The Bloodline System - Chapter 551: Mission Failed?

Chapter 551: Mission Failed?

Chapter 551: Mission Failed?

Gustav reckoned the tracking bug that entered into him was unable to be sensed due to the fact that it was inside him. If the tracking bug had emitted any form of energy before it infiltrated his system, he would have sensed it.

At the moment, Gustav had transformed back to his original look and took off the black Zaliban outfit. It was placed on the bed right beside him. He knew he couldn't play this character anymore.

It would have already spread around the Zalibans by now that anyone looking like junior commander Dart was an imposter.

While Gustav was contemplating his next plans, the communication device on the table rang.

It was from the base in Ruhuguy City.

Gustav answered the call and instantly heard the excited voice of Officer Gooseman from the other end.

"Congratulations Officer Crimson, you have completed the mission," 

Gustav; "..."

"We didn't expect you to get it done in such a short time, you're truly a prodigy," Officer Tron's voice was also heard from the other end.

"True true, I never doubted you though but this is excellent performance," 

They didn't even give Gustav the chance to talk back before showering praises on him.

"Now the next step is extraction, we're currently planning that for you or will you be able to find a way to leave yourself?" Officer Gooseman voiced out before keeping quiet.

Gustav finally got the opportunity to speak.

"The mission isn't complete yet," Gustav voiced out.


"What do you mean by isn't complete? Stop trying to mess with us kid pfft we can see pinpoint the location of Sahil from here. He's currently on the move in region twenty seven," Officer Gooseman laughed as he spoke.

"That isn't Sahil. That's Sahil look alike and right hand man, Jabal," Gustav stated.

"Look alike? Does that mean you put the tracker in the wrong person?" Officer Gooseman asked.

"Yes, Sahil played us. Had his look alike deal with everything at first and I activated the tracker after managing to get close enough to make contact with him. Only to find out later that it was only his lookalike," Gustav explained, omitting a lot of info.

"Damn it! He had a lookalike? We never received reports that he had a lookalike," Even Officer Gooseman was surprised.

"Everytime we try to catch him, we end up finding out new information *sigh* he never runs out of tricks," Officer Louis's voice was also heard from the other side.

Gustav had to readmit that Sahil was extremely good to not only have slipped away from the MBO hands several times but also have them wondering what other tricks he had up his sleeves.

"As expected of a newbie, I knew he'd mess this up," Officer Milly, who had been silent all this time, finally spoke.

"It's not his fault Milly, who's to say you wouldn't get fooled in such a situation as well?" Officer Tron disagreed.

"Of course I wouldn't, hmph! You all give him too much credit for nothing. This is his first field mission and just like many others before him he failed," She added.

"Gustav, we'll have to extract you. This mission is a failed one already since there is no spare tracking device in your possession," Officer Gooseman had to agree with Officer Milly and see this as a failed mission.

"Who said it was a failed mission?" Gustav voiced out with a tone of repression.

"Hmm? What do you mean?" Officer Gooseman asked.

"Just because I put the tracker in the wrong person doesn't make it a failed mission," Gustav responded.

"That tracker is one of a kind because it's camouflage ability is one of the best in the world. It is nearly impossible for it to be spotted which is why it was given to us for this mission due to the fact that Sahil is no ordinary criminal. We don't even have a spare here so this mission is a failed one," Officer Gooseman explained.

"Just give it up kid, you already did a good job of getting close to him. No cadet would be able to pull that off this fast. If it makes you happy I also failed my first mission and unlike you, I was already a full fledged officer who had spent four years in training," Officer Tron narrated, trying to encourage Gustav.

"I only answered the call for a few reasons." Gustav started speaking.

"First is because of the lookalike who got inplanted. Second is to let you know that I still a tracker on real Sahil and I will be going after him myself before he escapes from the city," Gustav voiced out strongly.

"Wait what? You managed to put a tracker on the real Sahil? How?"

"You're going after him yourself? That is not allowed,"

Officer Gooseman and Milly voiced out together.

"Yes, I have a tracker on the real Sahil but I am the only one that can pin his location," Gustav added.

"How? And what do you mean you're going after him? We should get you extracted as soon as possible so you can point us to his location when he is out," Officer Milly voiced out in quick successions with a tone of disbelief.

"The means is not important, what's important is I can find him... However, I don't know how far the connection between I and the tracker can last which is why I have to go after him as soon as possible. If I wait till he gets out of the city, I might not be able to keep tracking him so I have to seize the opportunity while he's still in the city to catch him," Gustav explained.

"Have you gone insane? He succeeded in fooling you already, what makes you think you'll be able to catch him? Officer Gooseman he shouldn't be allowed to do this, we should extract him," Officer Milly voiced out.

"Now this is quite the situation. The mission was only for you to place a tracker on him, this is..." Before Officer Gooseman could complete his sentence, the communication was cut.

"I didn't answer the call to request. I already made my decision," Gustav muttered as he put the communication device away.