The Bloodline System - Chapter 560: Successful Abduction

Chapter 560: Successful Abduction

Chapter 560: Successful Abduction

He slowly lowered the body down as blood oozed out like crazy. Gustav proceeded to move towards the door silently and locked it from the inside. The blood of the red jacket was oozing out like crazy, staining the floor, bright red.

'His bloodline might be useful but there's no time...' Gustav thought, feeling like there wasn't enough time to do a bloodline extraction.

He proceeded to move towards the bed area and grabbed hold of Sahil. He had injected him with a sleeping toxin to prevent Sahil from waking for the next twenty-four hours.

Gustav tied Sahil to his back for easy movement and proceeded to pick everything he could find in the room that belonged to Sahil. He found the storage device where the Void stone was kept and took it with him as well.

"Time to leave..." Gustav said as he looked up.

The red jacket at the front of the door had a look of suspicion on his face as he stood there. 

"Liam, what are you still doing in there? It's been five minutes already," He voiced out.

After waiting for a few seconds and not receiving any response, he reached for the door.

"Hmm? Why is this locked?" He questioned with a confused look before he started tapping on the door.

"Liam, what are you doing in there? Open this now," He voiced out.

Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!

He kept tapping the door to no avail.

Sniff! Sniff!

"Is that... Blood?" He muttered with a look of disbelief as the metallic smell wafted into his nostrils.


He suddenly started activating his bloodline as a circular-shaped device glowed in the middle of his chest.


Throwing his fist forward, it slammed into the door and what came next was a small explosion as the door got sent flying backwards with the sides of the wall partly destroyed as well.

He stormed into the room only to spot his comrade's mutilated corpse on the side of the bed. He turned to stare at the bed as well and noticed it was empty. His eyes turned blazing green as he looked up and noticed the hole in the roof.


A few moments later, a blaring noise rang out all through the street, alarming the entirety of Sahil henchmen. Currently, Gustav was leaping from building to building with Sahil on his back almost out of the building.

A massive projection suddenly appeared in the air displaying Gustav's look and footage of how he leaped through the roof with Sahil in his grasp.

The entire street instantly turned chaotic as the red jackets filed out of the buildings along with those in the building with firearms.

They instantly understood that their assignment was to find Gustav and get Sahil back at any cost.

At this point, Gustav just leaped off the last building at the start of the street. His figure disappeared into the distance as his body travelled across the air.

The person who had just moved out of the building managed to spot the small black frame disappearing into the distance.

He quickly turned towards the side and dashed forward towards the gathering of the red jackets.

"He went this way!" He voiced out while pointing in the direction Gustav was headed for.

Everyone instantly stared in that direction and charged forward with intensity. Some of them brought out the hover cars and chased after Gustav, while others jumped from building to building, chasing after him.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

Gustav's speed suddenly increased exponentially as he activated Sprint and dashed across another street after sensing the crowd headed for him from behind.

Some red jackets had stayed behind to activate some long-range weapons.


His body cut a blazing black streak across the streets as he dashed forward and leaped from wall to wall.

Even though some of these red Jackets were fast, they couldn't keep up.

Only those in vehicles were starting to close upon him.


Gustav suddenly felt a spiralling force headed to him from behind.

Without turning around, he already sensed that it was a missile-like projectile locked onto his figure.

Zhhhiiin~ Zhhiiinnn~ Zhhhiinn~

He suddenly sensed seven more approached as well.


He leaped several hundred feet into the air and spun around while conjuring the atomic blade.

Slash! Slash!

He cleaved the first two in half, causing a massive explosion to occur in the sky while his frame got covered in a cloud of flames.



His body blazed through without any injuries, along with Sahil still strapped to his back.

The others were still headed in his direction. He moved in a zig-zag format to dodge them, but even though he did, they still turned around to head for him since they were locked on to him.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

Even though they were moving faster than Gustav, it was easy to predict their movement since they were only locked onto him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

More explosions rang out as Gustav managed to destroy every single one of them, barely causing destructions to the buildings in the vicinity.

The region was in a panic as they heard the explosions, but they had no idea that this was just the beginning.


Gustav leaped several thousand feet into the air, travelling at a very fast speed when he heard the sound of more projectiles headed for him.

He landed on a main wide road where there was enough open space. Since it was midnight, no vehicle was currently moving on, so he felt it might be better to handle the projectiles here.

Gustav still kept dashing forward, leaving a blurry trail.

As the projectiles arrived at his location, Gustav reached out to destroy them again but to his surprise...

Zhhiinn~ Zhhiiin~ Zhiiinn~

The projectiles suddenly transformed into masked men clad in red jackets.

This took Gustav by surprise as all three men threw attacks forward at Gustav.

One swept his leg forward on the ground, trying to tackle Gustav's foot. Another was stabbing towards Gustav's throat with a glowing blue blade while the third one had massive gauntlets on his arm, which he swung towards Gustav's head from above.