The Bloodline System - Chapter 559: Sedation

Chapter 559: Sedation

Chapter 559: Sedation

He made it fall in his direction and grabbed hold of it before shifting it completely towards the side.

Step! Step!

Gustav finally stepped into Sahil's room unnoticed. It had taken a lot of time, but he finally got there.

He tiptoed towards the bed area while bringing out a yellowish syringe-like tool.

Gustav looked around the place, trying to see if there was something he had missed, but aside from the well-structured room and designs of a few arts in place, there was nothing else to be seen.

He moved closer to Sahil and was about to stretch out his hand to pull the cover away from his body when he heard the voices of the guards in front of the door.

-"Isn't it about time to wake boss?" 

"Yes, he said by 2:30,"

Just as that dialogue ended, the door was pushed open.

Both of them stared at each other first as they entered before walking forward and arriving in front of Sahil's bed.

"Hmm? What is this box doing here?" The red jacket on the left asked while staring at the box on the left side of the bed.

"No idea, but I think boss might have put it there himself... Best not to interefere with it," The other one responded as he moved towards the right side of the bed.

As he reached out to touch Sahil, he suddenly stopped, "I nearly forgot to deactivate the Naut... Haha this would have turned out really troublesome," He said as he reached towards the bedpost area and tapped on the wooden artistic-looking kettle sticking to it.

It emitted a small glow as he tapped some parts of it before sinking into the bedpost.

Gustav, who had turned the box by the side, was surprised to find out that the artistically-crafted kettle was actually an electronic device. This had him wondering how he missed this with God Eyes. It looked quite normal when he stared at it earlier.

He could already guess that it was a kind of mechanism that would have triggered something if anyone had made contact with Sahil whilst it was activated.

"Now, wake him," The other one voiced out from behind.

As Gustav heard this, a hand appeared on the side of the box, which reached out to grab the yellowish-looking syringe-like tool which had rolled towards the side.

His hand went underneath the sheets from his side and stabbed the syringe-like tool straight into Sahil's hip area.

Sahil's eyes suddenly spread open just before the guard could touch him.

"Oh, boss you're awake," The guard voiced out as he paused his hand a few inches away.

To his surprise, Sahil's eyes became weary in the next moment and closed up back.

"Hmm? Boss," The one beside him called out to him.

"What happened? Did he go back to sleep?" The one behind asked with a look of confusion.

"It seems so. He woke up, only to fall back asleep," The red jacket in front said while turning around.

"Looks like he's exhausted... The list of plans he put in place must have caused this. Boss is still a person after all so this is normal," The red jacket behind stated while turning around.

"I guess we should leave him to rest for some time then," The one beside Sahil added as he started walking out with the other one.

Just as he reached the door, he paused, "Oh, I forgot to reactivate the Naut," He said while turning around.

Gustav, who was still transformed into a box, became alarmed the moment he heard that and sensed the red jacket walking back.

The other one had walked out at this point to go back to standing in front of the door.

Earlier, Gustav had hidden his right hand, which he used to do the deed, underneath the sheets since he positioned his transformed body right beside the bed. Doing that made his transformation a little unstable since he was making himself be part-thing part living creature, and now he was barely able to hold on to keep himself this way.

Also, if the taut was activated again, he would need to find a way to deactivate it, and he had no idea what it was supposed to trigger or do.

The red jacket arrived at the bed area and reached out to touch the bedpost again.

Flicking his right arm out, Gustav placed it on the floor before pulling his box-like self underneath the bed.

He pulled again till he arrived on the other side of the bed.

The red jacket who was dealing with reactivating the artistic kettle thingy had no idea that the box was now behind him.

His body was slightly bent forward as he tapped several spots on the bedpost. Just as he wanted to tap again, he suddenly sensed powerful energy behind him.

However, before he could react to it in his compromising position...


His eyes widened as blood oozed out of his mouth. His body vibrated as he looked down to see a milky-coloured blade stabbing through his chest.

The pain only hit him a few moments later as he felt like he was being plunged through by burning energy.

He turned around to spot the dark figure stabbing this burning blade into his chest. The demonic mask caused him to muffle a sound, but Gustav had covered his mouth up at this point.

Gustav pulled the blade out from behind and stabbed it into the red jacket multiple times.

Puchi~ Puchi~ Puchi~

Even though he had successfully landed the sneak attack, this red jacket was strong enough to still pull a few things if he let him be after stabbing him the first time.

Unlike junior Commander Dart, who was weaker than Gustav, this person was actually stronger.

The stronger a mixedblood, the higher their tenacity which makes it harder to kill them.

After leaving multiple holes in his body, Gustav finally deactivated atomic blade as the red jacket stopped struggling.