The Bloodline System - Chapter 563: Astonishing The Enemies

Chapter 563: Astonishing The Enemies

Chapter 563: Astonishing The Enemies

The moment his fist made contact, a weird recoil redirected part of the force from the attack towards him.

Gustav was nearly hit by the hovercar behind. Due to the close collision, the red jacket that jumped backward earlier grabbed hold of a part of Sahil's arm, which was also strapped to Gustav's back.

Gustav felt the pull from behind, slowing him back, and knew what was happening, but the problem was how to counter.

While he was hindered by this from moving forward faster, the other on the triangular glider was also charging towards him while swinging out the pole again.


Gustav jumped upwards and did a flip while twisting in mid-air. Not only was he able to dodge the pole this way, but he was also able to get the person pulling on Sahil's arm from behind to release his grip.

The instant Gustav landed behind him right on the hovercar, he swung his foot forward with force.


His leg slammed into the head of the red jacket, causing him to be sent flying forward before slamming into the hovercar, moving in front and landing on the road.


A weird noise was heard from underneath the car as the hovercraft glided over him.

The other one on the triangular glider had moved out of the way to prevent his comrade from slamming into him, and now he was charging towards Gustav again.

The glider traveled so fast across the air that it looked like a flying phantom.

Gustav had limited space while standing in the car, so he quickly conjured another atomic blade and started clashing with this red jacket.

Slash! Slash! Bang! 

While they clashed repeatedly, another red jacket was trying to make their way out of the hovercar in front.

Gustav jumped into the air and threw the atomic blade forward the instant he spotted his body coming halfway through the hole atop the hovercar.


A jet of blood sprayed onto the top of the hovercraft as this red jacket was cleanly decapitated.

The red jacket swinging the pole around saw this as an opportunity and swung the pole towards Gustav's face as his body descended from the air.

Gustav raised his hand and grabbed onto the pole tightly.


His body was nearly swung towards the side, but he didn't let go and made use of that to spin around in mid-air while throwing out two round objects.

Fwiiih~ Fwiih~

What came next was an explosion.


The red jacket was blasted off the glider towards the side and slammed into the road.

"I'm going to have to use my over charge," The red jacket within the car far behind basking In a yellow glow voiced out.

"Are you sure?" The one in front asked with a look of wariness.

"Hmm, No matter how many openings I find on this guy, my shots never meet him because his senses and reaction time is on a high level," The red jacket with the sniper-like weapon stated.

"We're gonna have to warn the others in front," The one beside them voiced out.

"Don't bother. We'll have to sacrifice them, so he won't get suspicious. He'll only notice at the time it gets fired, which would be too late to dodge," As the red jacket finished saying this, he pushed his body partly out the window and aimed at Gustav again, staring at his frame through a scope.

At the moment, Gustav was on the glider trying to control it after blasting its owner away, but it was proving impossible. It would seem only the owner could make it work.

Gustav jumped back down as his arms increased in size and muscularity, becoming that of the mutated bull as he swung out both atomic blades in his grasp with force.


The hovercar was divided into two halves as the milky-colored three feet blades cut across them fiercely, carrying immensely sharp energy, which also caused a long slash mark to appear across the road.


An explosion went off after this, blasting the remaining red jackets within across the place as they were set ablaze.

Gustav charged forward with his gigantic arm, ready to deal with the other hovercar in front.

Meanwhile, behind a red jacket within the hovercar was gathering a massive amount of energy as he prepared to fire at Gustav.

Just as Gustav was dealt cleaved the hovercar in front into two halves, an explosion went off behind him.


A yellowish streak carrying an immense wave of energy travelled forward, causing the middle of the road to be ripped apart from its force as it blazed across the air.

Gustav suddenly turned around as his body turned green and bloated as he stomped the ground.

A diamond-like wall suddenly sprouted out from the ground before him as this yellowish streak arrived.


A massive mushroom cloud appeared in the middle of the road as a loud blast rang out.


It spread across the radius of five hundred feet, consuming everything in its way as even the buildings by the side had parts of their walls collapsing with windows blasting into pieces.

The shockwaves slammed into the hovercar where the attack came from and sent it flying backward by a few feet.

It somersaulted several times in the air before landing, stabilizing itself a few hundred feet behind.

"Damn Rahim, you're one hell of a bastard," The other red jacket beside him voiced out as he noted the damage done to the surroundings.

"I had forgotten how destructive your ultimate power move was. If boss didn't have that protective device that would activate to shield him, we wouldn't be able to use an attack of this scale without the risk of getting him killed as well," The one in front also voiced out as he stared at the buildings by the sides up ahead still vibrating from the sheer force.

"But I saw him put up a defense before the explosion went off," Rahim, the one who had fired the attack, spoke.