The Bloodline System - Chapter 562: The Chase

Chapter 562: The Chase

Chapter 562: The Chase

"He has an entirely different body structure than before. What's going on here?" The other red jacket in the front seat voiced out with a look of confusion.

They recognized Gustav as the same person impersonating Junior commander Dart back then because the four who were currently within this hover car were amongst the six red jackets Sahil brought along with him the other day.

"We have to take him out before he uses that power again," One of them voiced out as they recalled the pinkish energy that caused everyone to submit.

"We don't have to be worried about that. I don't think he would use that power casually. If it was something he could use all the time, he wouldn't have fled back then," Another one stated.

"Still, we cannot dispute the fact that he would be able to make use of it at least once. We would find ourselves in a disastrous situation if we get too close and he uses it against us. We have to take him out from afar," The red jacket, which was glowing with yellow color, voiced as he put half his body through the window again.

The person driving slowed down a bit and started moving the hovercar at a moderate speed to prevent moving too close to Gustav, but they were moving fast enough to keep up with him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

More projectiles were shot out from the hovercar towards Gustav, a few hundred feet ahead.

Gustav proceeded to dodge every one of them with precision like he had eyes behind his head.

The more they fired at him, the more astonished they became, not understanding how he was able to keep up with the attacks.

Two hover cars bolted forward from the sides, slowly overtaking the one in the middle.

"Don't get too close to him," The red jacket, who glowed a bright yellow color along with his sniper-like weapon, voiced out to the car by the left.

They ignored his voice and zoomed forward even faster, closing in on Gustav.

"These fools," He voiced out with a tone of disapproval.

The ones by the right also ignored the warnings and zoomed forward, closing in on Gustav's figure.

"We can make use of their foolishness to land a hit on him. Let's wait till he gets crowded," The other red jacket sitting on the right suggested.

Their hovercar remained behind the other two as they maintained their speed and waited for an opening.

Gustav noticed these two hovercars closing in on him from behind.

He would still occasionally dodge projectiles shot at him from all vehicles.

As these two arrived a few feet behind by his left and right simultaneously, Gustav conjured an atomic blade again, but this time on both his hands.

Scrreeevvv! Scrreeevvv!

Both of them accelerated simultaneously to smash him together on both sides.


Gustav jumped up a little, causing them to miss him, and landed on both hover crafts with his right and left leg stomping on their front.

The two cannons positioned on the bonnet area of the hover cars turned to face Gustav, but before they could shoot...


He swung both blades towards the sides at the same time, cleaving them in half.


A small explosion happened, which caused both hovercars to swerve forward and nearly somersault in mid-air.

Gustav pushed himself forward using the force from both cars, traveling several hundred feet across the air.


A shot was heard behind as a yellowish streak cut across the air headed for Gustav, who was still in mid-air.

The shot was fired in such a way that it would collide with Gustav's body as he descended.

[Hover Has Been Activated]

Gustav's body suddenly floated upward a little as he spread his legs wide.


The yellowish streak passed underneath his torso area, barely missing his crown jewels below, and slammed into the road ahead.


A large explosion blasted across the vicinity as a crater appeared on the road.

Gustav's body descended once again and landed on the road before as he resumed dashing forward.

The red jackets behind had looks of disbelief on their faces after seeing Gustav's actions.

"He can fly?" They voiced out with looks of disbelief.

The one who had timed well and shot out the yellowish beam earlier couldn't believe his eyes after seeing the way Gustav suddenly floated upwards instead of descending.

"If he could fly at will, he would have done that already. I doubt he can properly use that ability," He voiced out with a logical tone.

The others within the hovercar agreed with him as well.

Gustav resumed dashing forward as he counted down, "Fifteen minutes left." 

He turned towards the left after arriving at an intersection and kept running amidst a lineup of tall buildings positioned by the sides of the road.

The two hovercars who were closing in on him from behind earlier closed in on him again.

Unlike last time both cars didn't try to hit him at the same time. Instead, they swerved and changed lanes as one of them moved to his front while the other positioned right behind him.

The top of both hover cars swept open, and two fierce-looking red jackets jumped out.

One of them was on a triangular-looking glider, which had a blueish flame drizzling out of its bottom, while the other landed at the back of the car right in front of Gustav and jumped forward.

Gustav swerved towards the side to dodge the person who had leaped forward, but as he arrived by the side, the other red jacket on the triangular glider had also moved towards that direction.

A massive metallic-looking pole appeared in his hand, which he swung towards Gustav.

Gustav swung his fist out in response, which resulted in a collision that sent him sliding towards the side.

The moment his fist made contact, a weird recoil redirected part of the force from the attack towards him.