The Bloodline System - Chapter 556: Analyzing The Situation

Chapter 556: Analyzing The Situation

Chapter 556: Analyzing The Situation

He walked towards the balcony's ledge and turned his vision towards the area where he last sensed Sahil.

Gustav's eyes zoomed in on the street ahead, seeing a bright world of red in front of him.

However, he was able to see clearly, especially through the internal structures of solid surfaces.

His sight travelled about two thousand feet up ahead as he focused it on the right side of the street, on the exact building where he stood at the front porch earlier.

Seeing through the building, he spotted the bulky figure of the man who had sent him off earlier. The man seemed to be sitting on a sofa, staring at the projection of a screen that was displaying a live-action movie.

"Hmm, I thought he was above the Falcon rank... How come I wasn't able to sense his presence earlier then?" Gustav wondered with a slightly disturbed expression.

He had sensed every other person within different buildings in the vicinity back then, but even when standing in front of this particular building, he didn't sense this man. Gustav was sure that this person was above the Falcon rank earlier when he came out of the building, so this didn't make sense.

Gustav proceeded to look at other parts of the building and noticed stacks and stacks of acrylic-looking boxes arranged on top of one another.

There were so many acrylic-looking boxes within this building, and Gustav was able to count their numbers within seconds and analyze the contents within.

Just within this building, there were over one thousand five hundred and sixty-three boxes. There was also a basement where these same types of boxes were stacked up, and Gustav noticed one more thing.

There were several corpses there as well. Within the boxes were advanced firearms and different kinds of technological machinery. This was also what Gustav suspected, and he wasn't wrong with his assumptions.

He proceeded to check other buildings in the vicinity. Gustav found around twelve buildings to be just like this one. All stacked with the same kind of boxes and different kinds of technological machinery stored within.

Some buildings had a person or two within, while others didn't have anyone at all.

Gustav counted all the men within the buildings were these weapons, which were about seven. Every single one of them was higher than him in mixedblood rank.

He came across a particular building where every single one of the people within had masks and were clad in red jackets. The instant he spotted them, Gustav took note of their numbers to be around twelve within a building.

Then there was another building adjacent to that with the same number of red jacket people within, and then the last building in the vicinity happened to be stationed in their midst.

This particular one had only two red Jackets wearing red masks instead of black. These two stationed themselves like guards in front of a particular door.

Gustav was about to zoom his eyes once more to look through the door, but God Eyes had reached its limit at this point. That building was the very last in that vicinity, and there was a barricade surrounding the back that prevented entry from behind.

Gustav zoomed out with God Eyes. At this point, he knew this operation wouldn't be as easy. He already knew that before, but now seeing that Sahil had around thirty henchmen in the vicinity with half below his rank level, a quarter on the same level and the last quarter higher than his rank level.

With that amount of powerhouses on his side, it would be a disaster if Gustav was spotted on this operation. Which meant he had to sneak in and get the job done covertly.

Gustav already had ways of doing this, but he was still unaware of the plans Sahil had up his sleeves.

'I need to have a back up plan just in case things go south. I need to be able to create a great chaos,' Gustav said while looking up at the pouring rain.

Suddenly his eyes widened slightly as an idea popped into his mind.

'I need to find it's location. System,' Gustav called out to the system internally, seeming to already have figured out Gustav's plans.

("Hmm are you sure? This might be a bit too much,") The system voiced in his head.

'Don't worry I'm sure they'll have a back up. It might only take a bit of time to replace it with that and that time will be enough for me to use that to my advantage,' Gustav explained.

("Alright. Pinpointing location now.")


A few minutes later, a map had appeared in Gustav's mind. He nodded in gratification and proceeded to activate God Eyes again.

'Time to find Sahil...' Gustav said internally as he initiated Life Signs Tracking.

His vision was pulled to another location as he closed his eyes to focus once again.

A few moments later, he found himself looking at the top of a ceiling within a room.

'Gotcha...' A smirk appeared on Gustav's face as he noted the environment.


Minutes later, Gustav was walking along the corridor back to the living room of the couple who gave him shade.

He had dried himself again after getting drenched, but his boots were still a bit wet. The rain was finally beginning to lessen, so Gustav was ready to leave the household and go to the location he had in mind before visiting Sahil.

Arriving at the living room, the couple smiled at him once again with a look of understanding.

"Oh I flushed everything down twice..." Gustav stated while trying to feign an embarrassed look.

He already knew what they thought he was busy with the instant he noticed their stares.

"It's fine kid, you don't have to worry about it," The woman said with a kind smile.

"I'll have to get going now," Gustav voiced out as he reached the middle of the living room.

"Are you sure? You can still take longer and rest if you want to," She proposed.