The Bloodline System - Chapter 555: Nice Couple

Chapter 555: Nice Couple

Chapter 555: Nice Couple

As Gustav walked away from the structure, the buff man kept staring at his figure, waddling through the wet street.

It seemed he was trying to make sure Gustav was indeed leaving and not trying to loiter around.

After seeing Gustav's figure disappear into the distance, he slowly moved back into the structure with a gratified look.

Gustav, who just happened to have arrived at the front of the street, had a look of contemplation as he thought, 'There's something off about that man and this entire vicinity. I need to find somewhere closeby to hideout in the meantime and observe this area,' 

Not only did he not sense the man, but Gustav could also tell that he was a mixedblood stronger than he was. Stronger than all the mixedbloods he had encountered in Leoluch city so far. The problem was, according to the data, Gustav's strength level was already considered to be among the strongest here. It was usual for him to see someone stronger, but it wasn't supposed to be to that extent. This left Gustav in a state of deep contemplation as several thoughts came to his mind.

The sound of a window opening from the house on the left brought him out of his reverie. He was back in the area where people actually resided within the buildings in the vicinity.

Gustav locked eyes with a middle-aged woman who was opening the window of a room on the second floor.

Gustav turned away and focused his eyes on the road again as he continued walking under the raging weather.

As he walked several feet ahead again, he heard someone call out to him from behind.

"Hey kid," 

Gustav turned around and noticed the front door of the building he passed earlier opened.

The same woman he locked eyes with earlier could be seen standing in front alongside an old-aged man.

When they noticed Gustav still staring at them from up ahead without any intention to move, the woman tapped a bracelet on her wrist.

A blueish ray shot out of it, forming a transparent umbrella force that floated above her head.

She walked towards Gustav while speaking, "You can come in till the rain goes down," 

"Hmm? Are you sure?" Gustav asked while staring into her eyes as he arrived under the covering of the transparent umbrella.

"Don't worry it's of no inconvenience to us whatsoever, come on let's get you all dried up," She spoke with a kind tone while gently pulling Gustav along with her.

Gustav followed after reading her eyes and expression. He could tell that there were no nefarious intents behind them wanting to help him, so he didn't mind going with her.

After a few moments, they arrived within the house, and Gustav was ushered to sit, but he remained to stand, not wanting to get their sofa wet.

The woman wanted to assist with drying his clothes, but Gustav declined again, telling them he could handle it himself.


A sizzling sound started ringing out as steam began drifting from Gustav's being while he stood in place.

He had activated his flaming bloodline but only partially. He only made the temperature of his body rise to the extent that it caused the water on his body to evaporate.

The old man and the woman nodded after witnessing this. Gustav sat down after a while, and they brought him tea, but of course, he didn't bother with taking a sip.

Silence reigned within the living room as these two did not even question Gustav or find out more about him.

"You both are really okay with letting a stranger into your home?" Gustav finally broke the silence.

"There is no harm in rendering assistance to someone who needs it," The woman responded while the old man nodded at her response.

"Stop being naive ma'am. This city is currently in a state of internal conflict... You can't be doing dangerous things like letting strangers into your home," Gustav reprimanded harshly.

Both of them were quite surprised to hear Gustav speaking this way, but they knew he was making sense.

"What if I was here to kill you?" His eyes turned fierce as asked.

"We're not so important that someone would be sent after us," The woman stated with a light chuckle.

"Besides after losing our Chilanka we don't care if we lose our lives while helping anyone," She added.

At this moment, Gustav locked eyes on the holographic portrait on the right side of the room and noticed the third person asides from the couple in the frame.

It was a young man who seemed to be in his twenties. He had similar looks to them both.

Gustav realized that this person was their child who was dead.

The woman narrated a bit of the experience, claiming he died in this war and was on the side of the groups against the world government gaining control.

Gustav felt sorry for them, but he also felt that it was foolish to put yourself in harm's way for a war when you can barely change anything. At the same time, he understood that some people had a very strong sense of justice and would literally give their lives away if it meant standing for something.

At least now he understood that this couple was not afraid of death due to the death of their son and their inability to reproduce anymore.

After a few more minutes of silence, Gustav asked to use the bathroom.

They gave him directions, and he moved upstairs. Gustav activated God Eyes while moving along the corridor and stared at the full structure of the house.

He saw the direction that led to the balcony area and followed it.


A few moments later, Gustav opened the door that led to the balcony area and walked along the top of the two-storey building.

The rain was st