The Bloodline System - Chapter 553: Going After Sahil

Chapter 553: Going After Sahil

Chapter 553: Going After Sahil

Sahil, at that time, was conducting a meeting with some unknown people, which Gustav guessed to be his henchmen.

From what Gustav could see, he was handing out a set of instructions displayed on multiple projections.

He also noticed stacks upon stacks of advanced weaponry situated in a large store by the side.

Even though no audio came along with the activation of Life Signs tracking, Gustav noted the distribution plans and other locations where their supplies were kept on the outlined projection.

Gustav was surprised to find out that they had over ten thousand supplies scattered around in different city regions, and according to their plans, these weapons would be sold out and distributed in batches on different days. It didn't look like Sahil planned on upholding the bargain. Still, on closer notice, Gustav figured out that some of these henchmen would be pretending to be another group of advanced weaponry distributors who would then sell to the enemy.

Sahil was planning to keep this war going for as long as he could.

Gustav also picked from this that Sahil was having this meeting on how things would go for the next one to two months because of his plan to leave the city.

He reckoned that Sahil was leaving either late this night or early the next morning.

This was the reason Gustav started to give chase before their meeting ended.

He wanted to be in the vicinity as quickly as possible.

Using Life signs tracking to see from Sahil's point of view, Gustav had no idea where that place was located, but he could sense how to get there through the link from God Eyes.

Life Signs worked in a way that Gustav would have, like a weird link where he would be able to sense the directions to head in after just connecting to a person's life signs.

According to the last time he did this, the link lasted for about an hour before it disappeared, but so long as Gustav had energy, he would always be able to connect back to Sahil's life sign and keep following the link again.

Right now, Gustav had left through the front gate of region thirty-two.

The guards there were quite alarmed when they felt the force of the wind blazing past the front gate along with the blurry figure of a person within it.

They were at a loss whether this incident was to be reported or not.

Gustav once again spotted many citizens of the city stranded in front of the gates with tattered looks. He continued on his journey, knowing that there was nothing he could do to help their predicaments anyways.


It was only a matter of time before he arrived at another region and kept traveling southeast.


He would occasionally leap from demolished building to building as he sped forward.

From his connection to the link, he could tell that Sahil was currently at the far southern edge of the city.

On the map, this was where region six was located, and it would take Gustav nothing less than four hours of journeying to get there.

The skies would already be dark by the time he got there.

He was hoping not to get caught during any battles while he journeyed there.


Within a small underground facility, a man with short brown hair and sharp slanted eyes, clad in a blue business suit, slightly leaned against an office table with his fly down.

A young and beautiful lady putting on glasses with long yellow hair knelt down in front of him with an expression of ecstasy displayed on her face.

Her hands were currently placed on his upper thighs area as she spoke.

"Please let me," She begged while reaching out to caress his fly area.

"Jessica I am here for business," Yung Jo said with an uninterested look.

"Oh, come on I can get it excited. Business can come after pleasure," She said while moving her face closer.

Yung Jo reached out to grab her by the shoulder and stopped her, "That's not how it works," He said while pulling her up.

Jessica found herself being raised up as she stood to her feet.

"You're my fiancee. We will have lots of time to do this later," Yung Jo said while reaching to zip his pants up.

Jessica pouted while staring at him, "You're always acting so cold to everyone including me. Do you even love me?" She said with a crestfallen look.

Yung Jo straightened himself and reached out to grab her jaw before pulling her closer to him with a straight look.

He stared into her eyes for a few moments before giving her an intense fifteen-second-long kiss.

Jessica's face glowed up as he separated his lips from hers and asked, "Do you still doubt it?"

Her face turned red at this point as she remained silent.

Yung Jo proceeded to straighten his suit as he stood up properly.

"Now back to business. How is the progress with trying to get our man in?" Yung Jo asked.

Jessica brought her mind back to reality and replied to him, "Already done. He should be in already and following after the trails..."


Minutes later, Yung Jo walked down the corridor with his guards in tight bodysuits following after him.

"Ptoi," He spat to the side of the corridor and brought out a small cloth to clean his lips.

"Pass me a bottle of water," He instructed.

One of them had a bottle of water appear out of thin air and passed it to him.

Yung Jo collected it and gulped down half of the contents.

'Love? What's that? You're only a necessary pawn needed to make my plans smoother,' Yung Jo had an irritated expression as this thought appeared in his mind.


Back in Leoluch city, Gustav had been traveling for about three hours now, and the skies had already completely darkened.

According to what he had gathered so far, most battles usually happened at night, so he spread his perception far across the place to make sure he would be able to change direction on time the moment he sensed any scuffles.