The Bloodline System - Chapter 554: Strange Street

Chapter 554: Strange Street

Chapter 554: Strange Street

At this moment, Gustav had made use of Life Signs tracking thrice, and every time Sahil would be in a different location.

This didn't mean he wasn't still in region six but that he kept moving from place to place within the region.

Gustav couldn't leave Life Signs active for too long since he was journeying through the city currently. He needed his own eyesight to be active, so he would only activate it for a moment to regain the connection he lost with Sahil before continuing on the journey to his location.

He was currently in region seven. He only needed to travel for an hour more before he would get to Sahil's present location.

Suddenly a loud thunderclap resounded in the vicinity as Gustav began to close in on the end of the region.

Gustav stared at the sky for a few moments understanding what was about to happen.

He clicked his tongue as he picked up the pace a little, and in the next few seconds...

Trrh! Pit! Pat! Trah!

The rain began to pour down heavily as cold winds blew across the place.

It was impossible for a normal person to tell that the weather was turning weird due to the skies being dark, but Gustav had already sensed this earlier.

According to the data, region six, being at the southern edge of the city, always had weird weather occurrences. The other parts of the city were relatively warm and dry most times of the year, but this place, in particular, was just weird.

It could suddenly start snowing when the sun was out, and for some reason, this wouldn't even make the region colder. It would still be hot, and the snow would melt after some time like it didn't snow at all.

Fortunately, this part of the city had a weather regulator machine which always prevented this occurrence from being too extreme.

After gliding through the falling rain for a few minutes, Gustav finally arrived in region six.

Region six also barely had destroyed structures. As he dashed through the streets out of thirty structures, Gustav could only see about three to four decimated ones, which meant that this part of the city was also similar to region thirty-two. The war barely reached here, and this could be attributed to the weird weather occurrences.

Sahil was first thought to be hiding out in region thirty-two, and now he had traced him here. Through this, Gustav could tell that Sahil hid in locations where the civil war had not really affected.

Gustav couldn't see a single soul in the street, and knowing that his presence might alert people in the vicinity with his speed and the mask he was putting on, he decided to slow down.

Gustav stopped running completely after closing in on Sahil's location. At this point, he was only five minutes away, and the whole area seemed extremely quiet, like a dead-end street.

Gustav could see several bungalows to ten storey structures in the vicinity but spreading his perception around, he could barely sense any presence within these buildings.

There were a few people in some of them, while others were just void of any life.

At this point, his connection with Sahil faded completely since it was already an hour again, so he would have to activate Life Signs to track him once again.

Gustav slowly moved towards the direction of the building on the side and took off his mask. He had several reasons for putting this on from the moment he left Region Thirty-two, and now he had to put it away so as not to arouse any suspicions at the moment.

His entire body was drenched at this point, and there would be occasional rumbling from the sky. Gustav arrived at the front porch of the building by his side and stayed underneath the roofing for cover.

His jacket was dripping wet down to his boots. He still had a different face, so he wasn't really concerned about his looks right now.

Gustav proceeded to activate God Eyes.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

As his eyes transformed and glowed up, he closed them to focus his vision.

[Initiating Life Signs Tracking '):(']

The instant his vision started to warp, a voice was suddenly heard from behind.

"Who's there?"

Gustav opened his eyes as he heard that and turned around.

The voice came from within the house.

'I didn't sense that anyone inside earlier...' Gustav thought. His plan initially was to break in and get cover from the rain before tracking Sahil again, but he decided to stay on the front porch.

He was glad he didn't break in now.


The door slid open, and a buff 7'9 tall male with a buzz cut and dark skin tone lowered his back along with his head before stepping through the door.

"Who are you?" He asked with a suspicious glare.

"I needed shelter from the rain," At this point, Gustav's eyes had returned to normal.

This was officially the tallest person Gustav had met in his life. Nine inches taller than Aildris, who was said to be the tallest in their set. Even without trying to scrutinize this person, it was obvious that he was a mixedblood. Normal humans didn't have abnormal growth like this, and there were mixedbloods said to be over twelve feet tall. This was without transforming into any creature whatsoever. Just them in their normal form.

"This area is off limits. If you're looking for shelter you'll have to find somewhere else," The massive buff man stated.

"This area? From where to where exactly?" Gustav asked with a look of confusion.

"The entire block, you'll need to go back over there," He said while pointing in the direction Gustav came into this street from.

"The rain is still falling..." Gustav responded.

"What are you new here? This is normal around here. Beat it kid, you're not supposed to be here in the first place," The buff man stated with a commanding tone.

Gustav looked around the place suspiciously for a few moments before turning around, "Fine,"

H didn't want to arouse any suspicions, so he decided to leave just as this man had demanded.