The Bloodline System - Chapter 567: Sudden Change In Weather

Chapter 567: Sudden Change In Weather

Chapter 567: Sudden Change In Weather

All Zergeref could wonder as the reddish arc traveled forward in a vertical format was why his vision was split into two halves and why his body was disintegrating.

He managed to get one more look at his body and noticed the blue electric arcs were turning one side of his body to ash as they travelled across it.

From Gustav's point of view, Zergeref had been split into two halves, with parts of his body tossed sideways by the immense wind and force of the strike as they disintegrated.

A two hundred feet long gash had been left on the ground, around ten feet deep.

Another building had suffered from the residual energy and had parts of it crumbling down again.

The electric arcs had blasted massive holes across the ground as they travelled forward.

Gustav, who had landed on the ground earlier, stared at his right arm and noticed it was gone.

He held his right shoulder area and groaned lightly in pain as blood oozed out like crazy.

His regeneration was fast, but this kind of injury would still take some time to heal.

Gustav jumped to his feet with a painful expression written on his face, but then he sensed something.

Fwwhiiii! Fwwhhii! Fwwhii! Fwwhhii! 

Multiple people arrived on the scene, and he found himself surrounded in a few moments.

Gustav looked around the encirclement and planned his way out, but then he noticed that every single one of these new arrivals we're almost as strong as Zergeref. He has wasted so much time battling with Zergeref and even got himself injured.

He had no idea how he would be able to battle six more people close to his level of strength with an injured body.

Gustav picked up the Jiko Hakai katana with his left arm and put it in his storage device, knowing he wouldn't be able to wield it for the second time if he didn't want to get his left arm disintegrated as well.

More and more troops arrived and encircled him from all areas.

"So Zergeref got killed?" One of them voiced out from the side with a surprised tone.

"This guy must be pretty strong," Another one voiced out from the left.

"Looks like he didn't end him with no damage either..." The one directly in front of Gustav pointed gestured at his right shoulder as he spoke.

They spotted the missing right arm and saw fresh blood still oozing out.

Trrah! Trraah! 

Two lightning bolts appeared in the sky and in the next moment it started