-colored beards and the scar that ran down his left eye. Even while sleeping, he still looked like a menace.

Around thirty minutes past six pm, Gustav stood to his feet and picked Sahil up before placing him on his left shoulder.

He started walking towards the tent area situated some feet ahead.

The skies were starting to brighten up little by little as the mild breeze blew across the place while some birds made loud noises.

The instant Gustav arrived in the midst of the cleared-out space where the tents were located, he spotted one of the officers.

"Gustav?" Officer Tron voiced out with a surprised expression as his fat tummy shook.

"Is that...?" Officer Tron's eyes widened as he spotted the figure on Gustav's shoulder.

"Officer Tron, where is Officer Gooseman? I have completed the mission," Gustav voiced out as he arrived in front of him.