The Bloodline System - Chapter 558: Sneaking In

Chapter 558: Sneaking In

Chapter 558: Sneaking In

Gustav made calculations as he prepared to leap, "I guess it's time I finally made use of it..."

The building was only about three hundred feet ahead, but Gustav had decided to leap over it.

As he stood properly, he leaped forward with speed. His body travelled upwards and forward in an arc-like trajectory as Gustav stared at the multiple buildings below him, turning smaller.

As his body arrived hundreds of feet above the last building, he descended towards its back.

It was at this point that Gustav brought out an invisibility button and made use of it.


His body disappeared into thin air in mid-air. Now, not only his presence couldn't be sensed, but his visibility too was gone.

As Gustav's body descended towards the back, he spotted the window he was aiming for, which was slanted diagonally.

However, due to the way he was falling, it was impossible for him to get to the window, which his back would be facing as he descended to that point unless he could fly.


Just as he fell to that level which was several ten feet above the ground level...

[Hover Has Been Activated]

[-300 EP]


Gustav's body suddenly came to a stop in mid-air right in front of the mirror.

His body which paused in mid-air was just one foot away due to how Gustav calculated his jump.


The strange force causing his body to float followed his command as he turned around to face the window in mid-air.

Gustav quickly stretched his hand and grabbed hold of the window's edge.


The moment he managed to balance his weight on both hands, hover ran out of time and deactivated on its own.


[Hover Has Been Deactivated]

Unlike other skills, it happened to have a ten-minute cool-down time, which meant Gustav couldn't use it brazenly.

Gustav looked down before raising his upper body with one hand while freeing the other.

[Atomic Manipulation Has Been Activated]

A milky glow appeared on his right palm, and he proceeded to press it against the surface of the window.

Unlike how Gustav usually used Atomic manipulation, this time was different. The milky glow phased through the window and started consuming the lock area of the window.

This was the same technique Gustav used when dealing with Ben and Hung Jo back then when he stole this bloodline from Ben.

Atomic manipulation was capable of phasing through anything, and he could use the power to destroy something from the inside, but it required key focus and wasn't practical in battle. This was how he caused parts of the atoms that made up Ben's and Hung Jo's brains to disappear when he was trying to get their memories erased, which made them enter a vegetative state. Even though there were no signs of injury, neither did he leave any trace. He didn't use the power properly, which was why things ended up that way.

He didn't mean to turn them into vegetables in the first place.

It wasn't practical in battle because he had to focus for a long time to make use of it, and no opponent would wait for that.

At this moment, even though Gustav was hanging from the edge of the window, he was very focused as he caused the lock to be eaten up from the inside.

In about a minute more, he pushed the window open. It barely made any sound as it slid gently towards the side, and he climbed in.

At this point, the invisibility button he used earlier had run out of power, but he still had Cognitive Concealment activated, so his presence was still unnoticeable. Unless anyone saw him with their eyes, they wouldn't be able to figure out that someone had infiltrated.

Gustav walked through the small corridor that happened to be dimly lit. He knew that to get into the room Sahil was sleeping in from here, he would have to turn towards the left when he got to the intersection ahead.

But then the guards were positioned at the end of that corridor, right in front of the door to the room where Sahil was located.

But right before the last room was a small passageway way that led to the left. This small passageway led to one of the dining rooms.

The house was pretty large, so it was normal to have multiple dining rooms.

Gustav brought out another invisibility button, 'This means I have six left... I better make use of them wisely,' Gustav said as he placed it on his forehead and tapped it.


He turned invisible once more and turned towards the left of the hallway. Walking silently across it, he could see the two red jackets positioned at the end of the hallway.

He only had ten seconds, so he walked quickly and arrived just a few feet away from the door area of the last room.

The two were oblivious of another presence within this place as they stood like robots.

Gustav quickly turned towards the small passageway by the left that led to the dining area. 

The invisibility ran out when he entered the dining area. The place was empty as expected, and Gustav quickly moved towards the wall by the left.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav made use of God Eyes to look through the wall and spotted Sahil laying on the bed in the next room, sleeping soundly.

[Atomic Disintegration Has Been Activated]

Gustav conjured the atomic blade in his hand and started cutting out a massive door-like shape on the wall.


It sounded like a small hiss as Gustav cut as precisely as he could. Atomic Disintegration was powerful, but due to the thickness of the wall, it took a lot of time to make the atoms on the wall disappear fast enough to cut through.

It took about five minutes for Gustav to completely cut a door shape, which wouldn't break apart on any sides.