The Bloodline System - Chapter 566: Using The Jiko Hakai Katana In Battle

Chapter 566: Using The Jiko Hakai Katana In Battle

Chapter 566: Using The Jiko Hakai Katana In Battle

As Gustav's fist passed by the side of his head, he was ready to voice out another sound attack when he felt a force headed for his gut.


Gustav's knee slammed heavily into Zergeref's gut, causing him to spit out saliva as he was sent hurling across the air.


He slammed into the building on the other side, causing a sound wave to get sent across the place.

Gustav got blasted backward once more due to the overamplification of sound in the vicinity.

He stabilized himself after sliding back for some feet and prepared to attack again when Zergeref screamed out from his current location.


A massive wave spread across the vicinity, sending Gustav flying again.

The problem about the soundwaves as they covered a wide range, and now another building has collapsed from this.

It was practically impossible for Gustav to dodge them.

As Zergeref jumped down from the building, another set of waves spread across the vicinity.

Gustav leaped forward in response, using his body to push through the waves as he charged forward towards Zergeref.

Blood appeared on several parts of his body as he cut through the waves and landed right in front of Zergeref, who was stunned.


Another punch slammed into Zergeref's jaw, sending him blasting upwards.

Zergeref realized he had underestimated Gustav and decided to use the full power of his sound cocoon.


He clapped in mid-air as Gustav jumped upwards, causing a much bigger sound wave to blast across the vicinity again.

Unlike the last one, this one was so powerful that a massive crater was instantly drilled into the ground as destruction spread across the vicinity.


Gustav was sent flying as loud bone-cracking sounds rang out. As the force hit him, he felt lots of bones in his body fracturing.

Each sound created a new wave which in turn created another one. Before anyone knew what was happening, it became a myriad of soundwaves blasting forth at the same time, creating an infinite amount of exploding soundwaves that caused panic all through region six.

Gustav was tossed across the place like a rag doll due to all these. He groaned in pain as his body was sent flying for hundreds of feet.

Zergeref suddenly appeared in front of him while his body was still blasting backward and reached out to grab Sahil, who was still strapped to Gustav's back.

Gustav opened his eyes at this point and stabbed Zergeref eyes.

Due to his arm being injured, he was slow, and Zergeref was able to dodge before punching Gustav further backward.

Gustav spiraled across the air as his body broke through a building, but just as he arrived here, he noticed that Zergeref paused his movement and landed on the ground several feet behind.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

Feeling that something was off, Gustav activated God Eyes and found out that he had arrived outside the range of the sound cocoon. He could see the energy wave from his point of view clearly, so he understood why Zergeref paused the pursuit right at the edge.

Gustav also stood in place as he held his right shoulder and pushed it. He popped all his dislocated bones back in place and cleaned the blood oozing from the side of his mouth.

His regeneration had already started working since he could see and feel himself healing.

Gustav jumped down from the six hundred feet tall building and landed in front.

"So now you can't move forward anymore eh?" Gustav voices out with a tone of ridicule as he walks towards Zergeref.

"Oh... Looks like you figured it out," Zergeref responded with a sharp gaze.

"If I had my original strength you would be dead by now..." He added.

'I have to spend a lot of energy to activate my cocoon much more spreading it out to this point,' He thought.

Gustav stood about fifty feet away. Although he couldn't hear, he could still tell what Zergeref was saying.

"There's no point in staying there, I can still attack you and you would only be delaying yourself even further," Zergeref voiced out.

'I can't go around this... It's spread too wide out and he could definitely come out and activate another one,' Gustav thought.

'I can't waste anymore time here so I have to end him now and I can only do that outside without getting disturbed by the shockwaves from the amplified sound,' As Gustav thought of this, he reached out to the button underneath his left sleeve.

"Come on, just hand boss over. You're skilled enough so you might be spared," Zergeref added, but Gustav still ignored him.


A red-hilted katana suddenly appeared in his grasp.

Zergeref stared at it with a look of confusion as he watched Gustav slowly pull it out of its hilt.


Immense and dangerous energy suddenly spread across the vicinity as Gustav's hair and clothes started getting blown backward due to the wind generating from the energy.

Zergeref subconsciously jumped several hundred feet backward as he stared at the reddish katana in Gustav's grip.

Its hilt looked dangerously sharp and red, with blue electric arcs travelling across it.

"Just because you're outside the cocoon doesn't mean I cannot send out a powerful attack that will hit you... Put that down or I will end this now," Zergeref voiced out as he took a stance.

"No.. I will be the one ending this," Gustav voiced out as he raised the katana up with force, causing his muscles to bloat.

Zergeref sensed danger and immediately jumped up and landed back down with immense force while also clapping his hands together.


A massive blast erupted as a wave of destruction that disintegrated everything in its path along with the road traveled forward towards Gustav.

It covered such a large range that even the roads by the side had split open, and the ground trembled intensely.

It was at this moment that Gustav slashed forward.


An eighty-nine feet long reddish arc traveled forward with immense force as Gustav's hand descended, instantly cutting through the destructive wave headed for Gustav.


Gustav himself was also blasted backward as the katana flew out from his grasp.

All Zergeref could wonder as the reddish arc traveled forward in a vertical format was why his vision was split into two halves and why his body was disintegrating.