The Bloodline System - Chapter 557: Repaying The Deed

Chapter 557: Repaying The Deed

Chapter 557: Repaying The Deed

"Thanks, but I have to leave now. I have business to attend to," Gustav said as he turned around.

The old man waved at him with a smile as well. Gustav paused his footsteps and asked, "What happened to him?" 

"Hmm? Papa Chi?" She inquired while gesturing at the old man.

"Yeah him," Gustav responded while turning back around to stare at him as well.

"He has a chronic speech disorder, which happened after we lost our Chilanka," She explained.

"There is no medicine available to heal it in the city because of the situation. It has been more than a month and without medication, his voice is gone," She added while rubbing his forehead affectionately.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav's eyes turned crimson and green as he stared straight through the body of the old man.

Gustav wasn't well versed in the medical arts, but he knew quite a lot of human anatomy from doing a lot of research. He wanted to determine if the man could still be healed with medicine or it had gotten to a stage where only a professional could handle it.

The couple stared at him with a weird look as they spotted his glowing eyes scrutinizing the old man.

After scanning the state of his body, Gustav nodded and proceeded to tap the button underneath his left sleeve.


A small black cylindrical container appeared in his hand, which he proceeded to hand over to the woman.

"It's not much, but it's the least I can do. Feed him one and keep the rest for emergency," Gustav stated while turning around to leave.

The woman was confused as she opened up the container causing a medicinal smell to waft across the room.

"I'll advice you leave this region as soon as possible," Gustav added as he turned his face to the side after opening the door.

"Things might get crazy soon," He added with a sharp gaze before he turned to look forward and walked out.

The couple stared at each other for a while before the woman took out one of the blue pills and fed it to the old man.

A healthy glow returned to his face after a few moments of consuming the pill, and then he began to cough.

"Honey are you okay?" She said while patting his back gently.

He kept coughing, so she went to bring some water for him. After drinking the water, he smiled, "I'm fine Rosalie," He voiced out.


Her eyes widened in shock. It's been more than a month since she had heard him speak, and she had accepted that he might never go back to normal.

Both of them were happy again after so long, and they stared in the direction of the door with looks of contemplation.

"Just who is that man?" The woman wondered out loud. 


At the moment, Gustav was dashing through the streets of region six. Unlike the other regions he had seen so far, Region six had ascending roads. As you travel deeper into the region, it extends upwards.

Gustav had Silent Advancement activated as he leaped from rooftops to rooftops occasionally.

After about five minutes of racing, he could see a massive structure up ahead that looked like the construction of a dam, but it actually wasn't one.

A massive neon-coloured pillar was positioned in its midst, barricaded by the construction. However, the top, which was circular, was shooting out of the barricade. It had some weird-looking force surrounding it.

'Finally,' Gustav smiled as he spotted it and grabbed hold of another invisibility button before activating it.


Around two pm-midnight, Gustav found his way to the top of a massive structure just right outside the street where Sahil and his henchmen were.

He squatted atop the pointy rooftop and planned his trajectory.

'Six thousand five feet is my limit, but it's bound to cause a ruckus if I leap from this point with my full force...' Gustav thought as he stared at the last two-storey building thousands of feet away.

Gustav decided to play it safe and leaped forward towards the building just two hundred feet away.

[Cognitive Concealment Has Been Activated]

His presence completely disappeared as he landed on the first building within the street positioned on the right.

Due to Silent Advancement, Gustav didn't make a single sound as he sprinted across the rooftop and leaped towards the next.

Gustav had his mask on at this point. His full black outfit made him barely visible as well.

He could hear the voices of the people in the building sometimes, but none of them had any idea that someone was currently walking on the building.


He would barely make sounds as he leaped from place to place before arriving at the end of the street. He could see the last building up ahead, along with the two buildings positioned a few feet in front by the sides.

Gustav already saw the trap laced on the last building when he used God Eyes earlier

by the entrance and sides of the house. Anyone who fell to the trap would trigger an alarm that would alert everyone, so Gustav was careful.

The only way in which he had spotted earlier as well as through a window at the back.

This window was positioned close to the top and bent at such an angle that it would be impossible for Gustav to get there by leaping.

To get to the back of the building would raise alarms if he went by foot due to the sides being filled with traps. If he decided to leap over the building and land on its rooftop, he would also trigger an alarm. Landing at the back of the building would also do the same, which meant he needed to find a way to get to the window without making contact with the ground.

Going through the back of the street was also impossible because of the barricade.

Gustav made calculations as he prepared to leap, "I guess it's time I finally made use of it..."