The Bloodline System - Chapter 552: Angy's Disappointment

Chapter 552: Angy's Disappointment

Chapter 552: Angy's Disappointment

"I didn't answer the call to make a request. I already made my decision," Gustav muttered as he put the communication device away.

On the other side, they thought there was a communication issue and tried getting through to Gustav again, but he didn't bother accepting their call.

Keeping the communication device away that kept beeping nonstop, Gustav finally decided to focus on his plans to catch Sahil.

Sahil happened to be a peak Falcon ranked mixedblood.

Meanwhile, Gustav was still at peak Martial rank. Using the analysis from the battle before, he knew Martial rank could fall under the power of his Yarki, but he just had to release more quantity to gain control for more powerful mixedbloods.

This was why if he wanted to take control of a mixedblood that was way stronger than him using Yarki, he would have already run out of energy before it was able to take control.

At the moment, he only had around twenty percent of his Yarki energy left due to using it on the Zalibans and Sahil troops earlier.

This meant activating Yarki again for the second time would lead to running out of energy, and he would have to spend many days trying to recharge it if it completely ran out of energy.

He wouldn't have spent so much energy if he restricted its spread earlier, which meant he could still use it twice a day if he was dealing with someone on Sahil's strength level.

However, Gustav didn't want to underestimate Sahil due to this as he recalled Lucius and his other subordinate, who he fought on his first day here, were able to use their bloodlines while being subjected to his Yarki.

He didn't know what Sahil had hidden under his sleeves and how he would react to not controlling his body.

One thing Gustav was sure of at the moment was the fact that Sahil definitely would have figured out now that the enemy had the power to subject their bodies to control.

Which meant he had to act as quickly as possible.

Although Sahil wouldn't be in the same location with his lookalike right now to avoid getting caught, he would still be cautious, knowing that there were unknown enemies in the city out to get him, and they could disguise themselves.

"I'll have to time my usage of Yarki properl