The Bloodline System - Chapter 561: On The Run

Chapter 561: On The Run

Chapter 561: On The Run

Gustav jumped up a little while spinning in mid-air with his leg swung out.

The blade missed his throat due to this, and his leg slammed into the face of the red jacket that stabbed forward.


His entire body was catapulted backwards by the force of Gustav's foot. 

Gustav landed behind the red jacket, who tried tackling his footing. Still, before he could make any more actions, the red jacket with the massive gauntlet descended with his fist thrown down.


A loud collision rang out as Gustav crossed his arms to block the strike from the gauntlets covered fists two times his head size.

Cracks appeared all over the road as chunks from the road blasted in every direction.

Gustav's legs lowered a bit due to the force.

Before he could act again, the other red jacket by the side, which Gustav dodged, shot out a beam from his mechanical arm.

Gustav leaped backwards to dodge, causing it to slam into a massive building by the side, which blasted a hole right through it.

From behind the other red jacket swung the blueish glowing blade at him again, which created a blue arc of energy that hacked forward with intensity.


Gustav dashed towards the side while conjuring the atomic blade again.


He charged forward and swung the milky blade towards this red jacket.

Gustav was still too fast for him to react too quickly, so he stabbed towards the side as well, not minding that he might get injured.

Gustav noticed the blade and bent forward while changing his attack trajectory.

Just as he was about to slice through his waist area, the red jacket with massive gantlet-covered arms arrived behind Gustav, swinging his fist intensely.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Sprint + Dash]


Gustav suddenly swerved towards the side at the last moment, causing the red jacket to punch his comrade in the face.


A loud cry of pain rang out as they both landed attacks on each other. The one with gauntlet-covered arms was unaffected by the stab due to it barely grazing him. His comrade, on the other hand, had been sent flying backwards with a cracked skull.

Gustav dashed towards the shocked red jacket back and jumped up before spinning around while swinging out his right hand.

The red jacket was able to react on time by quickly raising the gauntlet-covered hand to block his neck.


Due to its toughness, he could not cleave through completely on cutting a few inches into it.

From behind, the other red jacket was already lunging forward at Gustav while shooting.

Zwhii~ Zwhhiiii~ Zwhhiiii~

Gustav dodged them by moving back and swerving left and right quickly.

He turned to the side and dashed towards the red jacket, 'No time to keep messing around,' He said internally as his arm suddenly increased immensely in size.

[Size Manipulation Has Been Activated]

His arm became as large as the red jacket as it shot forward and covered him instantly.

Gustav had grabbed hold of him and lifted him into the air like a chick unable to resist.

The red jacket with the gauntlets had managed to recover himself at this point and dashed forward towards Gustav.

Gustav only swung his massive arm, slapping him towards the side.


He slammed into the wall of a building, and Gustav raised his hand and threw it at his body, which was lodged in the wall.


Both masked red jackets broke through the wall as Gustav slammed the one in his grasp into the other one.

All three of them still had confusion in their minds before Gustav put them out of commission. They hadn't even gotten to ask who he was, which was the question ringing in their minds the most after seeing Gustav's skill set.

After putting them out of commission, Gustav turned around to start dashing forward again.


At this point, he could already sense the incoming vehicles headed for him with speed.

Hover cars were actually very fast, so he reckoned they would be catching up with him soon.

As one of the hover cars coming from behind arrived at the spot where Gustav had just finished dealing with the red jackets, three blueish orbs suddenly appeared in the middle of the road.


A massive explosion sent the hovercar flying with multiple parts dislodging from it as the red jackets within were set ablaze.


There were screams of pain heard from behind, which drifted into Gustav's ears as he kept dashing across the road.

"I need to get outside the region for it to work... Twenty minutes..." Gustav muttered as he kept dashing along the road.

The other hovercars bolted past the flames on the road, not even bothering to stop for a second to inspect the area whether there were any survivors or not.

Gustav could sense them getting closer behind him. There were a lot of attacks he couldn't use at the moment so as not to cause too much destruction to the surroundings. However, he still had many options so long as he didn't get crowded by the many red jackets whose power levels were higher than his.

One of the red jackets within a hovercar had a part of his body out the window by the side as he stared at Gustav through a scope.

"Locked on..." He muttered as the sniper-like weapon in his hand glowed with profound energy.



Yellowish energy shot forward with intensity cutting a bright line across the air as it travelled towards Gustav.

Gustav sensed this energy and turned around to slash it in half.


The atomic blade cleaved right through it, and both halves travelled past him before slamming into the road behind, causing a loud blast.

"Confirmed... It's him," The person who shot the yellowish beam voiced out to the other three in the car.

"He has an entirely different body structure than before. What's going on here?" The other red jacket in the front seat voiced out with a look of confusion.